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How to feel like a princess getting ready for a politically important ball

*Use a sugar scrub or make one with ¼ cup of sugar + ¼ cup of oil (like coconut or olive or avocado) + a splash of vanilla extract + a few drops of lavender EO—pat dry when you come out of the water so the oil will stay behind to nourish your skin

*Soak in a bath of honey, milk, and flower petals

*Brush out your lightly dried and detangled hair with a wooden comb that has been oiled with a hair oil (may I suggest camellia oil—it is a light oil that sinks in beautifully)

*If you have acne prone skin, wash your face after oiling your hair

*Remember, “presentation is manipulation”—this is a time for you to shine

*Listen to music that makes you feel powerful and confident—sing along to enhance the effect

*Wear a perfume that you love (vanilla is near universally pleasing if you care about how other people will respond to the scent)

*Dark lipstick is more intimidating—it will make people listen

*Natural lips suggest a friendly, easy-to-get-along-with personality

*If you wear heels, walk confidently

*If you wear flats, walk confidently

*Remember you own the space you exist in

*Wear colors that make you feel powerful—screw advice that would tell you that you can’t wear whatever color you want

*Don’t let others speak over you—your voice is worthy of being heard and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

Washing and caring for natural black girls hair.

1: Wash your hair.. Yes wash your hair every 2 weeks. As, a natural black girl we use tons of products on our hair. Which can lead up to product build up and dirty hair. Be sure to use sulfate free shampoos and to condition your hair. Some good natural hair brands are creme of nature, cantu and kera care. Be sure to condition your hair and let it air dry. Stay away from heat! If you prefer to blow dry your hair instead be sure to use a blow dryer hair attachment comb with heat protection spray to detangle your hair.

2: De-tangle your hair once a week. Because, our hair is kinky it is easy for our hair strands to get tangled against one another which can cause hair to matt, dread and even break off.

3: Condition your hair 2-3 times a week. Make your hair stays moistured and healthy. Dry hair leads to brittle hair and than you will have to cut your hair overall.

4: Get trims every 3-4 months. It is very easy to forget to care for your ends…. this will cause slit ends and your hair will break off eventually and it will never grow if your ends arent healthy. Always get your ends checked out by your trusted hair stylist to etend growth and maintain healthy hair.

5: Be sure to sleep with a satin scarf/bonnet every night as well as satin pillow cover cases. Regular pillow cases can cause damange to your hair especially your ends and cause it to break off due to you move around at night and your hair being pulled.

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would it be too rude to ask for more lance and pidge headcanons

not rude at all my guy this is all i do with my life

  • The Meme Team™
  • lance, smushing pidge’s face to his chest: “never talk to me or my child ever again”
    • alternatively: pidge pretends to be lance’s kid whenever he tries to flirt w someone
  • lance secretly aspires to one day be as savage as pidge
  • “excuse me sir I lost my friend lance, can I make an announcement?” *pidge leans into the intercom* “goodbye you little shit”
  • lance is horrified by the state of pidge’s everything. you don’t sleep a full 8 hours a night?? you don’t exfoliate??? and how could you just forget to trim your nails what the fuck are you a cat-
    • he detangles pidge’s hair regularly and angrily
    • hunk walks in on this once, vaguely recalls a documentary on monkeys’ grooming habits that he saw on animal planet once, and then leaves
  • “i have a problem” “you have many but go on”
  • actually a pretty horrifying duo. usually use their power for dumb pranks but one time some aliens make the mistake of capturing the two of them together and it takes them like five minutes to blow up their base
  • constant mecha anime jokes
    • “get in the robot, lance”
    • “don’t believe in yourself pidge. believe in the me that believes in you”
    • one day lance wakes up in a cold sweat and barges into pidge’s room. “pidge. pidge oh my god” “lance what the fuck” “pidge we’re piloting a fucking gundam oh my god”
  • *one walks into the room* the other: “yikes”
Lord give me strength and energy to get through my “wash day” routine...

