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 Natural Hair Starter Pack

Leave  in - Makes sure hair stays moisturised

Wide tooth comb - Detangles hair thoroughly whist minimising amount of hair pulled out

Deep conditioner- Penetrates hair shaft and provides strength and moisture

Shea butter - coats the hair shaft, locking in moisture and preventing heat damage

Co wash - Instead of constantly washing hair with drying shampoos, co wash helps to clean, though not thoroughly and maintain moisturised strands.

Coconut oil - Coats and conditions hair strands

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Love in galaxy key, pt. 4

Their ways of expressing love

Love is taking out perched snipers that she doesn’t see because she’s in the thick of the action.

Love is biotic charging into the crowd of enemies while he gets into prime sniping position.

Love is extra blankets on his side of the bed because she likes the room really cold.

Love is foot massages after a long day because she deserves to be pampered.

Love is learning how to flat twist, always using the seamless comb for detangling, learning how to tell it’s quality silk, knowing she loves using cupuacu and murumuru butters, and remembering that shea butter and coconut oil don’t agree with her hair.

Love is letting him set up the alarm system in your home because he wants to protect you.

Love is remembering how she likes her steak when you surprise her with food from her favorite place.

Love is requisitioning quality dextro foods and ensuring some Turian chocolate is on the list.

Love is sleeping in because someone else woke up early with the kids.

Love is being on middle of the night wake up duty and letting her rest.

Love is smiles and pride as you watch him help daughters with their hair.

Love is watching her learn how to surf and being there to reapply sunscreen on her back.

Love is letting him name the family pets.

Love is wiping tears away when things go south because things happen even on her watch.

Love is deep breaths together and leaning on one another after debriefing is done.

Love is a tango in the middle of a dance floor where it seems like they’re the only ones in the room.

Love is late nights in bed together, chatting about guns and combat, sharing stories of family, kisses peppered in between words.

Love is fingers grazing certain spots on his cowl and moaning as his intensified thrumming pulsates deep in her bones.

Love is gently rubbing balm over the tender spots because chafing still happens on occasion.

Love is forehead kisses and touches, soft kisses on her hand, and long hugs because she deserves all the love he can give her and more.

Love is whispers and prayers to the Spirits every time she suits up because he wants to make sure she has all the protection she needs.

Love is them because there is no Shepard without Vakarian.

Maintaining Relaxed Hair

Ladies, I know a lot of us are joining the natural hair camp but there are still a lot of us who still have relaxed (permed) hair. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you maintain your relaxed hair & grow longer, stronger hair!

1. Go for low heat styling

Flat irons and curling irons are very convenient, but daily use will eventually lead to dryness and damage. Heat tools are fine for occasional use, but try to get into the habit of low or no-heat styling when you can. Examples of styling techniques that don’t require a lot of heat include:

  • Roller Sets
  • Wrapping
  • Satin-covered rollers
  • Flexi-rods

Also, try any of these protective styles that allow no/minimal heat: Buns, Braids, Updos

2. Relax your hair every 6 to 12 weeks depending on your hair’s needs

Do not relax your hair every time new growth appears, since relaxing too often causes damage to the hair. Do not pull the relaxer through to the ends of your hair. You only need to relax the new growth!

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room 32B

I had the most hilarious dream last night. I was at a con for MBs (like the Creation cons from my lotrips days) and I was checking into the hotel. The concierge gives me an envelope and asks if I wouldn’t mind delivering it to room 32B. On the outside it says McLaughlin. The guy tells me it’s all the tickets and passes for the family. (which they wouldn’t need but it was a dream ok) Sure, just hand it to a random fangirl, that’s standard procedure right? So I’m like yeah whatever, nbd, and I snatch the envelope and go upstairs - it’s a dream, so it’s like Hotel MC Escher with a maze of escalators and stairs. All the while I’m looking around like Gollum clutching the envelope to my chest, waiting for someone to attack me and steal the precious information I carry.

Finally I reach the zillionth floor and find room 32B. I knock, terrified that whoever opens the door is going to scream for security the instant they see me. Instead I hear Rhett holler “Come on in”. O.o I open the door and there’s Locke and Shep chasing each other around the living room (in my dream Locke was still little), Jessie doing her makeup in the mirror (wearing a floral sundress alkjsfladfjfnrr *bites fist*) and Rhett leaning over the sink, shirtless, combing out his shoulder-length hair.

