Psych Characters and Their Zodiac Signs
  • Aries:Declan Rand
  • Taurus:Burton Guster (Gus)
  • Gemini:Shawn Spencer
  • Cancer:Abigail Lytar
  • Leo:Carlton Lassiter (Lassie)
  • Virgo:Mary Lightly
  • Libra:Juliet O'hara
  • Scorpio:Henry Spencer
  • Sagittarius:Pierre Despereaux
  • Capricorn:Chief Vick
  • Aquarius:Woody Strode (the coroner)
  • Pisces:Buzz McNab
  • Carlton Lassiter:You wanted to see me, Chief?
  • Karen Vick:Yes. It has come to my attention, Detective, that you've discharged your weapons in the last four cases you've worked.
  • Carlton Lassiter:Thank you.
  • Karen Vick:That wasn't a compliment.
  • Carlton Lassiter:I'm just trying to keep the streets safe.
  • Karen Vick:The last incident was at a cat show.
  • Carlton Lassiter:Well, let me just go on record as saying that I would never shoot a cat.
  • Karen Vick:I guess I can find some solace in that.
  • Carlton Lassiter:Unless it was approaching in a threatening manner, or refused to stop upon my command. I would probably just fire a warning shot to make my point, but it's actually a field decision I can't commit to at this juncture.

Figure of Lassie from psych made from sculpey clay!

He stands a little bit over 4 inches tall. (not including stand.) and took many many hours of work cause i fuss over every single little detail and making crossed arms is hard and remind me to never do that again.

Next I’ll make Shawn, then Gus. Maybe Jules too. uvu