1. Hot oil treatment for 2-3 hours (olive & coconut oil)

2. Detangle hair (with fingers or wide tooth comb)

3. Shampoo hair (scalp twice) (SheaMoisture coconut hibiscus shampoo)

4. Condition (DevaCurl Decadence conditioner)

5. Comb through and rinse (Wet Brush)

6. Deep condition 1 hour  (SM Shea Butter deep treatment masque, *dark yellow label)

7. Scalp massage and rinse out DC

8. Style hair with leave in and coconut oil (SM JBC leave-in, *light yellow label)

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My Tips for Healthy Natural Hair

• Don’t wash hair too often. Once a week, bi-weekly, or monthly is best. Use a sulfate-free shampoo because sulfate is a cleaning agent that strips all of the natural oils and moisture from the hair.

• Co-wash (washing with conditioner) to refresh hair between shampoo washes. This will cleanse the hair while adding moisture. Two of my favorites are Eden BodyWorks All Natural Cleansing Cowash and Creme of Nature Pure-licious Cowash Cleansing Conditioner.

• Keep hair moisturized. Dry, brittle hair will break off and frizz up, thus halting hair growth. My favorite leave-in conditioner is Shea Moisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave-In Conditioner. It keeps my hair soft and moisturized for days!

• Use natural oils to seal moisture into hair after applying leave-in conditioner, and on the scalp to stimulate hair growth. For thick hair like mine, I like to use olive oil. Jojoba oil is also great for using on the scalp and hair as it is the closest natural oil to the sebum our skin produces. Coconut, avocado, castor, and grapeseed oil are also good.

• Deep condition at least once a week for 30 minutes to an hour. Deep conditioning the hair is vital to keeping it strong and moisturized. Shea Moisture and Eden BodyWorks make great ones.

• Sleep with a satin scarf/bonnet on or sleep on a satin pillowcase. Cotton pillowcases suck all the moisture out of your hair and create breakage and frizz.

• Detangle hair only when damp with water or conditioner. Use a wide tooth comb or your fingers and BE GENTLE.

• Avoid styling your hair everyday and avoid tight hair styles that put strain on your edges and nape hair. Low manipulation is key.

• Drink a lot of water and eat a healthy diet rich in protein, iron, zinc, and Vitamins A, E, D, and B. 

• Take a multi-vitamin daily and/or a hair growth vitamin. 

Daddy’s Girl

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“I talked to the girls earlier today. They are very excited to go filming with Daddy that they don’t mind me leaving.”

Christian watched with worry as you packed your suitcase. He didn’t even realize you were talking to him until you waved your hand in front of his face. “What?” 

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13 Reasons Why Boys at the Beach

okay: So I spent the day at the beach, figured I would share this with you all. Please enjoy 💕 Warnings: little sexual, little swearing

•totally covers him and you in sunscreen constantly because he doesn’t wanna bitch or listen to you bitch about burns
•complains about you dragging him there
•ends up having fun
•loves staring at you while you tan and then pretending he wasn’t
•will not participate in sports but will join you in the ocean
•jumping on his back and him dunking you two under

•constantly playing football with all the boys
•him being too distracted by you tanning to pay attention to the game
•play fighting with the boys
•play fighting with you
•y'all rolling around together in the sand
•you wrapping your legs around him in the ocean for wet kisses (no pun intended)
•him constantly trying to hold your hand while laying out
•always getting slightly burned because he keeps forgetting to put sunscreen on (too distracted by you obvi)

•holding the frisbee above your head so you can’t reach
•totally kicks ass in beach volleyball
•will bet who can go farther out into the ocean
•almost drowns a couple of times
•lays out with you
•def untied your top “on accident”
•"sorry! Sorry! It won’t happen again!”
•"you said that three times ago!“

•gets too competitive in the boys beach football game
•constantly has sand in his eyes
•lays out with you as well
•"Monty if you keep your hand on my ass then I won’t tan there”
•"your point? I mean then people will know you’re mine"
•most def gets burned cause he refuses to put on sunscreen
•will also undo bathing suit tops if tempted

•everytime he comes out of the water it looks like he’s in slow motion
•his wet hair always falling in his face
•tosses you into the cold water
•more then once
•always trying to detangle your hair from your sunglasses
•tans with you peacefully
•you have I keep waking him up cause he’ll fall asleep and burn his back

•sunscreen queen
•gets hit in the face with the football
•always thinks the water is too cold
•but loves watching you play in it
•having to do some convincing for him to get his shirt off in public
•def had the coolest bathing suit
•also has all the beach hacks

•tans and tans and tans
•doesn’t burn
•rubs sunscreen on you
•plays with you in the ocean for hours
•def drives you there in the sexy mustang
•loves seeing you with beach hair
•the first one there and the last one to leave

{Requested} EXO Reaction to their girlfriend walking out in only a towel

A/N: This was requested by @susie2110. I hope you like it, darling! Sorry for the long wait as well. 


