Sam and Cas being detective bros. Man, i have a lot of Sam and Cas feelings, pretty excited to know they’re gonna explore that relationship in the show, yisssss! Team Free Will needs to come together again and start kicking some serious ass, PLEASE. I miss these guys together like you don’t know!

So anyways, did this last night on livestream. Promised the girls I’d colour it tonight on another livest. but I have an appointment with a bunch of school friends I had forgotten about :( sorry girls! (Thursday night there will probably be another session, with 100% more Destiel)

I am starting to do a lot of colour work because I’m bad at colouring so I’m using very limited palettes (this one had only 2 colours) to see if I can push my colour knowledge a bit further. Hum. I like doing SPN fanart. It’s good to be back on track :)

Get ready for some groovy hijinks, guys! I’m starting up a Coolsville comic of my own design to satiate my thirst for Scooby Doo! I haven’t enjoyed how their arcs have been going as of late, so I am starting up a whole new one. Stay tuned for future character profiles and story info :D


SLUMBER PAJAMA PARTY (dipper has no pajamas)

Temporary hair dye by Mabel

Mabel ORIGINALLY just invited Pacifica for a slumber party since she doesn’t know how to make summoning circles like dipper but when Tad saw Mabel and Pacifica having having a pillow fight and having fun he decided to poof in right accidentally being right between mabel’s and Pacifica’s Pillow and getting hit by the impact.

Bill and Dipper however were chatting upstairs in the attic (Dipper’s room now) talking about what to add to the journal and about the monsters in Gravity falls when they heard a thud downstairs so when they went down Bill saw Tad covered in feathers and laughed his guts out and then mabel shouted “GROUP SLUMBER PAJAMA PARTY!!”

and so they played Monopoly with Mabel and Dipper winning alot since Grunkle Stand had thought them alot about -ahem- everything thats fair in monopoly <.< you know what i mean. 

The teams would be ; The Pine Twins vs The Demons vs Pacifica (since she’s a CEO and she’s aloud to make any phone calls NECESSARY to win the game)

The game score

Pine twins 25 wins and the rest zero

Pacifica ; “I’m a CEO of a very successful company that’s already going global… how am I losing so much in Monopoly”


Tad ; “ok now I swear … i swear to god they’re cheating”

Mabel & Dipper ; “GET REKT.”

in the end they watch some Duck Detective while talking about what just happened in the show with Waddles sitting behind mabel and tad

Mabel ; “Oh c’mon bro-bro Duck detective is a genius! there’s no freakin way he won’t solve this case”

Dipper ; “what?! no, Mabs Detective penguin will beat him to the case, classic scenario”

Tad ; “well I think Madame dog is the killer”

Bill ; “No way, It’s definitely the Policeman i mean did you see how that guy back talked duck detective, honestly even Pine tree could figure that out in a second”

Mabel&Dipper ; “I know right! it has to be him!”

Pacifica ; “I honestly don’t know how you guys can’t figure it out, OBVIOUSLY Sir Cat was the killer, also did you guys just do the twin esp thing again ”

(fun fact the circlet of waddles head was mabel’s sweet 16 gift from Dipper it has an enchanment of long livety and it bonds waddles as Mabel’s Familiar so waddles can only die if mabel dies and he can feel when Mabel’s in trouble or find where she is at all times (I can’t let waddles die man i just can’t) Mabel also likes to enchant a growing rune on the circlet so waddles can grow big and she can ride on top of him like in the dream bubble)

I noticed something

i was re-reading the new chapter and I noticed this

Friday Afternoon 5:45 

That means (obviously) two days ago when Jian Yi went missing was a Wednesday which means that is the same day the rumors get spread about Mo Guanshan, He tian confronts She Li, Jian yi and Zhan xi find evidence that Mo is innocent, He tian and Mo meet again. All four boys meet again and go to He tian’s house, the whole “jacket exchange” thing between Tianshan, Jian yi going to zhan xixi’s house, He tian sending the DP, and Jian yi getting drugged and captured by old dude.

Then so on and so forth. That means since we have info on what day it is we can sort of speculate what days the other (past) events has happened on. 

Just a little speculation nothing too big

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Omg band of bros cop/detective squad au??? Roe would be doing an autopsy one day and then Investigator Babe would come in to give Roe updates on the case when he really just wants to hang out with him and he'll point inside the bodies and be like 'what is this can I touch it'. And Joe and Bill would aggressively question suspects and probably make some cry?? Winters would obvs be Captain tho u gotta any mor ideas I'm running out of space in this ask hahaha

dude, always always enthusiastically yes to cop aus

  • def gene is the mortician and babe’s still sorta ‘new’ (he’s been here for like two years actually but compared to the other guys he’s still fresh from school) so he’s the one they always send down to check the body
  • about 40% of the time they have to send someone down after him to get the results of the autopsy bc babe is just sitting on an unoccupied table like ‘what? oh the, right yeah the body thing, yeah it was murder. yikes right?’ 
  • bill and joe are a tag team of terror, its like they’ve never heard of the ‘good cop/bad cop’ dichotomy, and instead invented their own ‘bad cop/mad cop’ thing where one of them is gritty and mean, and the other is mean and cheery, its weird but effective so everyone lets it slide
  • speirs has a Method which yields amazing results like, 9/10 times: just go in, sit down across from the suspect, stare at them until they talk. thats literally it. the whole plan. just stare ‘til they confess.
  • winters is the captain and he got offered a higher position but didnt want to leave his precinct so he quietly declined w/o even telling his boys 
  • nix turns up w aviators on like 3-4 days a week and slumps over his desk mumbling about how hes gonna be ‘catching up on his paperwork today’
  • conversely, buck is always coming in loud and cheery with waffles for everyone probably (and no, this does not annoy nix to the point to frustration, totally does not at all…except maybe a little)
  • skip, malarkey and luz probably have a lowkey prank war going at any given time
  • imagine the shitposty stakeouts though
  • also the unnecessary undercover capers 

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It's obvious neither HR or Dyl are here for Styd*a, or TW in general tbh, but ugh to TW replacing it with Marr*sh which I dislike just as much. Give me detective bros Stiles & Lydia with Lydia not needing a man please! I feel nothing but indifference for Parrish not helped by his gross sex fantasies about Lydia which he withheld from her while trying to get close. Also a lot of Marr*sh fans are violently anti-Stiles and hold up Parrish's behaviour as how Lydia SHOULD be treated which *snorts*!

They’ve been pumping up that s6 was gonna be sex and blood stop the patient off and flirting is inevitable.

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¿Ouma todavía sientes celos de Momota o ya no?

Celos. Oh, el tema favorito que en su momento siempre estuvo latente pero presentándose más en la forma de su pariente, la envidia. Los celos son el temor que te quiten lo que tienes, y la envidia es anhelar lo que alguien más tiene.

Hasta hace poco todavía tenía envidia de Momota-chan por ser amigo de Saihara-chan. —Porque el astronauta es el mejor amigo y bro del detective, y aún no compartía  vinculo con Saihara sino hasta tiempos recientes gracias a la intercesión de Angie. —Ahora ya no… No tengo motivos. —pero eso no significaba que siempre se llevaría bien con Momota, o que ya no sería susceptible a los celos.