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The Wrong Guy (Derek/Stiles)

Anonymous said: Derek/Stiles - “Are you meeting someone here? Because.. I think I’m that person.”

Nonnie! I hope you enjoy this one! Fic #26 in my 2017 Prompt Challenge

The Wrong Guy. Derek/Stiles. Teen. Also on AO3.

Stiles is having a drink at his favorite bar when a gorgeous guy says they’re supposed to be meeting. Stiles thinks Derek has the wrong guy, but Derek insists he’s the right one.

Rooney’s is a great place to get a drink after shifts end. It’s half-way between the subway station and his apartment, so Stiles will stop in several nights a week. Occasionally, one of his roommates will meet him for an early dinner, but Allison’s working third shift this week, Isaac is in the middle of his four-three, and Erica’s got a big work project that’s making her come home late all week.

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“I was expecting you…”
“Where is she?”
“Not far… but will you have the time to find her? Of course, you can kill me now and test your luck, but this place can be quite a maze… poor Carrie… she doesn’t have much time.”
“Cut the crap, Boyd. I’m not scared of you.”
“Oh, I know… you and me are alike… you know the rules of the game. As much as I admire your personality and your looks, detective, I’m afraid our feelings for each other aren’t mutual. You are just like me.
“Shut your filthy mouth!”
“Don’t you want to know the taste of her blood? The feeling of a soft skin and tender flesh… so full of life…emotion… pain… You know you want it… deep inside you know that.”
“Go to hell!”
“Oh, I’m already in hell… and so are you, Colette, we’ve been born in hell… cursed, deprived of the ability to feel… feelings… that what makes humans different from monsters… we are the monsters, Colette.”
“Even monsters are capable of choosing their ways.”
“Is that what you tell yourself every night before you to bed? You know how I feel… you feel it too…”
“Where is she!?”
“Oh… the guilt… I would prefer fear, guilt is such simple, plane and egoistic feeling. What was her name? Jane? I’ve read about the two of you… you made a great team… such a shame you couldn’t save her…or perhaps it was a part of the plan? Perhaps deep inside you wanted her to die so you can feel… the pain… the guilt…”
“Where’s Carrie?”
[laughs] “You really think I’m going to tell you?”
“Then you’re going to die!”
“You know I’m not scared of death.”
“Oh, you should be scared.”