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i feel like the show never really gave a definitive answer to what root hears with her ear. does she only hear the machine, and the digital recorded sound she sends through the implant (like phone calls), or does the implant have its normal function as well? like, when the machine was offline, did root have no sound detection through the implant, or? genuinely curious about your opinion about this, because i can never make up my mind...

she cant hear anything, only the machine, unless she puts on the sound processor (the external part that has the microphone, speech processor etc)

my hc is she wears it rarely either because she likes to leave that ear for tm lol or she doesnt like the distortion. still it helps with localizing sounds (and shes gonna need to do that if she wants to play hide and seek in the park at night like in 5x09 wtf root) … and to hear tm she only needs the internal part cause i think thats what the show has been saying. dont see how that would work but its sci-fi and unsurprisingly i like the idea that she is there 24/7


The romantic and epic versions of the farewell theme from the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them soundtrack, edited together from the tracks ‘A Close Friend’, ‘Newt Says Goodbye to Tina’ and ‘Newt Releases the Thunderbird’.

Danganronpa V3 isn’t even out yet, yet we already have a robot who’s name is a pun on the word “hope”, a feminine-sounding detective who’s been theorized to be a girl dressed in drag, an astronaut who makes nightmare faces, a guy who’s sprites are eerily similar to Nagito’s but “isn’t a suspicious guy”, a dictator who loves Fanta, a God-loving hippie who always looks high, and a toddler-sized tennis player with the deepest voice in the game.

Strap yourselves in, folks. It’s gonna be a wild ride.

Polly Nelson, Ted Bundy’s defense attorney, claimed that when Bundy first called her he came off as insecure. Nelson immediately painted a mental picture of Bundy as a gratuitous and humble person, and thus was quite surprised when the killer began rattling off various demands. Despite having been wrong about him once, Nelson still found it hard to believe that he could have killed anyone when she met him face to face. “This dangerous man was not detectable by sight or sound. But it was not because Ted exuded charm- he was too obviously disingenuous to be truly charming. It was not because Ted was such a ‘diabolical genius’ that he could fool you – believe me, he was not that smart. The real reason you could look at Ted Bundy straight in the face – even with full knowledge of what he had done – and not see a single sign of his guilt, was that he truly believed he was not guilty.”

A research of Meitantei Conan Characters’ Speech Patterns [2]

Heiji Hattori. To write an article about him, I think I would have to write every differences Kansaiben has. Okay! So. Heiji first appears in vol. 10, thus I’m going to analyze it.
And his first line:
Uso yutara akan de, nee-chan!
is iu, ‘to say’. Akan means 'bad’, 'no’, roughly what ’dame’ means in TokyoBen.
By the way, ’nee-chan’ is the way he will call Ran from now onward. While Conan will become Kudo, Ran will never become 'Mouri’ or 'Mouri-san’.

On the same page we can see 'koko ni oru’ = ’koko ni iru’ with ’ya’ finishing the sentence. That’s kansaiben thing, yeah. He uses ’ya’ as sentence ending, the same was as Shinichi uses ’da’.

He uses ’anta’ to address Ran (as Shinichi sometimes does), and 'te iu’ construction changes to ’chuu’. Moreover, the word 'truth’ that is ’honto’ becomes ’honma’. That’s one of kansaiben changes that doesn’t change the grammar or particles. Then once again: ’anta no koto wa’. Like Shinichi, he tends to leave the sentences 'hanging’, without proper endings.

I want to outline that kansaiben major change is that ’nai’ becomes ’hen’, i.e. ’omowahen ka’ instead of ’omowanai ka’. Yes, every verb that is used usually with ‘nai’ as a negation in Tokyoben, goes through this drastic change. 

Another word change (like honto/honma) is ’ee’ meaning ’ii’ - good.

And just to see how much Kansaiben differs from Tokyoben:

'Yossha! Ee yaro!’ = 'Yoshi! Ii darou!’

As for calling the others, he calls Kazuha without any honorifics (obviously), interestingly enough calls his dad the way Kaito does: ’oyaji’, and his mom with Osaka version of okaa-san: okan.

I am desperately trying to find a way to transfer Kansaiben to English, and the only ways I found is to change 'you’ to 'ya’, and use apostrophes possibly. Another way I found is to change ‘really’ (honto) to ‘rly’ (honma). I have a slight feeling I missed something, but I analyzed the chapter with Heiji’s first appearance. Maybe at Kazuha’s speech analysis I will find more changes of Kansaiben :> 

That’s Heij Hattori for ya! Ee yaro? 