So I’m standing there like O_____O about to stammer “I carried a watermelon”, but then Jessie’s like “Oh hey, is that our passes? Thanks for bringing them up!” (Did the hotel tell them they’d send them up via an awkwardly shook Rhett ho?) And she starts looking through them like yep, all there, cool, while I’m trying not to lean over and smell her hair, and Shep’s like HEY WANNA SEE ME DO A TRICK and the whole family yells SHEP NO and Rhett’s just standing there detangling with that wooden comb of his like 

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At last he pulls it back into a ponytail and puts on a baseball cap while I try not to scream nooooo my lord, hide not this glory!! and then puts on one of his dad shirts but doesn’t button it (because you know Rhett does that, come on). Now Shep is tugging at my elbow going “Do you like Legos? I got some sick Legos” and Locke is rolling his eyes and it’s like when Gyda and Bjorn first met Aethelstan on Vikings and I am surrounded by McLaughlins and fighting the urge to weep at the beauty and perfection of the universe.

And that was my dream. 🙌


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Happy Birthday, stereden!

July 7 - Maria/Remy for @stereden

Possibly with a side of kiddie/teen-Laura/X23 being half-adopted by Remy

Written by @ozhawkauthor

In my ‘verse where Remy and Maria are intermittent lovers. He shows up on her doorstep every now and then, usually right when she’s least expecting him.

There was a light on inside her apartment. Maria spotted it as soon as she opened the front door, a glow permeating through from the bedroom to the foyer. Before she panicked, she fished her phone from her purse. Checked her text messages, and send another one.

Is that you or do I have a problem?

“It’s me, chère,” a deep voice called, and she let her shoulders relax, stuffed the phone back into her purse.

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I Did the Unspeakable

I did it. I did the thing you’re not supposed to do. The thing that natural-haired girls across the globe cringe at with shock and disgust. The thing I denounced 4 years ago while screaming at the top of my lungs about how much I loved being chemical free. You know the thing? Yeah I did it. I got a relaxer. *Cue gasps of horror.*

“What happened? What is wrong with you? Why did you do this? After all of these years, tell me you’re joking.” ….Those were only some of the comments I received after ending a 4 year natural journey and returning to the creamy crack. Some of the other ones were, “I oughta beat you!” (jokingly, of course) and, “Sellout.”

Now, in my defense, I didn’t go on a natural hair journey on purpose. It started off by the desire to have long permed hair. I was a sophomore in high school when I started stretching my relaxers. I had always stretched for about 3 months, 4 weeks later than most women I knew, so I decided to be bold. I went nearly 8 months without a relaxer. This was a terrible, terrible idea. Rewind to wash day, June 12, 2011. I stood in the shower, water cold from standing there for 2 hours, with a comb tangled between my new growth and relaxed hair. I used up almost a whole bottle of Suave conditioner for this detangling session, yet the comb was still stuck in my hair. Great. Promise that you won’t judge this next statement. After two hours in the shower with a comb stuck in my hair, I had a breakdown. I simply grabbed the scissors, cut the comb out of my hair, and then cut the rest of my relaxed hair off. I stared in the mirror with a short afro- completely the opposite of my original goal- shrugged, added a headband, and went about my day. 

I decided to remain natural for the ease of it. Maintaining short natural hair was a breeze. Even the awkward mid-length hair was easy because I could do a twist out and still have a cute afro. Problems began to occur 2 years later when I entered college. By this time, my hair had grown substantially. Doing my hair became a time consuming burden. In order to keep my hair looking nice while going to school, I turned to a barrage of protective styles, including braids, twists, weave, and wigs. Those were my best friends over the past 2 years. I became a self-proclaimed weave queen. During this time, my hair was flourishing underneath the protective styles. Whenever I gave my hair a chance to breathe, it became overwhelming. My styles would not last in the humidity, doing my hair took entirely too long and didn’t work with my schedule, and I couldn’t even enjoy my length–my number one reason for going on a healthy hair journey.

Because of all of these difficulties, I pondered relaxing my hair once again for about a year. My number one reason for not relaxing my hair was that I felt like if I did, I would be a sellout. People knew me as the girl with big, natural hair. My brother and sister both admired me. My brother began to grow out his own hair and my sister big chopped. Friends always complimented me on my natural look. Even when I got weaves, I always got big, natural looking ones. Big hair became synonymous with my name. How could I leave my new image behind? 

It wasn’t easy. After a year of pondering, I made the decision to relax my hair when I remembered that:

  1. It’s just hair. 
  2. It’s MY hair, and I can do what I want.
  3. I can go natural again. I did it once, right?
  4. If my main reason for staying natural is that I didn’t want to be seen as a sellout, I need to reevaluate the importance I place on other’s opinions of me.
  5. I wanted to see length! I wanted to swangggg on these chicks like…                

Today is August 8th, 2014, 2 weeks post relaxer, and I am indeed swangin' on these chicks.

