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(i might get hate for this but) so do you think it's a possibility that they switched the votes for mino and black nut in the semifinal? because in the 1st part of voting black nut was ahead by like 1,000,000 won but then mino won the total by like 500,000 won so...

It’s possible, 100% possible. But of course what they show you is possibly edited out of context. That 1,000,000 won may not have even been from that voting session! It may have even been from Innovator vs Basick last episode and they edited into this one! lol Or it might have been true and they switched it. or Mino might have actually just caught up. Unless you were the editor you’d never know for sure. LOL it’s complicated and intricate, just the sheer details that these editors can change that a person may not even think about. It’s actually amazing to me, editors are really like magicians as cheesy as that sounds. That’s why editors are SO vital to the reality tv. They really deserve every penny they make, sometimes more to be honest lol

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Editor's note: We're seeing unconfirmed reports of at least 1 police officer shot in Troy, Mich. We will continue to monitor for details and update accordingly. - Jimmy

Editor’s note: We’re seeing unconfirmed reports of at least 1 police officer shot in Troy, Mich. We will continue to monitor for details and update accordingly. - Jimmy