On Wanda’s twelfth night of living at the Avenger’s facility, an intruder had been detected…

The alarm had sounded at 2:13 am, prompting the Avengers, half-clad in their pajamas, into action. Natasha eyed the security monitors. Steve armed himself and set about investigating the grounds. Vision was conducting a room by room sweep. Meanwhile, Wanda stayed in the kitchen near the cutlery, a statue pulsing with anxiety and fear for endless minutes.

She sensed him, like a breath, before he appeared, phasing up from the floor beside her.

“What is it?” she asked, voice muffled behind the sleeve of her pajama.

Vision spoke calmly as his eyes surveyed the area, calculating. “All is well,” he said. “Captain Rogers and Miss Romanoff are addressing our unwelcomed guest. A reporter, it seems.”

With a windless push, Wanda found herself leaning closer to him. It was reassuring to have someone beside her again. Her new ‘teammates,’ as they called themselves, still kept their distance, even in training.

She wished more than anything that Pietro was here, with a warm arm around her and soothing words in her ear. Wanda’s fingers twitched, a muscle memory as old as she, flared to life. And without another thought, her hand found his.

Vision did not startle, merely tilting his head to verify what his senses were relaying to be true. No one ever willingly touched him, aside from Tony’s pokes and prods. But this action was not on behalf of curiosity or 'science.’ This was somehow different. Considering the events, he concluded she was seeking comfort. He performed what he hoped was the correct reaction and curled his fingers around her petite palm.

For a few brief seconds all was well.

Wanda’s eyes widened in horror as she realized what she’d done. 'Idiot!’ she cursed herself.

He wasn’t Pietro.

Pietro wasn’t here.

Pietro was dead.

So what the hell was she doing? Her hand slipped out, back into the safety of her sleeve as she pulled her arms closer to her chest. “Sorry,” she mumbled.

Vision wanted to reply that she had nothing to apologize for. He’d be happy to hold her hand or perform any function that would bring her comfort and ease her mind. But then Steve was sounding over the intercom, informing them the area was clear and they were free to return to their quarters.

Silently, Wanda shuffled away while Vision gazed thoughtfully at her retreating back.

It was after this event that Vision made an adjustment to his regular activity. Whenever the opportunity presented itself, he fitted himself to Wanda’s right, should she ever require his hand again.

It’s not just big marine animals that rely on sound – even tiny coral larvae detect and respond to sound beneath the waves. 

Many coral species reproduce by releasing their gametes into the water; the gametes then drift to a new spot where they can build new colonies. Because sound can travel over many kilometers within the ocean, many of these coral larvae use sound to detect suitable places to settle, even from far away. Scientists are still working to understand the mechanism by which these larvae detect sound, and how they use sound in conjunction with other factors to decide where to settle. 

(Photo: Greg McFall/NOAA, taken in Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument)

Togruta kittens aren’t born hearing, their montrals are incredibly soft at birth and aren’t hard enough to detect sound. It’s a very big deal within families when the baby starts showing signs of hearing, on average they’re hard enough at about three or four months old. Parents view their babies hearing on the same level as crawling and talking, and it is celebrated and boasted about from mother to mother

Magic Clutter and Curios

Wizard bric-a-brac is the best. 

  1. A spinning top that stands when it’s still and falls when it spins.
  2. A coat with many pockets whose contents perpetually swap places.
  3. Two marbles which revolve around one another.
  4. A glass orb filled with boiling water. 
  5. A tiny mechanical person who turns to face the nearest person it can detect.
  6. A whistle whose sound is delayed by one full day after it is blown.
  7. A ring which will not lay flat, but rather stands on its edge.
  8. A whistle which bleats like a goat.
  9. Horseshoes that change size whenever they are not being observed. 
  10. A wooden ball which floats wherever it is put
  11. Two spoons whose temperatures are switched: if one it held over a flame, the other gets hot
  12. A knotted rope which can allegedly be used as a map to the universe. It’s possible that it’s just rope.
Bunny Girl : Snippet 01
Audio Preformed by Max "Crashboombanger" Velasco Written by Y.V. Anosova
Bunny Girl : Snippet 01

So excited for my next project, The Bunny Girl. Thanks again to my favorite VA talent, @crashboombanger. He made me another fake audio book recording for some of my writing. Love you, man! 

