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jesseleesoffer: NEW ALBUB COVER. We are currently accepting entries for band names. Also, we need someone who can play jazz flute. #chicagopd #oursingleisdropping


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Imagine working in intelligence and having a relationship with Erin Lindsay. One day you’re working a case and you go over to show her something and you sit on her lap and everyone in the office is like “aw” when she gives you a cute kiss on your collarbone.

——— Request for anon ———

You’d gone over to pull up something on Erin’s computer and out of habit had sat in her lap. Her arms instinctively wrapped around your waist, stabilizing you against her as she leant her jaw on your shoulder while you hunched over the desk. You don’t even realize you’re doing it and neither does she until she gives you her own absentminded kiss near your collarbone that gets a reaction from the other detectives around you.

“Aw,” Ruzek teases from where he leant on his desk.

“Get a room you lovebirds,” Dawson adds, grinning at the sight of you and Erin so naturally comfortable together.

“Oops!” you realize, a blush coming to your face as Erin chuckles behind you and pulls you a little closer on her lap, “My bad!”

You feel her breath fan over your shoulder as she hums, “Don’t be sorry. Now, what was that thing you were pulling up?”


The Chicago PD that plays together, stays together. #briansfacetho #family #squad #ilovemyfriends

Sophia Bush, Brian Geraghty, Patrick Flueger, Dora Madison and Jesse Lee Soffer from the Johnny Swim Concert

sophiabush: When every single person on set is sick, but in our line of work there’s no such thing as a “sick day,” what do you do!? You get reeeeeal proactive and have @ivmechicome to set and give everyone PowerB shots, and run vitamin and mineral IVs for the super-sickies (me included). CHICAGO COLD SEASON YOU WILL NOT DEFEAT US! 🙅🏻👊🏼😷#TheTeamThatIVsTogether#CanYouTellIHateNeedles#ThatsNervousLaughter#JesseHasANeedleInHisButtcheek#PaddyWantsToStickEveryone#ChicagoStrong