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which dc titles do u recommend? is for example king's batman good?

well.. i have very simple taste when it comes to comic book writing, so i’m saying yes. i’d definitely recommend it especially since they introduce gotham girl, who is growing to be one of my favorite comic book characters. also it has the batboys in batburger scene so!

 on other favorite dc titles to rec… bolded ones are absolute favorites

  • batman (n52)
  • cyborg (n52) (this one is super underrated imho)
  • midnighter (n52) / midnighter and apollo (rebirth)
  • detective comics (rebirth)
  • batwoman (n52) / batwoman (rebirth - ongoing, really good)
  • superman/batman (n52) 
  • green lanterns / hal jordan and the green lantern corps (rebirth)
  • constantine: the hellblazer (n52)
  • gotham central (pren52) (seriously one of my favorite comics. this one has a pretty cynical approach to everything tho, as comics used to have back then)
  • green arrow vol. 2 (pre52) (this is connor hawke’s run as green arrow)
  • earth 2 (n52) (reading order here)
  • blue beetle vol. 8 (pre52) (BEST BLUE BEETLE RUN TO EVER EXIST)
  • catwoman (n52) (the BEST catwoman run ever imho)
  • teen titans (rebirth) / super sons (rebirth)
  • omega men (n52)
  • the wild storm (rebirth)
  • trinity (rebirth)
  • mother panic (rebirth - young animal)
  • bunch of batfam related titles rec to get out of the way
    • batman eternal (n52) / batman and robin eternal (n52)
    • batwing (n52)
    • batgirl (all volumes right up until burnside) (i actually loved babs coming back as batgirl right up until the burnside arc. the writing was way more serious, darker, and introduced one of my favorite characters- alysia yeoh)
    • robin: son of batman
    • jason todd: under the red hood arc ( pre-52 batman #635 - #641 & #645 - #650 + batman annual #25) / red hood: the lost days / red hood and the outlaws ( n52 & rebirth - n52 is bad but i do it for them (joyfire) while rebirth is seriously good ) / red hood/arsenal / arkham knight - genesis (not part of the main continuity but arkhamverse, still the best jason comic to ever grace the earth)
    • duke thomas: batman (n52) / we are robin / robin war (reading order) / all-star batman (rebirth)

on “haven’t read but look fucking good”

  • gotham city sirens (pre52) 
  • doctor fate (n52)
  • earth one series
  • superman: american alien
  • nightwing vol 2 (pre52)
  • gotham knights
  • bombshells
  • birds of prey
  • shade, the changing girl (young animal)
  • gotham academy
  • doom patrol (young animal)
  • robin: year one / batgirl: year one

and special mention on stuff that just started

  • aquaman #25-onwards (rebirth) (the new writer + artist drew me back and honestly? it’s super so far)
  • dark matter event
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I will die a happy woman with more Detective Apollo. With whatever scenario you come up with. :-)

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I’ve recently stumbled upon your blog and can I just say I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Detective!Apollo AU! Keep arting ok? Because it’s fantastic!

Anonymous asked apollo-art:How are the WAA employes dealing with the whole Detective Apollo stuff?Ask from Jenna-darknight:How do you think this determined, slightly darker Apollo’s relationship with Ema be? Would he ask for her help (possibly seeking a partnership in or out of the Force) since she’s knowledgeable in Forensics and willing to sort of cheat the system if it means she can use it? Or would he put a wall between her like he did with the Wright & Co. people and Klavier? Oh my God… why did I decide to draw a comic… anyway! SPOILERS! HAHAHAHA! CLICK CLICK BELOW~~

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Skit translated for @nohmasked​! Actually, it’s more like an adaptation, since there were some kanjis I couldn’t read because the resolution isn’t that big ;u; But I think the core of the story it’s still there! Hope you like it~