Minseok would have currently been cleaning while you were taking a shower. But while so focused on sweeping, he hadn’t heard the patter of your wet, bare feet on the tile floors. Turning around to look at you when you called out his name, his eyes would widen slightly, regardless of having seen you nude many times. 

“Minnie, did you happen to throw my sweatpants in the wash?”

“So beautiful” he’d mumble, completely ignoring your question. 

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3 Billion Dollars [Part 9] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

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Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t exactly go the way he hoped.

Genre: Angst? fluff?

Warning: None really

{part 1} {part 2} {part 3} {part 4} {part 5} {part 6} {part 7} {part 8} {part 9} {part 10} {part 11} {part 12} {part 13} {part 14} {part 15} {part 16} {part 17} {part 18} {part 19} {part 20} {part 21} {part 22}

A/N: Sorry this one is really short. Although the next one is gonna be intense. I hope you like it! My inbox is always open.

~ Brooklyn


Ji Yong woke up from the sunlight that shined into your room. It took him a minute to take in his surroundings, a lazy smile coming onto his face as he remembered what happened the night before. He looked down, confirming the events of the night. He smiled down at your sleeping figure. The light shined down on you at the perfect angle, lighting up your hair and giving your face an angelic look. Ji Yong draws light patterns on your skin with his thumb as he closed his eyes. He stayed with you, relaxing before he had to go back to work.

Ji Yong watches as you stirred in your sleep, slowly waking up from your dream. He smiled and brushed your hair back from his face. Slowly you woke up, your eyes opening. You look up at Ji Yong, who smiled down at you. You gave him a half-hearted smile, only to close your eyes and nuzzle your head against his chest until you got comfortable. He smiled, pulling you close to him again.

“I have to go to work princess,” Ji Yong said. You groaned but didn’t move. He laughed lightly and brushed his fingers through your hair, detangling it slowly as he brushed them through. You relaxed into him more, refusing to get up. He chuckled deeply, and you could feel his chest vibrate. “I don’t want to either, but I have to.”

“Don’t go,” you whined quietly. He smiled down at you. You leaned off of his chest and looked up at him. You guys stared into each other’s eyes for a minute. He continued to stroke your hair, lightly pushing back all small strands.

“I don’t want to princess,” Ji Yong said quietly. He pulled you closer, kissing your forehead lightly. He pushed you away from him enough for him to look at your face. He smiled softly, your eyes shining as you stared at him. He lightly pushed you away from him so he could get up. You followed his actions and sat up on the bed. You wrapped your arms around his waist, leaning your head against his back. He smiled and chuckled lightly. “I’ll be back tonight okay?”

“Promise?” You asked. You pulled away from your hug and looked him in the eyes. He smiled at you and nodded his head.

“I promise.” He got off of the bed and stood up. You watched him as he bent down and grabbed his shirt, putting it on. He smiled at you and petted Ai as he slept in the sunshine. He rubbed your arm and sat down on the bed next to you. “I don’t expect you to bounce back easily after seeing that. If you need anything from me, and I mean anything, time, a hug, anything let me know. Okay?”

“Okay Yongie,” you say. You smiled softly at him. He returned it with a smile of his own and pulled you into a tight hug that you leaned into. After pulling away he got up and headed towards the cream colored door. He smiled one last time at you before opening the door and leaving.

You sighed as you aimlessly petted Ai. The image of your dad still seemed to haunt you every time you closed your eyes. The fact that you were now without any family also seemed to repeat in your mind. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. You opened your eyes and got up and headed for the shower, needing something to relax now that Ji Yong was gone.


