detective dale cooper


i have a type and it’s idiosyncratic law enforcement agent with absolutely wild monologues and an angsty backstory gets called to investigate a bizarre murder in a spooky little american town, has strange visions, befriends a policeman, wanders into a horrifying otherworldly-looking place, gets hurt much

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Twin Detective: A Crossover Event
  • "Damn good coffee."
  • "Well, I mean, what's 'good,' man? It wakes you up, gets you ready for the day, but what are you gonna do in that day? Walk around looking for a killer, maybe find him, maybe not, but what does any of that mean? Nobody's LESS dead, man. Probably a whole lot of people MORE dead. Our job is to prioritize life. And this coffee helps us do it. This isn't damn good coffee, man. This is coffee that makes us feel good that we're damned."