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Our sensies as me & my friends at the pool
  • The one who looks really nice, gets freckles under the sun, summer loks great on them: Riley
  • Give them a ball and they turn into a human puppy, won’t let you alone until you play with them for a while: Will
  • Gets a sunburn even though they used suncream, poor thing, it’s the same every summer, lowkey worried cuz cancer: Nomi
  • Gets a sunburn because they didn’t use suncream because fuck you I never get a sunburn: Lito
  • Makes friends with the old lady next to them, warns the rest about ants on their towels and be careful there’s a bird over you and it looks to be about to… omfg guys i need tissues!!: Capheus
  • Suggests bringing alcohol to the pool, human wreck that somehow finds themselves playing with kids. They don’t even know the kids: Wolfie
  • Smacks the one suggesting to bring alcohol to the pool, but themselves bring a paper book to the pool and complain when it gets wet: Kala 
  • Has to be stopped from drowning the fuckboys messing with the pretty girls, cheats at card games but nobody can prove it, highkey tired of being the shipped friend but kinda into it: Sun
  • Complains because they just got their hair dyed in some unnatural color and omg it isn’t going to last if you throw me into the pool you assholes: Amanita
  • Sighs while trying to cover up their friends in suncream, brings food and water when everybody forgets about it: Hernando
  • Flirts with everything that moves, forgets about the makeup and seems to be having a very emotional break down when it gets wet: Dani
  • Tells stories about themselves being drunk, denies having cigarettes even though they have the fucking lighter in their hand: Bug
  • Their friends ship them with some other and try to mess to make the OTP happen, knows every posible card game, disgustingly cute by themselves: Mun

This photo was released earlier and i just noticed 2 things:

Circled in yellow: Is that The Tube from that instagram video with Elijah Wood? If it is, then it’s big enough for a person to crawl through, which means I seriously misjudged the scale of this picture

Circled in green: I’m pretty sure that’s a scythe. A big one - there was another instagram video of an extra holding a big scythe on his shoulder, looking at a big fire or something? I can’t remember but it seems Ominous. Also why is the blade wrapped up like that and why has it just been left next to the pool??

hulafairy66  asked:

Hey! I really enjoy your blog, I'm a big fan of YOI!! I'd like to check out some other anime, could you please give me some recommendations, if you have the time? Thank you <3 <3 <3

Thank you for enjoying my blog. It always makes me happy to find more people that share similar interests with me. I’ll give a list of anime I enjoy. They don’t fall all into one genre though.  I hope that a few of them look appealing.

All Out (Rugby sports anime with great friendships and very positive body image themes* All sizes have a reason and strength)

Barakamon (Calligrapher goes to an island to find his style, crazy ensues.)

Bungo Stray Dogs (mystery like, with a cast of awesome lovable characters. Big perks for being funny)

Days (Soccer anime, a little different than the rest because they all love the main character, who predictably sucks at first, and actively support him.)

Diamond no Ace (Baseball sports anime with fun, funny characters with a lot of heart)

Durarara (lots of shit happens and then they eat sushi)

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (this breaks any mold you could find in anime. I usually can’t stand shoujo anime, but this one is SO different than the rest. I have never regretted taking a chance on this one.)

Haikyuu (Volleyball sports anime, similar to DnA’s description)

Kuroko no Basuke (Basketball sports anime similar to Haikyuu and DnA only with a little of the supernatural mixed in. Excellent main crew of characters)

Kyou Kara Maou (Teleported to another dimension and finds your the king of daemons, what could possibly go wrong? This one makes me smile no matter how often I watch it.)

Noragami (Delivery God at your service. Also very funny and mystery built in.)

One Punch Man (Different than the rest, Fun main character that breaks a lot of “perfect main guy” molds and a cyborg apprentice.)

Orenchi no Furo Jijou (Because what else would you do if you found a merman on the side of the road? Of course you would take him home to live in your tub.)