Things had gotten better after talking to Ji Yong. You had felt a bit better in the house, feeling more protected and loved than you did before talking to him. You had grown to be more comfortable around the house. It was a blessing that you honestly deserved.

A few months had passed since the incident at your house. You had accepted a few things since then, but it took a lot of nightmares, Ji Yong’s cuddles, and a lot of ranting. Time really does heal the heart though, and as you continued to learn about how the mafia works, the more independent you became. You depended less on Seungri and Youngbae to lead you everywhere, although you still had guards thanks to Ji Yong’s. People began to give you better looks as you walked pass them. It was a good new change.

You had also developed a schedule in the past few months as well. You would wake up with Ji Yong next to you, holding you tightly against him. He’d leave with a small goodbye and you’d get ready for the day. You’d read or draw a little while eating breakfast, wanting to spend a little time for yourself before you got started.

After an hour later Seungri and Daesung would knock on your door and take you away for training. Seungri would work on your knife throwing, spending forty-five minutes on just throwing than another forty-five working on new stuff. Daesung helps you with hand to hand combat. He’d practice with you for thirty minutes then works on new stuff for an hour. It became your main stress reliever. The physical exhaustion becoming the best easiest way to sleep easily, other than Ji’s cuddles.

After your training though you’d go to lunch with Mr. Kwon. He’d ask you how everything was doing, how your training was going, and if you’re feeling comfortable. Mr. Kwon had started to become a private therapist to you. He listened as you talked to him about your family. Although he wasn’t fond of your dad, he did seem to care about you and your wellbeing. It was nice. He seemed to understand what you were going through. He understood the pain of losing family, and that one similarity had helped start a connection between the two of you.

The rest of the day would be just you in your room. If you were lucky one of the four boys would join you and you’d talk. It was relaxing at this point, a good time to bring your heart rate down after training. It was also the time where you would run errands if you needed too. When the kitchen was running low on food one of the boys would take you to the supermarket and help you pick out food. It was always one of your favorite times of day because somebody was always with you whenever you needed a friend.

Your all time favorite time though was right before you’d go to sleep. Ji Yong would slip into your room before you’d get in bed. He’d take off his shirt, and occasionally his pants, and he’d slip into bed with you. He’d hold you against his chest and you would talk about your day. He’d talk about the meetings and the crazy people he’d meet, and you’d talk about your time with the boys, making sure to avoid any mention of training. It was relaxing, especially when he’d run his hands through your hair as you’d talk. As you fall asleep he would kiss your forehead and fall asleep as well. When you’d wake up, you’d be right next to a sleep Ji Yong and you’re ready to start the day.

Although today was a little different. You woke up next to Ji Yong, like usual. You watch him leave with a smile, wishing him the best of luck today. And you got ready for your day, a quick morning shower to wash away any trace of sleep, brushing your teeth, and Ai’s mandatory petting that he demanded to have. It seemed to be a good morning. As you waited for Seungri and Daesung to go to training with you, you heard something. It wasn’t a usual something, but something that sounded off. It was a thumping sound, but it was a bit faded. Although it wasn’t something major, but you couldn’t help the feeling that something is wrong.

Ji Yong frowned as he heard something crash. It wasn’t the sound of glass breaking, but the sound of something hard hitting the ground. What alarmed him the most was the sound of gunshots that followed the noise. He looked at the oldest Seunghyun alarmed. Grabbing his gun, Ji Yong left his office and went towards the sound, Seunghyun following behind him. He frowned as his mind flashed to you. As Ji Yong went into the lobby he saw who caused the problem. In front of him stood Flynn, a gun in his hand and an array of dead bodies littered around the ground. Flynn smiled wickedly at Ji Yong.

“Looks like I finally got the Dragon out of its cave. Nice to finally see you face to face G Dragon.” Flynn talked so smoothly and effortlessly, it made Ji Yong frown.

“You better have a good reason to show up here,” Ji Yong said. He his anger easily, but he still planned how he was gonna slowly kill Flynn. Flynn smiled and then looked at Seunghyun.

“The infamous T.O.P, ruthless to those who oppose him and his family. Never thought I would get you out here.” Seungri came rushing into the lobby, Youngbae and Daesung following behind him. Flynn looked at the boys amused. Each of them had a weapon in their hands. “Looks like I really brought out the big boys.”

