detective nick gage

Batgirl V3 #24

Can we all just take a second to acknowledge and truly appreciate Bryan Q. Miller’s brilliant editorial vision with Steph’s Batgirl run, as well as Dustin Ngyuen’s stunning artwork/cover designs featured in this series? 

Steph/Nick headcanon

Dick Grayson and Detective Nick Gage get along famously. He is the only one to have given him the green light (that Nick didn’t know he wanted) to date Steph.

Bruce was very subtle with his threats. Jason not so much. Tim just seethes.

Damian has no worries. He’s sure he’ll win her back in the end.

waffles will be served at their wedding


Song: All About Him
Artist: Auburn
Media: Batgirl V3 (Bryan Q Miller)
Characters: Stephanie Brown and Nicholas Gage
Program: iMovie ‘11




Graaah! Get out of my brain! Part 2

Stephanie paced back and forth in a secluded corner of the dancer’s lounge.  Looking around her, it was almost surreal.  There was Harley Quinn chatting with Wonder Woman, while Green Lantern and Superman had arms around each other’s shoulders, laughing at some shared joke.  Steph hunched over a little bit, whispering ferouciously into her necklace.  "No, they have a Supergirl and a Black Canary already, and I don’t have any other tear-away outfits on me.  No, I’m not going to wear my Batgirl uniform.  Because it isn’t tear-away is why.  Because it’s really hard to dance all sexy and alluring when you’re trying to get a biometric scanner to register your thumbprint so you can start to unzip your suit.“  Stephanie sighed heavily, defeated.  "Okay…  but it means I won’t get far into my dance routine.  I’m going to have to get to the backroom pretty fast.  And I swear to God, O, if some guy starts pawing me, he’s going to need traction.  I miss Proxy.  She’d never make me do something like this.”  The blonde girl pulled her suit out of her bag, preparing to get back into it when a hand on her shoulder stopped.  Steph turned to look, tensing for a moment when she saw Harley Quinn.

“Oooh, that’s a nice one.  You make that yourself?” the clown girl asked.  "I made this one.  This one is tear away, but I made another one for conventions and that kind of stuff.“

Stephanie was intrigued.  "Conventions?  Like stripper conventions?”

Harley laughed.  "No, silly.  Superhero conventions.  It’s like, sports fans have their gatherings, rock fans have their gatherings, even sci-fi fans have their gatherings.  So a few years back, blammo, superhero conventions.  Usually I pad up a little and do Powergirl, but I’ve got Harley Quinn and Dominatrix Batgirl also.“

Batgirl pulled her suit up, covering herself, zipping the suit, and stifling laughter at the thought of Cass Cain, Dominatrix Batgirl.  "But why Harley?  I mean, she’s a murdering psycho.”

“Hey, someone’s got to play the bad guys… and her voice is a LOT of fun.  Plus, a lot of guys seem to like her.  I get more picture requests in her outfit than in any other one.” Harley shrugged, then clapped Batgirl on the back.  "Anyway, good luck out there.  Enjoy yourself!  And don’t be afraid to be a little rough with them if they get too handsy!“

Batgirl smiled and nodded, stepping through the archway, letting the DJ know she was coming out next.

"Alright gentlemen, up next on the main stage, she is the shadow that stalks in the night!  A bodacious blonde bat beauty!  It’s BATGIRL!”

Stephanie didn’t walk out as much as prance, her hips swaying to the beat of the song.  It was slower, early 90s industrial.  Very easy to find the beat and even easier to move to.  She launched herself the final 7 feet to the pole, grabbing it and spinning around and around, her cape and hair trailing her.  Apparently, this was a hit with the men in the club.  They started hooting and hollering for her.

Batgirl landed and pressed herself back against the pole, her hips rocking and gyrating as she lowered herself, legs spreading wide.  Her eyes scanned the crowd, looking for someone to latch onto, before they started wondering why she wasn’t taking anything off.  "Oh… Son of a….“ Steph grumbled to herself as she found someone.

Falling to her hands and knees, she crawled over to him, tossing her hair every now and then.  She crawled off the stage into his lap, running her hands through his already tousled black hair.  Turning around, she leaned against him, letting her hair cascade like silk over his shoulder as she threw her head back, taking his hands in hers, running them down her sides, his fingertips touching the sides of her breasts.  The other guys surrounding him laughed and whistled, congratulating their buddy on his luck.  With her head thrown back, her mouth next to his ear, she whispered, "Detective Gage, take me to the back room, so we can talk in private…”

GCPD Headcanon

Det. Nick Gage, Det. John Blake, and Officer Harper are total bffls. And when they’re not solving cases and being constantly shown up by their respective Bats (Steph, Dick, & Tim- what snotnosed runts), they spend most of their time on crazy random donut runs during which they mercilessly tease the Commish, prank call the missus, and wow Renee cannot stand the freshmen. Poor Renee.

Crispus Allen totally encourages their childish behavior and Commish Gordon just turns a blind eye because they always remember what kind of donuts he likes. Harvey Bullock just always always forgets the boston creme- i mean come on man.