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Jon Seda is moving back to his old digs at Chicago P.D.

In the wake of Chicago Justice‘s cancellation, the actor will return to the police drama as a series regular for Season 5, TVLine has learned.

Seda departed P.D. in the middle of Season 4 to join the legal offshoot, where his detective character Antonio Dawson transitioned into working as an investigator in the district attorney’s office. But the move was short-lived: Justice was axed in late May.

“It’s a pleasure to have Jon back on Chicago P.D.,” executive producer Dick Wolf said in a statement. “We have been working together for more than 20 years, and I hope there are many more to come.”

P.D.‘s Intelligence unit may look a little different to Antonio when he returns to work: As previously reported, Sophia Bush is exiting her role as Det. Erin Lindsay after four seasons on the series.

Chicago P.D. returns with new episodes on Wednesday, Sept. 27, at 10/9c on NBC.

Comment: Antonio is returning, glad Jon was able to come back. It softens the blow to my linstead heart a little. Hope Jay and Antonio become partners again but no will beat the partnership of Erin and Jay. Credit:
Thank You

OK, so this is going to be my first Fanfic on Tumblr and of Brettonio! This is my version of what will take place on 6x07, when Sylvie Brett and Antonio Dawson are reunited. Enjoy!


Sylvie stood with Gabby as she nervously waited to hear news from the doctors. Ramon Dawson, Gabby’s father was just stabbed and Gabby can’t help but feel guilty about the argument she had with him just hours before. 

The doors down the corridor fly open and in walks Gabby’s older brother and Sylvie’s ex boyfriend Detective Antonio Dawson. Ever since the disaster 40 year anniversary party, Antonio hasn’t seen nor spoken to his father, but even though Antonio may not be on good terms with his father and may not be able to forgive him, Sylvie knows how much of a family man Antonio is and this will probably crush him equally as much as Gabby.

“Tonio!” Gabby exclaims and hugs her older brother. They stay in an embrace for about a minute and pull back. Antonio looks and sees Sylvie standing there, who gives him a small smile and Antonio looks back at his sister.

“What do you know?” He asks.

“Some guy started screaming at a woman and pulled out this huge knife. Dad stepped in and told the guy to calm down and he just stabbed him.Dad’s in surgery right now.” Gabby explains weakly, wiping the tears from her eyes. “I was so mean to him Antonio, just hours before I yelled at him.”

“Hey, don’t do that to yourself Gabby, you couldn’t have known.” Antonio quickly says, comforting his little sister. The doors open again and the rest of 51 walk in. Casey immediately makes his way to his wife and Chief Boden looks towards Sylvie.

“What do you know Brett?” Boden asks.

“Not much. They’re still in surgery, it’s been about 2 hours.” She responds. Boden nods and everyone turns their attention to the Dawson siblings, but mainly Gabby. Sylvie watches on as her best friend seeks comfort from her husband and then she sees Antonio walking away. Sylvie gets up and follows him outside the hospital. “Antonio!” She calls and he turns around. 

“You would think with my line of work, I would realise how short life is. I see dead bodies every single day, but it never occurs to me that one day, it could be a member of my family, even if I don’t like the guy.” Antonio comments.

“It’s not the fact we don’t think it will ever be them, we just don’t want to.” Sylvie replies softly and he nods, knowing she’s right.

“Thank you.” He says and she looks at him confused.

“For what?” She asks.

“Being here for Gabby, my dad…For me. I know we haven’t really seen or spoken to each other the past few months,but I do think about you a lot.” He admits.

“Just because we’re not together anymore, doesn’t mean I’m going to stop being there.” Sylvie replies. They stay in silence for a minute and Sylvie decides to switch topic. “So, you’re back in Intelligence I hear.” 

“Yeah, I’ve been back a month or so. State’s Attorney’s office was a little slow and boring. Besides I missed the team, after I did an undercover op with them, felt like old times you know?” He says and she nods understanding. “What about you, anything new?”

“I’m living with Cruz and Otis. My landlord was being an ass and decided to double my rent, Cruz and Otis has their sights on this 3 bedroom apartment, we all work together, seemed like the perfect fit. But, it is like living with 2 man children.” Sylvie jokes, making Antonio laugh. He looks at her, admiration filling his eyes and old feelings that never fully went away come surfacing.

“I’ve missed you.” He says and Sylvie smiles back.

“I’ve missed you too.” She replies. Antonio goes to say something else, but Herrmann comes out.

“Hey, there you two are. Docs are back.” Herrmann reveals and Antonio and Sylvie nod, walking back into the hospital and where everyone else is. Doctor Will Halstead stands in front of Gabby and looks around at everyone, waiting for the news.

“Your dad is going to be just fine. Luckily the attacker didn’t cause too much damage to the lungs or kidney’s, however he did lose a lot of blood, so we need to keep him in for a few days.” Will reveals and everyone lets out a sigh of relief. Antonio instinctively grabs Sylvie’s hand, however she doesn’t object. 

“Thanks Will.” Antonio says and Will nods walking away. Everyone hugs, however Antonio and Sylvie stay where they are, still holding hands. Sylvie looks up at him and sees him looking at Gabby, who unbeknown to Sylvie, is giving Antonio a suggestive smile and he replies with a subtle nod.