“What do you want?” Ji Yong said. Annoyance filling his voice. Flynn looked behind Ji Yong his smile softening as he saw a female figure in the distance. Ji Yong’s eyes widened as he heard your voice.

“Flynn oppa?”

Beauty [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Hi! Could I please request a Rick x Reader one-shot where they’re already in a relationship, she deals with low self-esteem that she’s managed to keep kinda hidden, and he somehow catches her at a low moment, and shows her how beautiful/perfect she is to him with some good ol’ loving smut? Thanks! Bless you for all these wonderful stories, btw! ❤️

Hiii so I’m not the same person who ask if you have any plus size imagines but I was wondering if you could write one where the reader (who’s plus sized and who is also in a relationship with rick) sees rick flirting with a women in Alexandria who is skinnier and “prettier” and the reader becomes very self conscious but once rick gets home he sees she’s acting different and ask why and he tells her she’s all he wants and proves it:)) P.S sorry is my English is shit it’s not my first language

I combined these two requests, I hope you both like them! This was really fun to write! 💓

Words: 2,773

Warnings: Smut, swearing, self-hatred, insecurity

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 Natural Hair Starter Pack

Leave  in - Makes sure hair stays moisturised

Wide tooth comb - Detangles hair thoroughly whist minimising amount of hair pulled out

Deep conditioner- Penetrates hair shaft and provides strength and moisture

Shea butter - coats the hair shaft, locking in moisture and preventing heat damage

Co wash - Instead of constantly washing hair with drying shampoos, co wash helps to clean, though not thoroughly and maintain moisturised strands.

Coconut oil - Coats and conditions hair strands

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You're soo pretty xo how do you get clear skin also any tips on hair growth/getting soft hair would be appreciated (:

Thank you!! Alright just a heads up this will most likely be a long post because I’m going to try and say everything that comes to me…

For Clear skin:
• Your skin reflects whatever’s going on inside your body. So make sure you’re drinking a lot of water - at least 2litres a day!) to flush out any toxins and eat foods full of nutrients that benefit your skin. Honestly drinking more water in itself will improve your skin so much and make it generally look healthier and more glowing.
• Stress, which I know is sometimes inevitable, can also mess up your skin so try to keep that to a minimum.
• Makeup wise, BB creams tend to be better for the skin than foundations but ultimately it’s all down to how effectively you remove your makeup. Having said that I’d like to stress how important it is that you DONT SLEEP WITH YOUR MAKE UP ON. I don’t care how tired you are just don’t do it.
• Make sure you give yourself at least 2 days a week where you go makeup free to let your skin breathe and renew itself.
• Sleep is also needed for your skin to repair itself so get between 8-10 hours of sleep as often as you can!
• As for skin care, gentle cleansers are the way to go.
• Exfoliating 2 or 3 times a week will also make sure that any dead skin is removed and leave you with glowing skin.
• Makeup removers and moisturisers should be bought depending on your skin type. Even if you have oily skin you should moisturise!! if you do have oily skin, there are many oil free moisturisers specifically made for oily skin.
• Toners can be used to tighten your pores and as a result reduce how many spots you get. But it can be drying especially if it’s mainly composed of alcohol so just bare that in mind.
• Sun cream will help your skin in the long term!! It will prevent premature ageing and sun spots. Make sure you’re using a sun cream specifically made for the face and not using a body one on your face (which can break you out) . Foundations with spf don’t actually do a whole lot of protecting because they have a too little amount of spf to actually do any effective protecting so it’s best to just stick with a face sun cream.
• Change your pillow case often to prevent potential breakouts.
• Make sure your phone screen is clean before you make a call so that bacteria doesn’t get on your cheek when you put the phone to your ear and, again, break you out.
• lemon juice helps reduce the look of scarring/hyper pigmentation by acting as a natural bleach. Since the skin on the face is sensitive it would be a good idea to dilute the lemon juice with a bit of water before applying it to the area using a q tip or cotton pad. You can do this 2-3 times a day and you should see results by 2 weeks. Obviously if any irritation occurs you should stop.