The First Snow

Apollo: Ehh! The snow fell rather violently this time.
Trucy: Everything is covered in white!
Apollo: Somehow, the snow decreasing helps us.
Trucy: Ah! Look Polly! There’s a snowman there!
Apollo: It really is… Umh, Trucy, what are you doing? Putting him your silky hat…
Trucy: This way, he will “repay” me with something.
Apollo: Umh… What do you mean?
Trucy: About that old legend. If you take care of someone out in the snow, you’ll get a “repayment”, like rice or vegetables.
Apollo: That’s not how the legend goes and definitly it doesn’t count if it’s a snowman.
Trucy: But maybe we could get new clients as a repayment!
Apollo: Even thought that would be great, I don’t think it works that way…
Trucy: Ah! Wait, Polly!
Apollo: What is this time?
Trucy: Look at that, please! There’s something moving under the snow!
Apollo: Umh? Maybe it’s an animal?
Trucy: Maybe it’s a crane that fell on a trap! If we save him, he will “repay” us!
Apollo: You know, cranes don’t fly near this place…
Trucy: Even if is not a crane, It could be something for today’s dinner!
Apollo: Trucy, don’t even try it, please…
Trucy: Daddy would cook it simmered… Kyaa! 
Apollo: W-What happened?
Trucy: This crane… Have this black thing attached to it!
Apollo: What? Er… Isn’t this a karintou snack?
Ema: You guys! What are you doing?
Trucy: Ah! Miss Ema!
Apollo: Since you were crouching in the middle of the snow with your white coat, we couldn’t see you, sorry Detective Skye.
Ema: I’m crossing the science path so I always use my lab coat! 
Trucy: Aren’t you cold? Today, even Polly is using a winter coat!
Ema: Oh! So YOU are Apollo! I didn´t recognize you!
Apollo: Do you only recognize me because of my vest?!
Ema: You too should wear a lab coat! Lab coats are the best, scientifically speaking.
Apollo: I don’t think they are the most appropriate thing to use on snowy days.
Ema: Silence… a,a-achoooooo!
Trucy: As expected, they aren’t the best on snowy days…
Ema: I was watching you a while ago, playing with the snow like little kids.
Trucy: Miss Ema, snowy days don’t excite you?
Ema: At all! Last time, I had to work with that Glimmerous fop! And today too!
Trucy: Miss Ema looks more grumpy than usual.
Apollo: Today is the kind of day you don’t want to mess with her.
Ema: I was so irritated, I decided take an “inspection by foot”.
Trucy: Is that part of your scientific investigation?
Apollo: I don’t think walking has anything to do with scientific investigation…
Ema: Because of that jingling-guy I don’t have space for my scientific investigation kit!
Apollo: So Detective Skye’s stress is caused by science, huh.
Ema: Speaking of snow, I really like it. It has a cute kind of feeling.
Apollo: Eh? How a feeling can be cute or not?
Ema: Of course it can be.
Trucy: Polly! Girls like to gather cute things, you know?
Apollo: I don’t think this has anything to do with gender at all…
Klavier: Hello there! It looks like everybody gathered here!
Trucy: Oh? Prosecutor Gavin!
Ema: Ugh! Prosecutor Gavin, what are you doing here?
Klavier: I just came following the leftovers you dropped while eating karintou.
Apollo: …That’s some fairytale-like story.
Trucy: Miss Ema, when you are angry you start eating really fast.
Klavier: I also noticed that. It really surprised me.
Ema: What do you want? Cause’ you know, right now, I’m reaaa-llyyyy- busy.
Klavier: Well, yes. I’m here because I wanted to lend you my coat. You can bring it back tomorrow.
Ema: Eh?
Trucy: Waaa! You are so kind Prosecutor Gavin!
Klavier: Well, that’s all. Have a nice day!
Ema: …………………….
Apollo: And now I’m looking forward to see what kind of “repayment” Detective Skye will give, huh.
Trucy: Maybe she can give Prosecutor Gavin lots of Luminol bottles!
Apollo: I don’t think that would make him happy.
Ema: What? This, this coat…! This is all his fault!
Apollo: It looks like Prosecutor Gavin won’t get any repayment…
Trucy: Right?
Ema: Silence, you two!


Ace Attorney: Wing not-so-AU thingy I don’t even

(I warned you XD)

Very doodle thing that was too crazy-weird not to share with the world. I don’t even remember what went through my brain back then XD

Also, this was apparently supposed to be some crossover with Person of Interest… With wings. Yes, I know.

(They just suddenly got wings and that’s not even an AU how did this even happen X’D)

(Actually if someone is interested, I just found a log of the “Story” and what went through my head XD)

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48 and 62!

Okay so FIRST I am going to answer

  • 62:Do you find Will Powers frightening-looking?

NO. SERIOUSLY NO. If it was the game designers’ intention for Will to look actually frightening instead of making the characters look weird when they say he looks frightening then MISSION FAILED. A LOT. Will Powers is a big cuddly teddy bear, he is adorable and not scary-looking SOMEBODY LOVE WILL POWERS AND NOT STICK HIM IN MASKS ALWAYS, HE IS A SWEETIE.

And then there’s THIS:

  • 48:If Apollo got absolutely stoned out of his gourd who’s the first person he would call?


