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Danganronpa - Junko Enoshima “Ultimate Despair”


That’s my #GirlOnTop @melanie.scrofano.officiel She deserves this and more. Her performance this season is nothing short of phenomenal. It is brilliant. She created an incredible journey that we were all thankfully able to be a part of and #WynonnaEarp season 2 would not have been the same without it.

As @katbarrell said during a #DragonCon panel, Mel has such great chemistry amongst all her interactions with the cast on screen that she’s able to highlight herself as well as those surrounding her.

We are so wonderfully blessed to have such an amazing cast & crew whom were 100%+ willing to give Mel the chance to be a bad-ass, pregnant, hair like a mare with a Hollywood stylist, crazy chick with a gun, vagina shouting, top shelf ass, girl with a big ass gun, WayHaught interrupter, Demon Detective on best TV programme ever that’s paving a bright path for women, LGBTQ representation, and soooooo much more. 💜🌈💚 I absolutely love Melanie Scrofano pass it on!

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Imagine being your boyfriend Jamie’s training officer for the day

(A/N: Hope you enjoy this. I know that the schedule says that a Rafael one should be coming up but unfortunately someone 😒😒 accidentally deleted the folder with all of my saves. I’m trying to salvage/ rewrite basically all 8 so I’m going to be posting out of order unless I can get them all back. Sorry about this but I’m still going to try and post two a week for you while I’m away) 

Imagine being your boyfriend Jamie’s training officer for the day

“Hey,” Sonny greeted for the first time that day as he walked up from you from the entrance of the squad-room, “Do you know what that meeting at 9 is about?”

“Well, good morning to you too,” You smirked as you took a sip of coffee.

“Sorry,” Sonny apologised half-heartedly as he took off his coat and sat down at his desk.

“Well?” You prompted.

“Good morning to you too, Y/N,” He calmed half-heartedly, a chuckle on his lips.

“Thank you,” You grinned triumphantly, “And yes I do,”

“Well?” He prompted, mocking you tastefully.

“It’s about the new officer training programme,” You informed, “You know the one where detectives from Specialised units takes on a uniform who wants to go into said unit for a day. It’s supposed to give the uniform a realistic taste of what the job is actually like and it’s also supposed to refresh the detective and remind them why they love what they do,”

“Seriously?” Sonny asked.

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Newtina Ship Meme

@izzypuppybutt requested Newtina for the “send me a ship and I’ll tell you” thing – I’m assuming it’s the same one from yesterday, so here we go!

who hogs the duvet
Pfft. Tina? I just love headcanon of Tina being one of those people who moves about loads in her sleep, so she’d probably hog the duvet.

who texts/rings to check how their day is going
Phones don’t exist in the 1920s-era (at least, not mobile phones), but I can see Newt popping into Tina’s office to make sure she’s eating/see how she is. Newt would be the mother-hen partner.

who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts
I feel like Newt would come up with the most creative gifts and Tina would be more of a “buy it at the store” kind of person.

who gets up first in the morning
Tina does because she has to be in the Investigative Department early – Newt is the stay-at-home parent, so he can afford to sleep in a bit.

who suggests new things in bed
Both but I feel that Newt would suggest more often/be more open about it.

who cries at movies
I’m going to assume Newt for this one :’)

who gives unprompted massages
Again, Newt – he would have picked up some techniques over his travels probably, and he knows that Tina can get het up over work so he often massages her to make her feel better.

who fusses over the other when they’re sick
NEWT – mother-hen Newt fusses over stubborn-“I’m not really sick”-Tina, 100%.

who gets jealous easiest
Probably Tina; her self-esteem/self-confidence is incredibly low, and she doesn’t think too much of herself – I can see her getting jealous of Leta in the early years of her and Newt’s relationship (she’d learn to overcome that jealousy of course)

who has the most embarrassing taste in music
Newt. I can’t explain it, but I can imagine Newt having an eccentric taste in music while Tina likes to listen to popular jazz or something.

who collects something unusual
Newt, I mean he has a whole suitcase of magical creatures for Merlin’s sake.

who takes the longest to get ready
Neither of them would take a long time getting ready, but perhaps Tina would take a smidge longer because she’d want to look professional to some degree. Newt is messy-haired and just throwing stuff on so he can deal with his creatures.

who is the most tidy and organised
MATE have you seen Newt’s shed?! Tina would probably have to tidy up everything – and she’s an Auror so she kind of has to be organised to some degree.

