Intro to Harper Row

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Hi. I’ve seen a lot of posts about harper recently, and I was wondering if you know which book(s) she is in? I want to go read what looks to be a pretty awesome thing.

You 100% came to the right person. Harper is a VERY EASY character to get into because the bulk of her journey before becoming a hero is documented into books that revolve 100% around her and her brother, and they are all really beautifully written and illustrated. So first you should read the following:

1. Batman #12

2. Batman #18

3. Detective Comics #21

4. Batman #28 (Time jump- Sneak Preview of Batman Eternal)

Then she is heavily involved in the Batman Eternal weekly, a book that lags a bit but overall I highly recommend because It’s chock full of bat-fam stuff. Since some books feature her less and maybe you don’t want to spend a lot of $$$ I’ll tell you the ones I recommend and which of those I believe to be required reading.

1. Batman Eternal #5 (Required, picks up right after Detective Comics 21 and shows how her brother gets sick)

2. Three pages in Batman Eternal #12, Two pages in #13, Two pages in #14, Three pages in #15, Three pages in #16, Two pages in #17, One page in #19 (NOT required, this is the story of how Harper gets Tim Drake/Red Robin to train her and it’s fun insight into her character).

3. Batman Eternal #41, #42, #43 (Required, 41-42 ends the nano-bot part of the story that infected her brother back in issue five and follows Harper as she becomes Bluebird. Issue 43 reconnects the story back to the Batman 28 preview, so we get to see Harper really meet Stephanie Brown for the first time, who is back as Spoiler and knows a huge secret about the events of Eternal and has gotten a hundred million dollar bounty on her head).

4. Batman Eternal #45 #51 #52 (Required-ISH, These books are SPOILERS for the end of Eternal, obviously. This follows up with Harper and Stephanie’s developing friendship. If you don’t want to read these individually for the sake of spoiling the whole series you can either wait for the trade OR just shoot me an ask about what happens with Harper/Steph and I’ll tell you without ruining the rest of the plot).

Harper makes a couple of very breif appearances in the Batman Endgame storyline where she’s fighting with the rest of the bat clan to save the city, and, good news, in Batman and Robin Eternal Harper plays a lead role alongside Dick Grayson and Cassandra Cain (cass is back!) Updates will be written here when the series updates…

Harper is also in DC BOMBSHELLS, the digital first AU series! You can read her story in issue 8, 19, and 21 on Comixology!