Psychic Detective (A guy who can see ghosts with his red eye and tries to be apathetic, unsuccessfully. Wonderful mystery arcs in this series, the manga is awesome also)

Psycho Pass (Using collected data about past and present personalities to decide who’s going to be a criminal before they ever become one?  One of the best first seasons in all anime I have watched. Fully fleshed out characters and intricate story line. One of my favorite villains of all time)

Sakamichi no Apollon (Coming of age for three kids in their latter years of high school. It does not sound like much but it’s truly one of the best I’ve ever seen. Make sure to read the follow-up manga extra after you’ve finished.)

Yowamushi Pedal (Bicycling sports anime, the animation is a little different, but you’ll love the characters and their growth)

A few more add on’s because this is already very long: Boku no Hero Academia (superhero kids with heart), Free! (swimmer guys working on friendship and their futures), No. 6 (Utopian society couldn’t be a bad thing….right?) Sakamoto desu ga? (Because what if you were actually perfect? Hilarious and fun)

And of course Yuri on Ice (nothing like a healthy relationship, a show that does not tease but follows through, excellent well developed characters and a great story line to keep you watching) *but you knew that one already : )

Time for a story - Changes

Ever since Oliver had moved in with Felicity, he had always been excited to come home from work. The knowledge that she was waiting for him to return and that she was going to welcome him home had always made him feel kind of eager to come back. He had forgotten what home really meant until she had reminded him of its meaning. That had only intensified after they had gotten married and Emmeline had finally been born.

It was something completely different now again, Oliver realized when he directed the car into the garage and felt his heartbeat fasten slightly. Now that Felicity was pregnant again, he was even more excited to come home. He knew it was way too soon for the pregnancy to show because Felicity was only in her seventh week, but…

He couldn’t really explain. There was just something about that tiny human being growing inside of her that made home an even better place right now.

When Oliver opened the door to the house he had built for his family he immediately dropped his briefcase, got out of his suit jacket and put it over the banister. Just when he was about to head towards the living room, where he knew he could find Emmeline because he could hear the sounds of the cartoon series she was allowed to watch every evening, the door opened and Felicity stepped into the entrance.

She looked exhausted, Oliver immediately thought. Her skin was a little pale. Dark rings were forming under her eyes, and her shoulders were slumped. She had been tired a lot lately, but she refused to let Oliver help her. He had offered to take a few days off, and stay home, so she could rest, but she had rejected his offer. She had even banned him from the bathroom when the morning sickness, that tended to be more of an all-day-long sickness, had started. It wasn’t exactly easy for Oliver either. He had always used to stand right behind her, holding her hair back and rubbing her back in soothing patterns, but now all he could do was listen to how bad she felt.

“Did you bring the detergent?” she asked him, her voice sounding a little raspy.

“No, I forgot,” he answered honestly, eying her up a little worriedly. “I’ll buy it tomorrow. Baby, you look really exhausted. How about you go and get some rest?”

“Oh, you know, I would rest,” she said bitterly, “but unfortunately your daughter decided to play detective because her daddy told her that he loves to do detective work. So she has looked for evidences for whatever thing she was thinking she had to detect in the flower tubs. There is earth like everywhere on the floor in the living room and-“

She suddenly interrupted herself, holding her hands up and shaking her head. She inhaled deeply, shaking her head once more, before she stated, “I need some air.”

Without so much as even looking at him, she grabbed her jacket and left the house. Oliver noticed that she was still wearing her slippers that were probably not warm enough at this time of the year, but didn’t get the chance to say anything about it since the door snapped shut behind her with a loud bang.

Oliver breathed in deeply and sighed. Hormones were crazy little beasts. That she wasn’t allowed to drink coffee wasn’t making it easier either. During Felicity’s first pregnancy she had felt the effect of the hormonal changes, too. Back then there had been days when she had thrown plates on the floor or against the wall and she had yelled at him a lot. Those phases had never taken long, so Oliver knew all he had to do was being patient, and Felicity would soon be back to her happy self again.

