detective granger

  • Ron Weasley: What are you doing now? Looking for more ways to trick elves into freeing themselves?
  • Hermione Granger: Nope, just looking for a way to turn you into a cockroach. A very smelly cockroach. Even the other cockroaches won’t want to be near you. You’ll be a cockroach with no friends.
on the run (police/detectives au)
  • Hermione: *trips and gets wounded on the leg*
  • Draco: granger! *carries her and hides for a while* okay! just relax.
  • Draco: *takes a piece of clothing in his pocket, blueberries fell out*
  • Draco: *takes one and offers her* uh, blueberry?
  • Hermione: *groans in pain* pass
  • Draco: *eats blueberry and wraps the cloth around her wound*
  • Killer: Come out, come out!
  • Hermione: Take the case! Get it to Kingsley!
  • Draco: I'm not gonna leave you behind! That's not happening!
  • Hermione: I can't walk!
  • Draco: Just!- we'll think of something!