Detective Conan AU in which Conan reverts back to Shinichi under a full moon

  • me: hi how are y—
  • case closed murderer: What? None of you could have possibly understood what I went through... I wrote that novel from scratch, I spent years on it, and that bastard took it all from me! He told me no one would believe me because I was weak— see how weak I am now!— and to make matters worse, he killed my entire family two years ago! Then he married my girlfriend. I would give the whole world for her, and the bastard took her from me too! I didn't know what to do, he was blackmailing me with photos of an affair I had with my boss. Besides, if I did anything, he'd take me off his will! That's why I decided to murder the old man myself. Oh, what have I done???

Au idea where

Hanahaki au except the two idiots hacking out flower petals over each other keep making stupid jokes and assumptions about it.

Person a: *hack hack* whoops uh haha looks like I caught your cold, person b

Person b: *internally screaming* ah yes. My cold. The cold that I have. The cold that is mine. My cold.


Person a: heh you feeling bLUE today, B?

Person b: *barfing forget-me-nots* stfu A. I can’t believe you blueFELL to that level

Person a: *picking bluebells out of teeth* touché

(Ofc these two idiots not realize that the source of their hanahaki is the one sitting across from them cracking jokes over their petals)