We cannot be top country if we let science and education be run by people who think the dinosaurs drowned in Noah’s flood.
—  Katha Pollitt

Taxonomy & Genetics

Chimpanzees and humans belong to the animal order “primates”. Primates include the suborders strepsirhines (lemurs and lorises) and haplorhines (tarsiers, monkeys, apes, and humans).

Primates are characterized by many features, including:

Large brains, relative to body size
An increased reliance on stereoscopic vision (commonly known as depth perception)
Less reliance on smell (the dominant sensory system in most other mammals)
Most have opposable thumbs and flexible joints

Apes and humans belong to the superfamily hominoid, that share similar characteristics, such as the absence of a tail, dental features, even larger brains, and greater mobility in shoulders, elbows and wrist suited for different locomotion.

Within this superfamily, chimpanzees and humans share the most similar genetic makeup, sharing 98.6% of our genes.

Credit: The Jane Goodall Institute of Canada

By not vigorously exposing and confronting the educational injustice that the creationist movement is inflicting upon an ever-increasing number of young people, will we regret our inaction when, as adults, this growing crop of fundamentalists become school board members, military personnel, journalists, teachers, and politicians? If we think the situation is bad now, wait until a creationist who also believes in the prophecies of the End Times has their finger on the trigger of a nuclear weapon. Then the real fun will begin.
—  James K. Willmot, Edward Blyth: Creationist or Just Another Misinterpreted Scientist?
The fundamentalists deny that evolution has taken place; they deny that the earth and the universe as a whole are more than a few thousand years old, and so on. There is ample scientific evidence that the fundamentalists are wrong in these matters, and that their notions of cosmogony have about as much basis in fact as the Tooth Fairy has. 
—  Isaac Asimov, quoted in 2000 Years of Disbelief, Famous People with the Courage to Doubt, by James A. Haught, Prometheus Books, 1996
Fundamentalists long for the return of a more moral America, an America that may never have been. All around them they see what they perceive as declining morality and spirituality. They reason that if humans share ancestry with the other animals, we have no reason to behave as anything other than animals. This view neglects the fact that humans are the only known animals with the ability to contemplate the consequences of their own actions. It also fails to recognize that there is a great deal of good in the world, the nightly news notwithstanding. Crime existed long before the theory of evolution, even before the writing of the Bible, and biologists do not like crime any more than the creationists do. Evolutionary theory is not a license to run amok, and neither is a belief in the literal interpretation of the Bible a guarantor of moral behavior.
—  Tim Berra, Evolution and the Myth of Creationism