Hair growth:
• don’t wash your hair every day. It strips away your natural oils and your hair won’t grow as quickly if it’s dry. I know that some people can have extremely oily hair and need to wash it every day but I’ve heard that you can “train” your hair to not be as greasy somehow (?). Im not very good with explaining that so its worth a Google.
• Deep conditioning once a week will help your hair a lot. There are many different types of deep conditioning hair masks for different types of hair and hair problems.
• My personal favourite is coconut oil (make sure you get the natural kind). It’s the only oil to actually penetrate your hair instead of just coating it and so it will do wonders to your hair. I suggest doing it only once a week at the most as it will make your hair greasy if you use it too often. It leaves your hair soft af though and it’s 100% natural so you don’t have to worry about any chemicals on your hair.
• Reduce the amount of heat you use. Work with what you’ve got instead of constantly damaging it with heat.
• If you can’t go without your straighteners or curlers then always use a heat protector whilst you slowly begin cutting down on the amount of heat you use.
• Depending on your hair type (mine being curly) I find that rubbing in a bit of Moroccan oil on the ends of my hair after I wash it helps lock in moisture and prevent frizz.
• Speaking of washing hair, don’t rub your hair dry. Dab it dry with a towel or preferably with an old t-shirt which is much gentler.
• Your hair can get burnt in the sun just like your skin. So wearing a hat or spraying a little bit of heat protector before you leave the house will help if you’re going to be out in the sun for long.
• try not to brush your hair often. I know that the thought of that unimaginable to some people but it can be very damaging. Obviously if you have massive knots then brush them out but ultimately brushing your hair can cause breakage.
• to reduce breakage, a wide toothed comb is a much better alternative to a brush.
• when brushing your hair, begin detangling the ends and work your way up. Breakage is less likely in this case.

That’s all I can think of for now. idk if this is in more detail than you wanted and sorry for the long read but I hope it was helpful 💗💗💗

Give the bold type seven seasons and a movie so I can get domestic Kat and Adena, more drama for Kat and Adena, Adena meeting the parents, Kat meeting siblings and grandparents, Adena teaching cat how to cook traditional dishes,  Adena detangling Kat’s hair, Kat growing in her knowledge of Islam, Kat buying clothes for Adena cause she knows what she likes, Jealous Kat when one of Adena’s patrons flirts a bit too much.  Give it to me



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This was inspired by a very naughty gif @canistay-haz posted that wasn’t very nice and now i’m all worked up … so thank you 

She initiated it, maybe it was because of the way he was looking at that particular moment or the way he smelled, like himself but on this particular day and with no plans without the heavy scent of his cologne which Y/N loved, no it must have been a mixture of both … 

It was a Thursday the day Harry received the news one of his songs hat hit the charts, granted it was only #14 but the charts all the same. She had just gotten back from work, limbs bearing streaks of technicolor paint showing it must have been a very productive day. Harry was in his office when he heard the distinct sound of her keys dropping into the small paint can they had hung next to the door to collect keys and other nic-nacks that were often needed as one was rushing out of the door. 

Poking his head around the corner he called to her, “Y/N come in her a mo’ sweetheart ’ve got summat to show ye’” she smiled shyly at the nickname, taking quick steps to her husband. 

“What have you got Harry?” she came up behind him something stirring as she took in his appearance, a worn white teeshirt holes along the collar and hem, with a pair of light grey sweatpants she knew would hang low on his hips should he stand up, the strings hanging untied in the sides of his almost unnoticeable bulge. She wanted to change that, make it almost painfully big … frowning at the very uncharacteristic dirty thought, urge really, she blinked and stared blankly down,

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Guys, holy fuck, I gotta show you something

You see this brush?

This is the Wet Brush and its the best fucking brush I’ve ever had, let me tell you why

My hair is fucking awful, okay, I make a single mistake or misstep and FUCK me it all goes to hell. Go to bed with it down and wet? Hell. Down and dry? Hell. Up and dry? HELL. Put off brushing it for an hour due to busyness? H E L L

It tangles and snarls like nothing the fuck else because parts of it are straight and others are curly and the texture varies wildly from hair to hair. I got fine hairs, thick hairs, curly hairs, straight hairs, sproingy hairs, smooth hairs, rough hairs, all kinds of hairs and they tangle and they suck. 

when my hair gets tangled like that, I’ve got two choices. I can spend a few hours with a hair brush, screaming, crying actual tears, screaming “i hate this! I HATE IT!” over and over again, picking bristles out of the tangles and sobbing loudly and punching the wall during 5 minute breaks, or I can cut my hair off. 

