~ Meitantei CONAN 20th Anniversary ~

Meitantei CONAN Episode 14: The Mysterious Shooting Message Case
(謎のメッセージ狙撃事件 / Nazo no Messēji Sogeki Jiken)!

The second anime original case in history and really cool one too. It includes simple, but interesting code to solve and it’s also a rare case, when the villain isn’t actually the villain, but victim. Top class anime original story from early period. It’s also a very first time when we’ll see Conan on helicopter.

Manga Source: Anime Original
Original Airdate: April 29, 1996

© 名探偵コナン Ep. 14

gewgol asked:

Have you ever heard of J. Warner Wallace? He is a retired cold case homicide detective. He was a third generation atheist. his grandpa, father, and he had been atheist. He ended up looking at the new testament like he did eye witnesses IRL and found that they held up well. You can read all about it in Cold Case Christianity. People who make claims such as them not being eye witness accounts and being written decade after haven't even observed the evidence.

Dude, this is so cool! I have not heard of him. Thank you for informing me of his existence, I will go look him up right now!


Holy shit, I animated something! After seeing that petition to ask Danny Devito to voice Detective Pikachu, I had to animate it.


~ Meitantei CONAN 20th Anniversary ~

Meitantei CONAN Episode 15: Missing Corpse Murder Case
(消えた死体殺人事件 / Kieta Shitai Satsujin Jiken)!

Back to manga! It’s time for us to see one of the previously skipped cases - Mysterious Brothers Case (called Missing Corpse Murder Case in anime), in which Tantei Badges (Detective Boys Badges) were introduced for a first time! Well, at least in manga, since anime introduced them in episode 12, together with the Turbo Engine Skateboard. Anyway, this one is a famous case about two brothers, in which Shōnen Tanteidan (Detective Boys) got their first client! It also shows Aoyama-sensei’s love to Kamen Rider cards (say hello to Kamen Yaiba, who’s heavily based on Hongō Takeshi, also known as Kamen Rider Ichigō, from the very first Kamen Rider series that Aoyama-sensei loved so much as a kid, and also serves as a reference to Aoyama-sesnei’s popular manga YAIBA).

Manga Source: Manga Files 56-58
Original Airdate: May 13, 1996

© 名探偵コナン Ep. 15


名探偵よりン!東京ドームスナイパー殺人事件(解決編) 〜 ​よりひと

From a Master Detective! The Tokyo Dome Sniper Case (solution)  〜 ​よりひと

The culprit… is within here!

[1st person] [2nd person] [3rd person] [4th person] [5th person] [6th person] [7th person] [8th person]

[5 minutes later]

[121st person] [122nd person] [123rd person] [124th person]