While he was still lost in his thoughts, the door to the living room opened again and Emmeline ran towards her father, jumping into his arms without warning. Oliver managed to catch her, though, and hugged her close to his chest. With her hands on his shoulders she pushed herself a little higher and started peppering his face with little kisses.

“At least one person here seems to be happy to see me,” he chuckled.

Oliver was seriously worried now. It had been almost two hours since Felicity had rushed out of their house, slamming the door behind her. After the first thirty minutes he had shortly wondered if she was okay, but he had soon forgotten about it when Emmeline had started to throw her food at him, demanding his attention. When Felicity hadn’t been back after one hour, he had called Thea, asking if Emmy could stay at her place for the night. He had dropped Emmeline at Thea’s fourty minutes ago and was searching for Felicity ever since.

It was uncommon for Felicity not to tell him where she was. Even when they were fighting, she would usually send him a short message, letting him know that she was okay. Oliver knew in the back of his mind that Felicity probably hadn’t taken her phone with her when she had left and that that was the reason she hadn’t messaged him. She was probably okay.

He was running out of places to look, though, and that gave him a pretty bad feeling. She hadn’t been in the foundry and her former colleagues in the IT department hadn’t seen her in a while, either. He knew that she hadn’t been with Thea because she would have called. He had sent messaged to John and Laurel, but neither of them had seen her today. John had called him immediately, asking if everything way alright. Oliver had told him that they had had a little fight, but of course hadn’t mentioned anything about the pregnancy. Nobody knew yet. It was too early, Felicity had stated just yesterday and although-

His thoughts came to a sudden stop when Oliver saw a familiar blond ponytail. His heart eased immediately, seeing Felicity sitting on a bench in the small Starling City Park. He couldn’t see her face, but the way she just sat there, made him feel more confident in the hope that she really was okay. He took some deep breaths before he approached her slowly.

“Didn’t I once tell you that ‘I need some air’ really means ‘I don’t want to talk right now’?” she asked without turning around to look at him, instead keeping her eyes at some random point in the distance. Her hands were formed to fists in the pockets of her coat.

“I am sorry,” he said quietly, sitting down next to her. He tried to make out what exactly she was looking at, but didn’t find anything that could be that interesting. So he turned his head towards her, looking at her softly. “I am sorry for forgetting the detergent and for having inspired Emmy to play detective. I didn’t know that that would end in more work for you. I wouldn’t have told her if I had known. I know that with all the pregnancy hormones it’s not easy for you, and I didn’t want to make it worse.”

There was no sign that Felicity was listening to him, but at least she didn’t snap. So Oliver kept talking with his soft, calming voice.

“I dropped Emmy at Thea’s place. She is going to stay there for the night. So how about we go home, and I will take care of you tonight? You will get the full relaxation program. We will order Pizza or whatever you want. We also have a box of ice cream for dessert in the freezer. I can give you a massage and you can take a bath, reading a book. Or we will watch your favorite movies. We will do whatever you want to chase the effect of the hormones away.”

He smiled softly and reached out to pull one of her hands out of the pockets of her coat. The moment his skin made contact with hers, she pulled her hand away, though. Her head snapped around, so she was looking at him now. Her piercing blue eyes sparkled angrily, and Oliver’s heart sank.

“God, could you just – for the love of God! – let me breathe? For once?” she yelled, bringing more distance between the two of them. “Can’t you just – for once – leave me alone? You are everywhere! Always! You are hovering over me like some creepy stalker! Even when I say I want to be alone, you come after me!”

She got up from the bench and stamped away. Oliver watched her, eyes widened. He could think about a thousand things to say like “I am not as much of a stalker as a certain ex-boyfriend of yours” and “I was just worried because I didn’t know where you were”, but he kept his mouth shut, knowing that none of this would help Felicity to calm down and especially the first statement would make her even angrier. Of course it would. His occasional, irrational jealousy of Palmer was something Felicity always rolled her eyes about.