Natural Hair Length Retention

As a woman with 4C Natural hair, i’ve done my FAIR share of research. Here are just a few tips to retain the length of natural 4B/4C hair.

1. Wash in sections

Because our hair type has a tendency to shrink and tangle easily, washing in sections is ideal for retaining length.  Whether you section your hair in big braids, big twists, or via hair clips/holders, keeping the hair stretched and bound will help to prevent detangling nightmares and breakage.

2. Stretched hairstyles are your friend

This tip may sound obvious to some but still warrants mentioning.  Stretched styles – twist-outs, braid-outs, bantu knot outs, etc. – are good go-to styles when you want to wear your loose and free.  Why?  Because when our coils and kinks are stretched, they are less likely to interact with each other to form knots and tangles, which in turn can lead to premature trims and breakage.

3. Bounded styles are also your friend

Buns, twists, braids, and many other styles in this category restrict our super coily strands from interacting with each other as well.  Some bounded styles may be more effective than others depending on your hair density and texture within the type 4B/4C category.

4. Avoid harsh tools (or tools altogether) when detangling

Wide tooth seamless combs and/or our fingers are amongst the most gentle tools for our hair.  The widely spread apart teeth on the comb minimizes snagging and snapping during a detangling session.  Our fingers can do the same but more effectively (when done properly) for many of us.  As for brushes?  While not all brushes are created equal, I rarely (if ever) see a type 4B/4C natural achieve long hair using any sort of brush during detangling sessions.

5. Try to style with your fingers (instead of brushes and combs) 

Too much combing and brushing (in addition to over-stretching the hair) can contribute to mid-shaft splits.  Our kinky tresses are more prone to these kind of splits, and so we need to be more careful of using such tools excessively.  If youmust use a comb or brush to style your hair, keep it to a minimum.  

6. Manipulate your hair as little as possible

The more you manipulate your hair, the more likely you are to, not only get breakage, but tangles and knots due to the nature of our tight coils.  This tip corresponds with that of number 3 – wearing bounded styles, styles that restrict our strands from interacting with one another.  Additionally, wearing such styles for a good amount of time can prevent you from over-manipulating your hair.

7. Moisturize and seal thoroughly

Every natural can probably benefit from this tip, but it is especially important for type 4B/4C hair.  Why?  Because our tight coils and kinks do not allow for as much sebum or moisture distribution as, say loose curls or straight hair.  That being said, applying some moisture and sealant to the top, sides, and bottom of your hair is not sufficient.  For some of us, separating our hair into two or three sections is not enough either.  While you obviously do not have to work strand by strand, be sure to really get “in there” AND all the way down to the ends when moisturizing and sealing.

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As someone who travels a lot what are your carry-on essentials? Like have you managed to figure out your "perfect" carry on bag?

Since I usually only travel with carry-on items, I think that I’ve finally perfected the process of packing all of my necessities within my carry-on luggage and one of my Pan Am bags. The stuff that I usually pack in my Pan Am bag is pretty much what I lug around in my purse on a day-to-day basis, because I live the life of a girl adventurer/teen runaway.

Anyway, here is my standard packing list for a three-day weekend:

In my Pan Am bag:

  • iPhone (fully charged, with a fully charged external charger)
  • 3DS (fully charged, with one or two game cartridges)
  • Makeup (nivea cherry tinted lip balm, eyeliner pen, eyeliner pencil, blotting sheets, bb cream with spf)
  • Small moleskine notebook & sharpie pens
  • Light jacket (I’m usually already wearing this thing by the time I get to the airport, y’all.)
  • Digital camera and/or my Instax
  • Camera stuff (a pack of AA batteries, film, SD cards, SD card reader)
  • Boarding pass (physical or digital via iPhone)
  • Wallet (Don’t forget your ID/passport! Also, travel with some cash in your wallet.)
  • Water
  • A handful of hair ties/elastics
  • Compact mirror
  • Tissues
  • Gum
  • Keys

In my carry-on luggage:

  • 2-3 dresses
  • Two tops
  • One skirt
  • Three pairs of underwear
  • Sleepwear
  • Three pairs of tights
  • 2-3 bows & two headbands
  • Small cosmetic bag containing jewelry (1-2 necklaces, 2-4 rings, one pair of earrings, one watch)
  • Travel-sized lint roller
  • Cosmetic bag with makeup & toiletries (2-3 lipsticks, mattifying powder, makeup brushes, concealer, eyebrow kit, mascara, pack of bobby pins, makeup wipes, facewash, moisturizer, travel-sized shampoo/conditioner/bodywash, razor)
  • Brush/detangling comb
  • Phone charger
  • Laptop & charger
  • Flash drive
  • 3DS charger
  • Crossbody purse or a tote bag for daily wear
  • Optional: hairdryer (I rarely pack one, because my hosts usually own one.)

