You Bake When You’re Stressed

Summary: Shawn has to comfort a stressed out Lassiter late at night

Ship: Shassie (Shawn/Lassiter)

Rating: T (implied smutty stuff, but that’s just Shawn flirting)

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The smell of fresh baked cookies and other assorted goods started to drift through Detective Carlton Lassiter’s home one morning. The sweet smell started to wake up the snoring psychic. Said psychic rolled over to face the clock, his eyes cracking open as he stared at the clock. 3:00 am?

The psychic, Shawn Spencer was his name, sat up with a rather annoyed look. Normally, he loved it when his boyfriend baked something sweet, he was rather good at it too, but he baked for special occasions and never when he really felt like it. Unfortunately, it was pretty normal for Shawn to have to put up with his boyfriend baking at odd hours of the day or night. Not because Lassiter wanted to, but because he baked when he was stressed.

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Typecasting vs actor

Timothy Omundson as…..

Cain, Father of Murder (Supernatural)

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Carlton Lassiter, head detective of the SBPD (Psych)

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King Richard, evil tyrant (Galavant) 

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Psych Characters and Their Zodiac Signs
  • Aries: Declan Rand
  • Taurus: Burton Guster (Gus)
  • Gemini: Shawn Spencer
  • Cancer: Abigail Lytar
  • Leo: Carlton Lassiter (Lassie)
  • Virgo: Mary Lightly
  • Libra: Juliet O'hara
  • Scorpio: Henry Spencer
  • Sagittarius: Pierre Despereaux
  • Capricorn: Chief Vick
  • Aquarius: Woody Strode (the coroner)
  • Pisces: Buzz McNab
Character name: Shawn Spencer
Appears on: Psych
Commonly interpreted as: Straight

But really: Shawn has a tendency to flirt with anyone and everyone, regardless of gender. His behavior around Detective Lassiter in Season 1 alone is enough to make you question his assumed heterosexuality. A case could be made for him simply being the type to love simply getting a reaction out of people like Lassie, but in fact throughout the series he has been shown to unironically express his attraction towards other men on multiple occasions (need I remind everyone of Shawn’s schoolgirl crush on Pierre Despereaux) and it seems entirely plausible that he could be bi/pansexual.

With many thanks to jamestiberusperfecthair for the write up and submission!


For anon…this was fun to write

“Y/N?” a voice called from the other end of the hallway.

She spun around to see her old partner, Juliet O’Hara. She didn’t see her current partner standing next to her. Grinning, she sprinted over and enveloped the woman in a hug. As she did, Gus and Shawn turned to see the commotion.

“What are you doing here?” Juliet asked with a grin, “I thought you didn’t land until tomorrow.”
“Well, I wanted to surprise you,” she shrugged, “So I came a day early.”
“I’m actually in the middle of a case,” Juliet replied apologetically.
“That’s okay. I’ll be here for five minutes and head over to the hotel.”

Y/N’s eyes fell on the man next to her. From many conversations with Juliet, she figured the man would be her partner. Lassiter was staring with slightly wide eyes.

“Mmm,” she mused with a flirtatious smirk, “So this is the famous Carlton Lassiter. The Detective.”

Her last word hung in the air. Y/N bit slightly on her lip at the stunned man. Noticing this, Juliet nudged his side harshly. Shawn and Gus headed over with curious gazes.

“Ow-I mean hello. It’s nice to meet you Y/N.”
“Did I hear her call you Juju?” Shawn asked a bit surprised.
“Yeah. She’s been calling me that since we started working together.”

Y/N turned to the boys. Shawn stuck her hand out to her. She gave it a firm shake.

“Shawn Spencer. Psychic Detective for the SBPD.”
She raised a skeptical brow. “Y/N, though I suppose you already knew that.”
“Well, it doesn’t exactly work as you’re thinking-”
“Clearly,” she teased causing Lassiter to chuckle, “Who’s your attractive friend here?”

Gus raised a brow while smirking. Lassiter’s eyes widened a bit as his jaw clenched.

“Burton Guster. You can call me Gus.”
“Pleasure to meet you,” she replied with a wink.
“How about I give you a quick tour,” Juliet offered, “since you’re here.”
Y/N nodded. “Sure Juju. Bye boys.”

Shawn noticed Lassiter and Gus staring as the girls walked away. He smirked. The psychic laughed loudly at the pair. After a moment, Lassiter leaned over to Gus.

“What was that about, Guster?” he asked with a bit of venom.
“What, you don’t recognize game?” he joked back.
“Oh, I’ve got game,” Lassiter replied a bit flustered.
“We’ll see about that.”
“Alright,” Shawn interrupted, “Gus, let’s go before you two start a slap fight.”
“What? Shawn, you start slap fights,” he added while walking out.
“No I don’t. Gus. Gus!”

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“You’re supposed to find those Hunters, and bring them back.”

Psych x Supernatural AU

Strange things have been happening in Sunrise at night, and mysterious shadows and strange lights are just the tip of the iceberg. Things begin to get out of hand when bodies start piling up… and bursting into flame. Shawn and Gus, on the request of Detective Carlton Lassiter, are sent to investigate. The Psychic Detective (with great hair) and Pharmaceuticals Salesman (with none) get more than they bargained for when they discover the town’s dark and mystic past. It looks like all this has happened before, and the only way to catch  their killer is to track down three very modern gentlemen from the annals of history.