When Felicity suddenly stood still and turned around to come back to him, still looking angry, his eyebrows perked. He had to bite his tongue to force that quiet voice inside of himself that still thought she was the cutest person in the world to remain silent. Telling Felicity that she looked as cute as a cupcake right now would, although it was true, most likely get him killed.

He couldn’t help it. Even when she was angry at him for nothing, he still loved her with all his heart.

“Oh, and by the way,” she added when she returned, “I should be allowed to have a bad day. You are in broody mood for weeks and I am saying nothing! You could at least try to not blame it on the hormones, you know?! Just because I am usually the one with the good mood, doesn’t have to mean that I have to be that abnormally happy all the time!”

She glared at him for a moment longer before she turned around again, stomping away in the same direction as she had before. She didn’t turn back around to him this time, and Oliver just sat unmoving while watching her leave.

Oliver inhaled deeply, breathing out with a sigh. He shook his head, a slight smile playing on his lips. It really wasn’t funny. He was actually just as worried about her as he had been when he hadn’t been able to find her. But Oliver knew that this was just a short part in their life and that the effects of the hormones he still blamed for Felicity’s unusual behavior were going to cease soon. After all it was still Felicity, his personal ray of sunshine.

When Oliver returned home, everything was dark. He had given Felicity two more hours. If she wanted to have some time alone, then he was going to give that to her. He loved being with her, but if she needed some time for herself, all she had to do was say so.

Oliver took his clothes off in the bathroom and left them there. He didn’t want Felicity to wake up in case she was already asleep. So he snuck into the bedroom and closed the door quietly. He was lucky he could see that good in the dark or otherwise he would have certainly stumbled over some of the pieces of clothes that were lying around on the floor. Felicity had obviously been in the mood to just drop her clothes without caring where they landed.

He lay down in bed, never taking his eyes off Felicity, who was facing away from him. Her blond curls were spread on the pillow, and her chest was rising and falling in an even rhythm. He still wasn’t sure whether she was asleep or just acted like she did, though.

“I’m really sorry, Felicity,” he whispered into the dark. “Of course you have the right to be alone if you want to and of course you are allowed to have bad days. I’m sorry. And I love you.”

Carefully he moved closer to her, putting his hand to her upper arm for a moment before wrapping it around her waist. He moved his arm under his head to use it as a pillow and closed his eyes, feeling his tiredness crashing over him.

There were still sixteen nights to Christmas Eve. He had told Emmy before he had dropped her at Thea’s. His little girl was still convinced that he wasn’t counting right, feeling like time just refused to pass. It still made him smile.

When Felicity began to move, Oliver loosened his grip on her, thinking she was going to turn around and snuggle up to him like she usually did. His heart skipped at least one beat when he realized that instead of doing so, she wiggled out of his arms and slid to the edge of the bed, as far away from him as possible.

He tried to breathe through the pain that built in his chest at her rejection. She had never done that. Even when they had fought really badly, she would snuggle up to him. Oliver had asked her about that once, and Felicity had just shrugged her shoulders and said that they could keep fighting when they were awake. That didn’t mean she couldn’t use him as her personal heat blanket in the night.

There was a part of him that kept thinking, that she was sleeping and she couldn’t be blamed for her actions, but the fact that she had never ever done that before was making him doubt that.

It is just a phase, Oliver told himself quietly. It is just a phase. She suffers from hormonal changes. It will pass. She will come back soon.

Right before he fell asleep, not touching her for the first time in forever although she was right beside him, a horrible thought flashed through his mind, and he suddenly felt terribly awake again.

What if it wasn’t a short phase? What if this lasted?

Spoiler alarm: It will last some time!
Consider this a chapter to get in the right mood for the hard times that are about to come. We are just getting started.

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