When I’m packing for conventions, it’s pretty much the same packing list, but with dumb costumes and wigs crammed in there too~

TOP 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Natural Hair


  1. Moisturize your hair EVERYDAY (Alcohol free products)
  2. Wear a satin scarf EVERY NIGHT
  3. Wear a protective style at least 2 days a week (But still try to moisturize hair and scalp)
  4. ONLY comb and detangle while hair is wet, hair is the strongest at this state.
  5. Seal in moisture with oils (select oils based on personal needs)


  1. Keep hands out of your hair, your hands included (this dries out hair)
  2. Don’t apply heat to hair frequently (this should be done in moderation)
  3. Don’t wear small braids or twist often (this should also be done in moderation)
  4. Don’t pull hair back in type ponytails or buns often (this thins edges)
  5. Don’t use shampoo unless its a natural hair care line, that’s sulfate free (this strips hair of natural oils)
    1. Co Washing is an AMAZING substitute.

So I’m hoping I can find someone who can help me with my hair here.

My hair is 4b and it’s just ohmygod. It’s so hard to take care of!!! Everytime I touch it, finger detangle, comb it, wash it, put it in protective styles it breaks!!!! I can hear the hair snapping off. The hair strands are always stuck together and end up shrivelling up and sticking to my head. I deep condition and moisturize my hair and add water etc and that only keeps it soft for like 2 hours. Then it hardens completely and has a sort of brittle feeling to it.

I’m so close to relaxing my hair guys it’s not even funny. Can somebody please help me??

Hair growth (works for all ethnicities)

1. Don’t fucking cut your split ends stop, lock in moisture by using water based serums.

2. Don’t use any kind of heat on your hair at all, avoid the sun as much as you can

3. The day before you shower your hair mix castor oil and coconut oil, heat them together in a pan and then oil your hair. The longer you leave it on the better, wash it off the next morning

4. Take biotin and vitamin d, calcium is important as fuck so make sure you’re eating properly and drinking enough water.

5. This isn’t a shit talk honestly , exercising grows your hair out like crazy, I’ve noticed it myself, I stopped gyming 6 months ago due to an injury and my hair growth slowed down, I’m started again tomorrow because I feel better and also because I’m excited to see my hair grow fast again

6. Wear your hair in protective styling most of the time and never comb it when it’s wet! Use a detangler comb or a wood bristled brush

7. Your hair needs the natural sebum your scalp produces so shower your hair twice a week if you don’t sweat so much, if you can’t then use jojoba oil on your hair as it’s the closest thing to our scalps sebum

8. Have fun!

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I have black hair. Any advice on how to get it super shiny like Adriana Lima?

Good night, beautiful!

No matter what your hair texture is, there are ways to step up its shine! For the shiniest possible hair, practice hair care habits that keep it healthy and strong. Here you have some tips on how to get shiny, healthy and beautiful hair:

  1. Deep condition your hair — If your hair isn’t shiny because it’s dry, dull and frizzy, a deep conditioning treatment should put things right. You can get a store-bought deep conditioner or make your own using coconut or olive oil. Once a week, follow these steps to deep condition your hair:
    • Wet your hair.
    • Comb 1 to 3 tablespoons of coconut oil or olive oil from your roots to your tips.
    • Cover your hair with a shower cap or plastic wrap.
    • Let it sit for one hour or overnight.
    • Shampoo your hair. You may need to wash it two or three times to remove the oily residue.
    • Rinse with cold water.

  2. Apply leave-in conditioner while it’s wet — If your hair is on the dry side, it may look a little dull after it dries. Using a good leave-in conditioner can keep it from getting dried out and dull. While your hair is still wet, apply a dime or quarter-sized amount of deep conditioner to your hair. Use a comb to comb it down to your tips.

  3. Let it air dry — Sure, a Brazilian blowout will leave your hair looking shiny and sleek, at first. After awhile, blowing out and straightening your hair will damage it and leave it looking dull and rough. When you allow your hair to air dry, you don’t risk causing damage. After a few weeks or months, you should start to see a noticeable difference in the texture of your hair — it will be softer, with more shine.
    • Avoid using heat styling tools as much as possible. Straightening irons, curling irons, and so on provide temporarily pretty results, but in the long run they’ll leave you with dull hair.

