Detective is a fun online game in which you must figure out whether the person you’re chatting to is a real person or a chatbot.  

Mankind has been trying to get AI to mimic the human mind for years now, but can humans mimic AI?  Will you pass this reverse Turing test?

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It’s new-animation-time! Megathanks to Egoraptor, Jacksepticeye and Haylizbeth for helping out! :D


Holy shit, I animated something! After seeing that petition to ask Danny Devito to voice Detective Pikachu, I had to animate it.


[Mott] claims the photograph of him in a KKK uniform, doing a Nazi salute, was forwarded to the Lake Arthur Police Department four months ago, and that the matter was kept quiet until Daily News reporters began asking questions last week.

The ideas of these asshats dressing up in their best “torture people anonymously” robes and then going out for some “good, clean fun” at the amusement park is hilarious to me. #Hate it!


名探偵よりン!東京ドームスナイパー殺人事件(解決編) 〜 ​よりひと

From a Master Detective! The Tokyo Dome Sniper Case (solution)  〜 ​よりひと

The culprit… is within here!

[1st person] [2nd person] [3rd person] [4th person] [5th person] [6th person] [7th person] [8th person]

[5 minutes later]

[121st person] [122nd person] [123rd person] [124th person]