This Is Why You Can’t Have Nice Things

This is my entry for @sdavid09​‘s Whale of a Tale Teller “What If?” Challenge!  My fandom was “Psych”, my character was Carlton Lassiter, and my prompt was “What if Carlton Lassiter accidentally handcuffed himself to his desk drawer?”  I had writer’s block for a really long time, so I churned this out with only one day left to submit.  It’s not as polished as I would like, but I’m still glad I got to participate.  :)

  • Words: 2,207 
  • Fandom: Psych
  • Pairing: Carlton / Female Reader
  • Genre: Fluff and humor

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Head Detective Carlton Lassiter refrained from slamming his fist on his desk again in frustration.  It wouldn’t solve anything.  And that very move was what had gotten him into this mess to begin with.  Though if anyone had asked, he would have blamed shoddy handcuffs.  That and, to nobody’s surprise, Shawn Spencer.  

He checked the time on the bottom of the computer screen again and groaned. It was now 1:26 am and he’d officially been stuck for over two hours.  Glancing over at the policemen on the night shift across the open office area, he was relieved to see that they were still oblivious to his predicament. One was cleaning his weapon while debating with his partner over whose turn it was to make a food run, and several others were working their way through piles of paperwork.  None of them seemed surprised to see him working this late. He’d done it often enough in the past. However, this time it was not by choice. 

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Timothy Omundson will appear in Psych: The movie in some way

You’ve no doubt noticed that one important face is missing from that group shot: Timothy Omundson, who plays Detective Lassiter. Omundson is absent from the from the reunion because he suffered a stroke shortly before production began on the movie, which meant Franks and Roday, who co-wrote the script, had to rework the story.

“[Omundson’s stroke] kind of forced us to rethink a lot. First and foremost, whether or not we should be making this movie — if it even made sense and if the timing was right or not. Then beyond that creatively, how do we make that work?” says Roday, who characterizes Omundson’s recovery as “remarkable.”

After talking with Omundson and his family, they decided to forge ahead and actually found a way for their friend to be part of the experience in some capacity. “There is most definitely a way that he appears in the movie,” says Franks. “We haven’t gotten to that point [in the editing process, yet]. I can’t say for 100 percent sure that he will, but I can say like 99.99 percent that we did everything we can to get Tim in the movie.”

Roday adds: “I think we found the best way possible to keep Lassiter very much a part of what we do, set him up to succeed in the future, and still give all of our Psych-Os an opportunity to see that ridiculously handsome mug of his.”


You Bake When You’re Stressed

Summary: Shawn has to comfort a stressed out Lassiter late at night

Ship: Shassie (Shawn/Lassiter)

Rating: T (implied smutty stuff, but that’s just Shawn flirting)

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The smell of fresh baked cookies and other assorted goods started to drift through Detective Carlton Lassiter’s home one morning. The sweet smell started to wake up the snoring psychic. Said psychic rolled over to face the clock, his eyes cracking open as he stared at the clock. 3:00 am?

The psychic, Shawn Spencer was his name, sat up with a rather annoyed look. Normally, he loved it when his boyfriend baked something sweet, he was rather good at it too, but he baked for special occasions and never when he really felt like it. Unfortunately, it was pretty normal for Shawn to have to put up with his boyfriend baking at odd hours of the day or night. Not because Lassiter wanted to, but because he baked when he was stressed.

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So that's where the Irish jokes come from...

Okay this show:

External image

Is amazing. But every time I watched it I kept on wondering where I had seen Detective Lassiter (well Timothy Omundson) before.

Yesterday I finally thought to look it up.

It turns out that this:

External image

Is the same as this:

from Disney’s “The Luck of the Irish.”

And you just can’t take someone seriously after they’ve played an evil leprechaun and danced in a satin shirt.

(Although now I do watch that movie just for Timothy Omundson.)

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External image

Typecasting vs actor

Timothy Omundson as…..

Cain, Father of Murder (Supernatural)

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Carlton Lassiter, head detective of the SBPD (Psych)

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King Richard, evil tyrant (Galavant) 

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Psych Characters and Their Zodiac Signs
  • Aries: Declan Rand
  • Taurus: Burton Guster (Gus)
  • Gemini: Shawn Spencer
  • Cancer: Abigail Lytar
  • Leo: Carlton Lassiter (Lassie)
  • Virgo: Mary Lightly
  • Libra: Juliet O'hara
  • Scorpio: Henry Spencer
  • Sagittarius: Pierre Despereaux
  • Capricorn: Chief Vick
  • Aquarius: Woody Strode (the coroner)
  • Pisces: Buzz McNab