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She Won’t Blink
Batman 007 2016-11 Night Of The Monster Men 1 of 6
Nightwing 005 2016-11 Night Of The Monster Men 2 of 6

Here are Cass and Steph’s first non-tec Rebirth appearances!

I was very happy to see both old school Batgirls get page time despite it not being Detective Comics. Batman 007 really felt like JTIV’s ‘tec with Nightwing, Alfred, and Duke tossed in. Plus, monsters!

All of Kate’s team got page time: Cass, Steph, and Basil. Wow, it’s so weird not including Tim in that list.

The story is basically a natural disaster hits (flooding) with the classic mad scientist unleashing mutant monsters. King ties this story in nicely with previous Batman Rebirth issues involving Strange. And yikes! Hugo Strange is mega-buff and works out sans clothing.

It was neat seeing Clayface separate into multiple police officers to help in lots of different places. Plus Kate got page time in both Batman and Nightwing fighting alongside Batman. It’s great seeing Batfamily teamwork outside of 'tec.

How did our old school Batgirls fare? Both Cass and Steph were involved with Cass getting a whole panel to herself as the crew arrives in Batman 007. It was good to see Batman compliment them on their training paying off. Maybe they’ll start to transition from “in training” to a fully functioning team that’s ready for anything.

So the plan is Basil splits up into multiple GCPD to help evacuate Gotham during the flooding. Cass and Steph head out to some caves that are high up that will shelter the evacuees. Once the monsters start appearing, Bats and Kate work on them and after briefly helping with monsters, Nightwing moves to investigate their source.

In Nightwing 005 we switch to the caves with Cass and Steph plus Harvey Bullock trying to get the flooding/monster refugees into the safety of the caves. It’s here were we get the two standout moments in these Monster Men issues.

And your friend up there doesn’t exactly inspire the same trust you do.

She’s not here for trust, Bullock. Orphan’s seen more monsters than any of us. It things do go wrong, she won’t blink.

First off, the art just made me stop and laugh, it’s so true. Cass is perched up on a rock outcropping, like a ninja gargoyle, watching people file into the cave. Then a refuge holds up a phone to snap a picture of her. Perfect! I think that’s exactly how Cass would act and how people would react to her gazing down on them with her full face mask. Excellent job creative team.

Secondly, I really like Steph rebuffing Harv’s accurate comment. He’s right: Cass has a completely hidden face and is mostly dressed in black and doesn’t even wear a cape. Is this a superhero that is going to protect and help us common citizens? But Steph nails it by noting that Cass isn’t here to help people feel safe. She’s here to actually make people safe if anything goes wrong. Nicely done Steph!

Damn, kid. Usually it’s the Bat being that optimistic. Your dog die, or something?


Ouch! Poor Bullock doesn’t know. This dialog for Harv is spot on: he’s blunt talking and sometimes comes off like a social bull in a china shop.

It’s interesting seeing Steph being positive about Cass, then upbeat about the team, and then flipping to Maybe this is finally the time they lose. She’s trying to work hard and keep her patented positive attitude going. But Tim’s “death” is still bothering her. That’s why her face looks so strained when she answers No to Harv. No, her dog didn’t die but something much worse happened.

While Bats and Kate battle monsters with help from Alfred and Duke in the Batcave, Nightwing discovers the source of the monsters. Back in the caves at the park, Cass is again perched high a top a rock like a ninja gargoyle watching the people pack in.

Then some arguments start up and scuffles break out. Cass notes Chaos as she watches. Kudos to the creative teams for giving Cass zero words/thoughts in Batman 007 and just one spoken word in Nightwing 005. When OldCass was a guest character the writers would often have her talk, a lot. Not here. The Rebirth creative teams are in synch which probably means JTIV and the editors are doing a good job.

So what’s up with the people in the caves looking like they’re covered in steams of something bright red? Is that blood? Magic? An artistic flourish by the Nightwing 005 artists? Is Cass having a PTSD hallucination back from when her father repeatedly took her into an underground killing pit to “train” her by executing people in front of her? We’ll see.

So, all in all, a great start to the Night Of The Monster Men crossover. I like that they didn’t leave who the villain is as a mystery. This way, we can focus more on the Batfamily working together and not some villain that gets revealed in the last issue. There’s a place for that kind of story but with only 6 issues page time is tight and I think this way is better.

The whole 'tec team got page time including both Cass and Steph. I can’t wait for the next 'tec in 2 weeks… oh, wait. This crossover means we should get Cass/Steph 4 weeks in a row! Very nice, kinda like the good ole’ days in BRE when Cass frequently appeared weekly. Well, here’s to next Wednesday!

09.28 Detective Comics #941 Night of the Monster Men 3of6
10.05 Batman #8 Night of the Monster Men 4of6
10.05 Nightwing #6 Night of the Monster Men 5of6
10.12 Detective Comics #942 Night of the Monster Men 6of6