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Where to start reading Bette Kane?

Her first appearance was in Batman #139.
If you’re interested in her pre-crisis history continue reading this if not skip to below

  • Batman #141, 144, 153, 159
  • Detective Comics #322
  • Teen Titans v1 #50-52
  • Tales of the Teen Titans #50
  • Secret Origins Annual v2 #3
  • Hawk and Dove Annual v2 #1
  • Team Titans #22, 24
  • Beast Boy #1-4
  • Young Justice #20-21
  • Titans Secret Files #1-2
  • Titans #25, 35-36, 39, Annual 1
  • Birds of Prey #72-73
  • Teen Titans v3 #22-23, 32, 38, 99-100
  • Batman Inc. #4
  • Detective Comics #856-857, 861-863
  • Batwoman #0, 1-32

i started shipping janerezi two hours ago and already my life is twelve times better

and now i want you all to join me in janerezi hell

imagine, after the game, jane and terezi start talking (probably because of john) and they find out they’ve got a lot in common, mainly their love of mysteries and such. they decide to open a combination cakeshop/private detective inc together, where they slowly fall in love. jane stops associating the colour red with betty crocker and starts thinking of terezi.

the two of them end up wrapping up their weird relationships with jake and vriska now that they’ve got the confidence boost of being together. and sometimes terezi puts chalk in the cake batter or licks the icing but it usually ends up with both of them covered in flour and laughing their heads off. 

and jane mentions that when terezi decorates the shop with her scalemates that dirk made her a robotic bunny (lil seb), and terezi gets so starry-eyed that jane drags her over to dirk right away to start working on making her beloved prosecutors and counsellors actual real-life animatronics. 

and they end up getting “human married” with terezi’s scalemates as the best men, and roxy, calliope and jade as jane’s bridesmaids. dave gets to be the flowerboy and he’s never been so happy in his life. karkat cries at least five times during the whole wedding, and ends up catching the flowers at the end and dave proposes to him on the spot with a ringpop. and they live happily ever after, the end.