A detective is kidnapped by a stage magician during one of his shows on a night he is in the audience. Proving to be an actual warlock with real magic abilities, the detective must figure out how to escape from a mad man who holds his fate and literally all the cards in his hands.

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Who's the most handsome out of all of you?

Dr. Himuro

Dr. Himuro


uh.. I guess Dr. Himuro

“Why are we discussing who better looking? We are all men!”

“Excuse me, I’m the best looking one. Himuro going to get wrinkles cause he always looks mean.”

“That may be, but I do have to agree with the others.”

“Nomura still tries to get him to come to Singles nights. Himuro is an attractive man, but one day it might just get ugly if he keeps that up.”

Family Time! Shu Sakamaki X Reader (Reader Insert)

Disclaimer: I don’t own Diabolik Lovers.

A drop of sweat trickled down your face and absorbed into the soft soil beneath your knees. You let out a soft sigh of fatigue, as you had been tending the lilac bushes all day long as the searing heat set your skin ablaze.

“Hah…” Plopping yourself down onto the dirt floor, you glanced up as your ears detected the soft sound of approaching footsteps.

The wooden doors of the mansion creaked loudly, mixing with the sound of a giggle. A soft smile pulled at your lips as your (E/C) eyes landed on your 5 year old daughter. Her shoulder length blonde locks tossed wildly in the wind as she ran up to you. Behind her trailed a tall blonde haired male with similar oceanic blue eyes.

You laughed at the unforeseen sight of both your daughter and husband being awake in the morning.

“Mommy!” The little girl screamed as she launched herself into your widespread arms. A laugh passes your lips as you pick her up by her small frame, twirling her around just as a shadow casts over the two of you.

“You two are too noisy…” His deep voice grunts this out as he peeks at you both with an open eye.

Setting your daughter back on the ground you can’t help but smile at the male. An unnoticeable softness laced his words and you knew deep down how much he’s changed. “Emi. Why don’t you sit down and play with daddy while I finish watering these?”

Nodding her small head furiously, the little girl grabs Shu’s hand and pulls him towards a small field of daisies.

You let out a chuckle as Shu reluctantly follows after Emi. Starting to water the assortment of flowers around you, you can’t help but become distracted by the pair of blondes.

How you even finished to water all the plants was a wonder even to you, but before long, you had finished.

“Daddy.” The small blonde haired girl looked up to her father, holding up two small flowers in either hand. “Do you like the red flower more or the purple one?”

Shu lazily propped himself onto his elbows and pointed to the red one. “That one looks nice with the pink ones you have.”

A warm feeling rose up in your chest as you continued to watch the pair in deep admiration. With Shu laying soundly on the grass, his hands lazily wrapped around Emi’s waist as she sat atop chest, it looked like something from a portrait. You couldn’t help but notice they looked-

“Beautiful.” You whispered softly to yourself. Shu smirked on the ground and turned his blue eyes to you. Patting the grass next to him, you accepted his silent offer and indeed sat down beside him.

“Ha-ha. ACHOO!” A big cloud of flower petals flew in the sky as the girl let out a sneeze. Small shoulders shook violently as it was soon followed by a harsh string of smaller sneezes. Her eyes became glassy as she helplessly wiped the snot onto the back of her hands.

You hurriedly reached inside your pockets to search for a tissue when you noticed something out of the corner of your eyes. Shuffling himself into a siting position, the male put Emi into his lap protectively. Pulling down the sleeve of his brown cardigan, Shu began to wipe the liquid from her nose softly.

“T-Thank you daddy.” The small vampire hoarsely whispered as a pink blush dotted her pale cheeks.

You felt a sad smile spread across your face. It hurt you seeing your baby girl be anything less than healthy. On most days she would be so carefree and happy but it was the few times she wasn’t that really worried you. Ever since childhood, Emi had been riddled with vicious coughs and sneezes, preventing her from leaving the house on many occasions. From the very start you worried for her, but being unable to help her when she really needed it irritated you beyond belief.

“Hey what’s wrong?” Shu’s voice snapped you out of your thoughts.

You turned your attention to your daughter. A downtrodden look creased the blonde haired girls face and your heart instantly clenched, worried about what could have happened.

“…I lost all my flowers daddy.”

You let out an exaggerated sigh as you pulled her head towards your chest. “I was really worried there for a second Emi.”

Releasing your grip on her small frame, you stared into your daughters face lovingly. “There are a lot of flowers around you. Pick as many as you like.”

“Really?!?” Her blue and (E/C) eyes twinkled in joy.