Oh dear lord. So many possibilities. All even more hilarious than the last. I think we need to truly appreciate the possibilities here. (also keep in mind I have never been high, only drunk, so take my opinions on this with a grain of salt)

Okay, as funny as it would be, he’s is NOT calling Phoenix (protest all you like Apollo, you still think he is SENPAI and YOU DO NOT WANT TO DISAPPOINT SENPAI). I feel like why/however Apollo got stoned in the first place, he would end up reacting much like Linsday Weir in that one episode of “Freaks and Geeks” which is that he somehow goes immediately from “this is kind of nice” to “ALL-CONSUMING PARANOIA THAT SOMETHING IS WRONG.” This leads him to calling … Ema. Ema is the first person he calls. What? She knows all about weird and creepy science shit and wayyyy to much about murder, so obviously she must know about drugs too, right? So he calls Ema and she’s all like “What? How dare you ever use this number that I gave you?” And he’s just yelling and freaking out and says “WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT POT?!?!?!” And Ema’s in a particularly bad mood right now and can’t be arsed to calm down Mr. Chords of Steel over here so she just says “I don’t know, I’m not an expert in recreational drugs, why don’t you call your boyfriend Mr. Glimmerous Diva?”

And Apollo’s too far gone at this point to even insist that Klavier’s not his boyfriend, he takes this jibe ENTIRELY TOO LITERALLY and calls up Klavier next. Except then he immediately remembers that despite being a ROCK STAR, Klavier is also A TOTAL SQUARE LAWYER NERD, and tries REALLY REALLY HARD to play it cool on the phone and tries (and FAILS) to casually go “oh by the way, are you familiar with the side-effects of marijuana? Just you know … curious.” And Klavier thinks its for a case he’s working on and immediately goes from Flirt Mode to Work Mode and goes “HERR FOREHEAD, ARE YOU AWARE OF ANY ILLEGAL DRUG ACTIVITY HAPPENING, LET ME KNOW AND I WILL NOTIFY MY DETECTIVES RIGHT AWAY” so Apollo freaks the hell out and just hangs up.

Poor Apollo is full-blown wigging out now. Why did he decide to do this? Why did he ever decide to get high? (because he has a SHITTY STRESSFUL LIFE and even this one moment of relaxation has turned into a COMPLETE DISASTER FOR HIM). He has SINGLE-HANDEDLY RUINED HIS LIFE with the reefer and now he’s probably going to turn into some kind of POT-ZOMBIE like he vaguely remembers from anti-drug PSAs in his youth. HE NEEDS SOMEONE TO HELP RIGHT NOW.

Then he remembers! Phoenix once gave him a number. He never said whose number it was, he only said it was to be used “when he absolutely needed it.” If Apollo was ever in some kind of dire situation where Phoenix was unable to help for whatever reason, he should call this number. “Believe me, he will be discreet and if you need it he will do everything and anything in his considerable power to help you out. I trust this man with my life.”

Apollo calls the number and immediately upon hearing the “Hello?” does not even pause just yells out “MY NAME IS APOLLO JUSTICE AND I NEED HELP RIGHT NOW BECAUSE I THINK THIS POT IS KILLING ME.”

It’s Edgeworth.

He’s called Edgeworth. 

The next day Phoenix is a bit confused as to why Apollo, not exactly the loosest guy in the first place, is jumping all over the place and insists “I’M FINE!!!” and then he gets a call from Miles who tells him “Remember when I said you could give out my number to your proteges? I am revoking that privilege right now.”

I follow the ‘Apollo was kind of a little shit in his teens’ line of thinking and I have a headcanon where he was constantly out past curfew. He got escorted home by the police more than once and I’m just thinking it was somehow Gumshoe almost every time.

And then, one day, Gumshoe stops by the Wright Anything Agency, either for casework or to say hi to Phoenix, and he just kind of squints at Apollo and is like “Weren’t you that kid I had to drag back to the orphanage every weekend?” and Apollo is just hiding his face behind his hand.

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(continued) "it would appear that way." klavier glanced around guiltily, "look, Herr Forehead, i want Herr Edgeworth to be innocent just as much as you do. i'm just doing my job, but is there any test in particular that you think detective gumshoe should run?"

Apollo thought about it for a bit. “I know a test. I don’t know exactly what its called but A toxicology test. With it he should find a cobra bite on the victim.”

Mr. Gavin,

That’s exactly your problem.

You don’t have anything to say.  You don’t have anyway to defend yourself from Mr. Wright’s allegations other than insisting there’s no definite proof.

Well what about you?  Where’s your proof you’re innocent!?  All you’re doing is ranting and raving that Mr. Wright is a sham when you’re nothing but a common murderer!

If you have nothing left to say, then that’s fine.  That means I was right… and so was Mr. Wright.

-Apollo Justice