who gets most excited about the holidays
Okay, so their family would be a multi-faith family because Tina is Jewish, of course, and while Newt isn’t religious he does still celebrate Christmas. I don’t see either of them making a particularly big fuss, I feel like they’d do things for the kids; so like, Newt would decorate the case for Christmas for them, Tina would help the kids build sukkahs each year for sukkot. Newt would also make sure he pushes himself forward to understand the Jewish holidays, helping in whatever way he can.

who is the big spoon/little spoon
Newt’s taller but only by a little bit, so he’s nine-times-out-of-ten the big spoon; occasionally, if Tina is comforting him or something, she’s the big spoon.

who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports
Tina probably would, let’s be honest; I can see Tina being a Quodpot player at Ilvermorny and getting REALLY competitive about it.

who starts the most arguments
Tina – literally, when they first met, she rammed him against a wall and was like “what the fuck mate”. It would be over the tiniest things, I feel – like, big things they can sort out but the small things would probably be stuff they argue about. For example, if Tina’s had a bad day at work and is feeling a bit irritable – or, even more likely, if Newt does something really risky (*cough* “THE NUNDU HAS YOUR ARM IN HIS MOUTH!” *cough*) then she’d get all emotional and worried and snap at him.

who suggests that they buy a pet
Well, I mean, they have an entire case full of magical creatures already…but I feel that it’s Tina who wants Kneazles. My headcanon is that she and the children found an abandoned Kneazle kitten and took it in (of course they did, this is the Scamander family, what else were they going to do?), and since there’s always been Kneazles in the Scamander household.

what couple traditions they have
Obviously they make a point of celebrating Hannukah and Christmas at the same time for the kids, and celebrating as many Jewish holidays throughout the year as they can. When the Kowalskis move to Dorset, then they make a tradition of family dinners each week. Tina attends as many of Newt’s book launches/signings as possible because she knows he doesn’t like the publicity and he prefers her to be there with him.

what tv shows they watch together
They don’t watch television, both because of the time and because they’re not really that couple. (if they did in a modern setting, they’d watch a mix of nature programmes and detective/crime stories)

what other couple they hang out with
Jacob and Queenie, of course!

how they spend time together as a couple
In Newt’s case looking after their creatures; at night, Tina likes to curl up beside Newt with a book and a mug of hot cocoa to relax; sex, of course…

who made the first move
My favourite headcanon is Newt realising that he’s in love with Tina, thinking “Merlin, I’m such an idiot”, and deciding “fuck it, I’m gonna kiss her”. Honestly, I feel like Newt would make the first move because he does seem to be slightly more forward – i.e. “How would you feel if I gave you your copy in person?” and the hair tuck.

who brings flowers home
Newt – they’re not extremely expensive ones, just small ones on special occasions so that Tina knows she’s loved and appreciated.

who is the best cook
It’s my personal headcanon that Tina cannot cook – when she lived with her sister, Queenie was the cook/did the stereotypical “mother” roles whilst Tina was the “father” role in some ways. Newt can cook better but only because he kind of has to, given that Tina sucks at it. Did I mention mother-hen-Newt being my favourite headcanon already? Oh well, it is.

saravanh-deactivated20160713  asked:

The Type's choice of careers?

I have to preface this and say that any Myers Briggs type can work well in a variety of jobs, whether or not they are the jobs that are stereotypically good for a type. However, these are a few of the top careers for each type: 

ISTJ: accountant, detective, computer programmer, military leader

ISFJ: nurse, interior designer, shopkeeper, home economics

INFJ: psychologist, writer, teacher, religious work

INTJ: scientist, administrator, system analyst, professor

ISTP: engineer, mechanics, pilot, computer programmer

ISFP: artist, musician, veterinarian, child care worker

INFP: reporter, writer, counselor, teacher

INTP: scientist, professor, forensic researcher, researcher

ESTP: engineer, athlete, sales rep, paramedic

ESFP: actor, child care, sales, human resources

ENFP: actor, writer, journalist, psychologist 

ENTP: lawyer, entrepreneur, scientist, consultant

ESTJ: administrator, teacher, judge, financial officer

ESFJ: nurse, home economics, administration, human resources

ENFJ: diplomat, social worker, sales rep, teacher

ENTJ: administration, manager, professor, judge