detective silver pie


“But if you can choose any other profession, do it; being a detective it’s dangerous”

I’m trying out  other kind of style for the blog. color (as you can see) it’s not one of my strongest attributes. but, I want to fix that. maybe I’ll stay with this style, I don’t know.
BTW next weekend I’ll finish the arc once and for all! jsut wanted to take a moment to answer this question)) 

((do i need to remind you that i’m still learning how to draw? anyways, THANKS FOR FOLLOWING ME!! i reached the 100 follows a few weeks ago, but didn’t celebrate it! i wanted to draw the most active followers first, but i felt that would be picking favorites and it would be unfair for the rest. i love you all for equal.
based the drawing on a movie poster from “The Singing Detective”

on a side note, the magician’s arc is STILL ON GOING, i know i’m a bit slow right now, but there are some things i need to get fix in my life and it’s consuming some of my drawing time. 
anyway, thanks for following me! you guys are the best! :D))