Then one day my lovely and wonderful and beautiful and smart girlfriend whom I love brought me home a Wet Brush detangling brush.

MAAAAAAAN let me tell you! 

When she brought it home, I had lost the old one and was 2 days out sleeping in wet hair and no brush, my hair was a fucking mess

and I look at this fucking brush and im like “im gonna die trying to brush with this, oh fuck, oh fuck, just steel yourself and dive in”

It sorted my hair out in 30 minutes. 

this is usually a multi-hour affair but my hair was smooth and untangled in 30 minutes. 

do yourself a favor and buy this brush, literally all you have to do is sit there and calmly brush top to bottom like you would if you didnt have tangles, over and over and it untangles it like, layer by layer

its so fucking good you guys 10/10 recommend 

Moonlight - Minghao scenario

request: Omg I’m not the anon who requested it but I just love that mingyu scenario, you think you could do that with Minghao for me, please? I love you and your blog ❤️ thank you for reading this shitty request lol

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  • “Babe, I’m home!!”
  • he seemed too happy for just being in the dance studio for hours on end
  • so you’re a little suspicious
  • “hey, minghao” (:
  • he’d do the cute thing where he wraps his arms around your waist and rest his head on top of yours or on your shoulder
  • you probably played with his hair a little and just rested your arms lazily around his shoulders
  • “baby, you should go take a shower, you’ve been dancing all day”
  • “only if you join me”
  • ;)
  • your shower was nothing but innocent though
  • he never let his hands go anywhere but your face, back and waist
  • such a gentleman, even when you’re both naked in a shower
  • if you could convince him, he’d probably wash your hair and detangle your hair for you
  • and he’d brush off any stray pieces of hair that were on your face
  • along with the water droplets
  • and he’d just admire your beauty
  • because wOW
  • and when you got out of the shower and covered yourself in one of his hoodies
  • his heart exploded
  • it was all so low quality, in a way, but everything seemed perfect
  • with moonlight streaming in through the windows, making your beauty surreal to minghao
  • this was a moment that he wanted to be stuck in forever
  • so, quietly, he’d grab his phone, and a camera while you were distracted by the book in your hands
  • with the moonlight pouring over both you and the book, there was no need for the lights to be on
  • and when the moonlight hit your face in a perfect way, he’d take a snap on the camera
  • which made you turn and look at him
  • :O “i-i’m sorry.. you just look so amazing.. no, you look angelic”, he’d stutter as he quickly hid the camera
  • “you’ve been spending too much time with junhui”
  • “pffft, no I haven’t, now come cuddle me”, he’d say as he lied on the bed and pulled you across to him
  • which made you drop your book
  • oh well  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • anyways, minghao picked up the book for some reason
  • “where were you up to?”
  • “hm, page 136, where Sol breaks Nari’s nose”
  • you were confused as to why he asked, but you still cuddled up to him as he went through the book and found where you were up to
  • and then he started reading
  • ???!?!!!?!?!? what
  • his voice was surprisingly soothing and calm
  • and combined with the warmth of his cuddles, you found yourself drifting off
  • once minghao thought you were asleep, he stopped reciting the words
  • but
  • “no, minghao, don’t stop”
  • so he kept reading until you actually were asleep
  • he only knew you were asleep because of the drool that had leaked from your mouth and onto his chest
  • which was such fun
  • but anyways, he kept reading
  • not to you, but himself
  • and when you woke up in the morning, he’d be asleep with the book on his chest and 15 missed calls from seungcheol and soonyoung because he was late to practice
  • maybe he shouldn’t have stayed up so late reading

- lani :]


My hair has been growing a lot and looking healthier lately, so I decided to pay a tribute to these lovely people for helping me achieve my goal. I change my hair routine all the time, but having been basing it off of theirs. 

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