Psych Characters and Their Zodiac Signs
  • Aries: Declan Rand
  • Taurus: Burton Guster (Gus)
  • Gemini: Shawn Spencer
  • Cancer: Abigail Lytar
  • Leo: Carlton Lassiter (Lassie)
  • Virgo: Mary Lightly
  • Libra: Juliet O'hara
  • Scorpio: Henry Spencer
  • Sagittarius: Pierre Despereaux
  • Capricorn: Chief Vick
  • Aquarius: Woody Strode (the coroner)
  • Pisces: Buzz McNab
Typecasting vs actor

Timothy Omundson as…..

Cain, Father of Murder (Supernatural)

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Carlton Lassiter, head detective of the SBPD (Psych)

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King Richard, evil tyrant (Galavant) 

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Decided to add some Psych reaction gifs to my library today, and I came to the conclusion that every gif just looks like someone just randomly put words over it, but yet 90% of them are quotes from the show.  Like, for instance:

…And this doesn’t include the one where they describe an apostrophe as a “comma-to-the-top” and “the God’s comma.”

Character name: Shawn Spencer
Appears on: Psych
Commonly interpreted as: Straight

But really: Shawn has a tendency to flirt with anyone and everyone, regardless of gender. His behavior around Detective Lassiter in Season 1 alone is enough to make you question his assumed heterosexuality. A case could be made for him simply being the type to love simply getting a reaction out of people like Lassie, but in fact throughout the series he has been shown to unironically express his attraction towards other men on multiple occasions (need I remind everyone of Shawn’s schoolgirl crush on Pierre Despereaux) and it seems entirely plausible that he could be bi/pansexual.

With many thanks to jamestiberusperfecthair for the write up and submission!

  • Shawn: Okay, just so we're clear, from this point forward my call sign will be "Death Blade."
  • Gus: And I'll be "Rum Tum Tugger!"
  • Shawn: No, Gus, no characters from Cats. Dig deep, think of something scary.
  • Gus: Adolf Hitler.
  • Shawn: No! You will be "Sidewinder."
  • Gus: Alright, but I'm more scared of Hitler.
  • Shawn: How about you, Lassie? What's your call sign?
  • Carlton: I will be Detective Carlton Lassiter.
  • Shawn: I knew you wouldn't play ball, and that is why your call sign is "Wet Blanket."