“Hehe. Yes you can.” You chuckled to yourself. Tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear, you gazed into her odd eyes.

The right eye was a deep blue, contrasting with the bright (E/C) eye on the left. A pretty mix of you and Shu’s eyes, you hummed to yourself.

“I’m gonna find the prettiest flower for daddy!” Emi proudly puffed out her chest before running off.


“What?” You turned your head to the side to address your cocky vampire at the same moment you felt hands pull at your waist.

“Ahh!” You shrieked in surprise as you fell face forward into Shu’s chest. A mad blush coated your face as you tried to push yourself off. “Shu! Let go!”

His grip on your waist only tightened, pushing all the air out of your lungs. A sudden giggle erupted from your chest as you began to smack his chest with your hands. “S-Shu!! Oh my god. I can’t breath!!!”

Wiggling helplessly in the hold, you screamed for him to let go. The only response you got in return was a deep chuckle from above your head.

“Be quiet.” He whispered hotly into your ear. “As compensation for your daughter waking me up, sleep with me.”

A deep crimson blush spread on your face and you stopped moving in his arms. You couldn’t help but draw inappropriate ideas from his words. “W-What are you talking about? She’s your daughter too!”

The blonde vampire chuckled huskily, leaning towards your flushed face with a knowing smirk.

“What a dirty woman you are (Y/N).” He ran his fingers slowly along the side of your body. “Just what lewd thoughts are running around in that small head of yours…”

You shivered helplessly in his arms as his sharp teeth raked all along the length of your ear. A twisted grin formed on his face as he leaned up to your face. Closing your eyes in anticipation, you could feel his cool breath fan over your enflamed face.

“Mom! Dad! Em!” A voice called loudly over the front garden.

You chuckled softly to yourself as Shu’s arms loosened, giving you enough room to slip out. “Mika! We’re here!”

Waving a hand up in the air, the small 8 year old ran up to you. His big crystal blue eyes stared happily down at you. “Hi mom! I was wondering where all of you had gone off to.”

You grinned, pulling him into your lap. “Yeah, we’ve just been relaxing here for a while. Nothing really interesting in particular.”

The vampire next to you grumbled quietly to himself. Muttering something in agitation about mood kills and children.

Mika looked over curiously at his father. “Dad, you okay?”

You giggled softly to yourself. “Don’t listen to your father Mika. He’s just sour cause he didn’t get enough sleep.”

Shu grumbled in disdain at your choice words before turning onto his side.

“Speaking of which!” You announce in mock importance, poking at Mika’s chest. “Did you get enough sleep mister?”

“Of course I did mom.”

A loving smile spread across your face as your eldest child nuzzled into your chest. You knotted your fingers within his wavy light blonde locks, relishing in how soft it was. Landing a light kiss atop his head, you hugged the small male closer. He would always be your little boy.

“I love you my strong little Mikaela.”

With his big sky blue eyes he looked up at you. “I love you too mom. Always!”

“Big brother Mika!!!” Off in the distance, you made out the voice of your youngest child.


You held a hand over your mouth to suppress the chuckle you almost let out from watching the scene in front of you. Emi had her short arms wrapped tightly around Mika’s neck, as he lay helplessly on the grass. She smacked loud kisses all over his face, much to the boys embarrassment.

“Mi Mi Mika!” The small girl soon got off the boy, instead opting to hug him.

“I love you too Emi.”

You tossed an apologetic look to your son, and he scratched his neck in embarrassment before returning her hug.

“So Emi, what do you say to making flower crowns with me?”

The small girl gasped in surprise. “You know how to make them Mika?!?”

The boy grinned sheepishly in return. “Of course I do. I can teach you how to too. That is, if you let me go…”

Almost immediately she pulled her arms back, giving her brother the best puppy dog look she could make.

You watched the two curiously as they began to pick different colorful flowers. A sigh of fatigue leaves you as you drop to the ground beside your husband. Out of the corner of your eye, you note the smirk he has on his face as he pulls you closer. Allowing the light afternoon breeze to blow by, you note how late it’s probably gotten. Resting your head on sturdy shoulders you mumble to yourself. “Does it get any easier?”

“No.” The response you get surprises you but not as much as the next action. Arms coiled around your waist, Shu’s lips finally lock with yours in a deep kiss full of passion, love, and longing.

For the rest of that afternoon, you stay out in the front garden with your family. All the while wondering how you possibly managed to live without them.