Grima …

“ It was Grima who brought radical modernity to jewels at a time when demure bows, birds and blooms were the style of the day. His designs still influence the look of contemporary jewellery. Rough, organic shapes in gold mimicking sheer faces of rock, galaxies or writhing organisms set with shards of precious stones in exciting colours - his creations shook the jewellery world” (Jewellery Editor)

Image details:
Grima brooch in yellow gold textured wire, set with marquise citrines and diamonds, 1969; Grima cuff in yellow gold framing a 328ct quartz with Venus hair inclusions, 1973; Grima cabochon mandarin garnet ring set in yellow gold textured wire and diamonds, 2004; Grima ring with an orange sapphire weighing 6.40ct, set in yellow gold and diamonds, 1993.


Hi! So, two things. First of all, an update from Author World: after a long-ish hiatus I am at work on the eighteenth draft of my manuscript! I’ll spare you the gory details but my agent, editor, and I came to the conclusion that we need to make one really major change that will have a ripple effect through the rest of the book. Don’t cringe; it’s a very good thing. My editor had the literary wherewithal to know that something wasn’t quite working (I think I already knew but I was sort of in denial), and then the stars aligned and my muse sang in my ear while I was in the shower and we have a solution that’s going to make this book roughly a thousand times better than it was. 

However, this does mean that I have about a hundred pages of very intense rewriting to do. It’s meticulous work. So for the next few days my Tumblring will be a little weird. I’ll be in front of the computer for most of the next 72 hours but working diligently (STOP LAUGHING) and only checking in on social media in quick little breaks dictated by Strict Workflow so I don’t go completely insane and chew my own arm off or something. So! If I’m not super responsive for a while but you see a lot of Notes to Self or me furiously reblogging pictures of coffee in weird five-minute intervals, that’s why. 

Thanks for your patience! The harder I work, the better this book will be. 

Xx the Duke