  4. Use a finishing oil — Once your hair has air-dried, smooth finishing oil through your locks. A good finishing oil will add instant shine and protect your hair from damage. Wait until your hair is fully dry for best results. A little goes a long way, so use no more than a dime-sized amount or so, depending on the length of your hair. You can buy a special hair oil, or use one of these oils as a finishing oil:
    • Coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil.

  5. Try a shine serum — This is a product that has been formulated specifically to add shine to your hair. Shine serums contain silicones and other ingredients that cause your hair to look instantly shiny. Most shine serums can be used on either wet or dry hair.
    • Using a shine serum every day could end up having the opposite effect of what you’re going for. The silicones that make your hair shiny build up in your hair over time, causing it to look dull. You might want to save serum for special occasions only.
    • Look for a serum that’s alcohol-free. Alcohol can cause hair to dry out.

  6. Keep frizz to a minimum — Frizz is the enemy of shiny hair. A halo of frizz makes hair look dull and rough instead of shiny. Whether your hair is straight or curly, you can tame your frizz in the following ways:
    • Wash your hair with cool water. The cool temperature helps your hair shaft lie flat, rather than standing up. You’ll be amazed at what a difference this easy step makes.
    • Don’t towel dry your hair roughly. Pat it dry gently, then let it finish air drying. Towel drying roughly puffs up your hair and makes it frizzy.
    • Switch from a brush to a wide-tooth comb. Brushes tend to break hair, especially when it’s curly or wavy. Broken hair strands will stand up and turn into frizz. Use a wide-tooth comb. Detangle when your hair is wet, starting at the tips and working up to the roots.
    • Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase. Curly heads know that this trick does wonders for frizzy hair. Cotton fabric absorbs moisture, leaving your hair dry and frizzy. Satin or silk will preserve your hair in its natural, non-frizzy state.

  7. Get regular trims — Removing frayed split ends goes a long way toward making your hair look shinier. Ask your stylist not to use chemicals and heat styling tools on your hair.

  8. Avoid harsh treatments — Dyeing, bleaching, and permanently straightening or curling your hair can have damaging long-term effects. Altering your hair from its natural state will eventually cause it to get dried out and prone to breakage. Avoid harsh treatments whenever possible.
    • If you really want to dye your hair, look for a natural alternative. For example, henna dye is plant-based and can actually be nourishing to hair.
    • Use honey or chamomile tea as a natural lightener.

  9. Protect your hair from outside elements — The sun, extreme temperatures, and environmental pollutants may be making your hair look less than optimal.
    • Use an hair sunscreen.

  10. Have a healthy diet and lifestyle — No matter what you do to your hair, it won’t look naturally shiny unless you’re healthy from the inside out. Eating well and staying hydrated have a big effect on the way your hair looks.

Hope it helped you, beautiful. May The Lord bless you!


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I'm taking my box braids out this Saturday after a month of having them. What is the best way to get the small dirt clumps out of my hair without it breaking off? I bought some African pride 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner and some anti breakage formula. Is there anything else you would suggest?

African pride is not the best thing for your hair. There are hardly and natural ingredients in it. My suggestion:
-Never comb your hair dry. Take your braids out but don’t comb or detangle. Leave it alone
- deep condition over night. Use something with protein or aloe Vera juice
- rinse our the deep conditioner. Cover your hair in olive oil or any other oil you prefer
- add a very cheap conditioner with good slip (suggestions: tressume naturals, suave naturals, aussie most, vegan= shea moisture deep treatment masque)
- THEN work slowly and detangle. Fingers is best. If not, use wide tooth comb or modified Denman brush.
-then, once knots and clumps are gone, shampoo

That’s what I do. Hair is fragile coming out of braids. We tend to be rough and impatient with our hair in the take down process. I do those steps to avoid breakage or losing any hair growth I’ve gained while having braids/twists

anonymous asked:

DO YOU HAVE A HAIR REGIMEN??? Help us natural sistas out!! 😩😭

- I usually do my hair every weekend
(Usually Friday or Saturday)

- I wash it once or twice a week, not everyday because you’re stripping the moisture from you’re hair & when you do it that often, you’re causing it to dry up and break.

- I always detangle with wet hair, and I use my fingers first and then if needed I come back and use a comb

- when detangling I’m not ripping through my hair, I’m gentle. It shouldn’t sound like a bag of potato chips being stepped on when you detangle

- i try not wear pony tails too tightly and for too long because they’ll rip and stretch your edges

- I’m not that heavy handed when applying product to my hair, use just enough

- constantly spraying my hair with water and oil

-be sure to tie your hair up with a satin bonnet or satin scarf!