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Day One Hundred

-I felt my spirits lifted as the woman I was ringing up said, “I really like your haircut, buddy.” I then felt them fall back down as I realized she was talking to an unseen, very short child, and not to me. This is okay, though. I like my haircut enough for both of us.

-As I handed a ten year-old girl her bags full of flower-growing kits, she told me that she could not wait to start her business. I am not sure what her exact plans are, but I am prepared to be her first and most loyal patron and give her all the free publicity she could ever want.

-A woman purchased a large bottle of extra-strength laxatives and told me that she did not want a bag. I applaud her bravery and I hope that everything comes out okay.

-I am happy to report that even after one hundred shifts, I still get a deep sense of serenity and satisfaction from even, repeating, and palindromic totals.

-A man came through the next lane, the epitome of indie punk. He had 1" gauges in his ears, adding to his aesthetic, and a detailed tattoo of a snail behind his ear, perfecting it. 

-“Do you sell sunglasses?” A woman asked, her back to a thirty-foot wall of sunglasses.

-The man formerly known as the dude trying to bring back the Hitler mustache has opted to rebrand himself. He has now shaven everything and can be identified as the skinhead with the nose ring trying to make his political affiliations abundantly clear from a distance.

-I looked on in fascination as a dad locked a child in the family bathroom, cackling to himself as he held the door shut. I am still uncertain whether or not the child was his.

-A five year-old stopped at Starbucks as his mother tried to usher him towards the doors. He threw his fists up in the air and shouted out to the heavens, “I want a Cherry Coke and I don’t want to leave!” He then left. I hope, at the very least, he stands firm on his drink.

so apparently in the adventure time episode ‘trouble in lumpy space’ the first time it aired they forgot to include the snail cameo.  after the original airing, they fixed it and now every rerun features the version with the snail.  it was such a tiny detail in a very early episode but they still went back and fixed it

meanwhile in steven universe, they can’t even be bothered to fix a part where the gem’s actual gem is missing.  y'know, a major detail.  multiple times

Festival of Snails - Part 3

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Lore update is under the read-more! Things are progressing for Snastle and her clutch, only three days until something incredible happens…

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Some soriel because I feel like I’ve been neglecting this ship, eheheh
Just a couple of dorks going and doing dorky things.
(A bit of background: They bought each other tickets for events that happened the same day as a surprise. Luckily the events happened at different times XD)

My own personal history tumblr drinking game, take a shot:

- Every time Braveheart appears in the Scottish history tags. Also fanposts for Reign or Outlander though that’s hardly as embarrassing.

- Every time someone mixes up the first and second world wars

- Every time the Wars of the Roses begins again over… something

- Every time historians start handing out truth in the ‘white dreadlocks’ argument

- Every time a new American founding father you’ve never heard of suddenly pops up (like we all know the usual few, but then there’s the arguable ones and apparently the list is endless)

- Every time archaeologists talk about testing old stuff with their mouths (including mature alcohol)

- Every time the rest of us are enjoying a nice post about Norse stuff or German history or really any European country’s history and then a nazi reblogs it (nope, sorry arsehole, that’s not for you, put it back)

- Every time the British Empire screwed up

- Every time the French empire screwed up (this is a bonus round)

- Every time a picture of a historical place you’ve been pops up

- Every time the Romans and their phallic obsession resurface

- In general every time Classicists somehow keep coming back to sex.

- Every time a warrior snail appears

- Every time an overly detailed “This Game of Thrones character is this historical figure exactly and no-one else ever and this how we can predict what will happen down to the last second” post appears (I like to speculate too but some are very hardcore)

- Every time somebody’s historical costume or reenactment is astounding

- Every time Byron or one of the Shelleys does something Extra

- Archery Discourse

- Every time an American historical post is illustrated with art but where the figures look like their Hamilton actors even though the post wasn’t about the musical (great musical, not the same thing as actual history)

- Doubly so if it makes Thomas Jefferson’s actions seem cuter/funnier than reality

- Every time a culture gets described in a cutesy way as ‘pagan’ despite that culture still being a living, breathing, complex structure that may have had a pagan period but is not by definition interchangeable with the word pagan. 

- “Celtic Runes” (what)

Feel free to add

Should You Play Darkest Dungeon?


•Absolutely gorgeous art style. Actual animation hovers around 3~4 frames but you likely won’t notice due to the camera work.

•Character design is Great and monster design is A+

•A very enthusiastic narrator with a great voice.

•Amazing musical score that sets the mood perfectly.

•Gameplay is surprisingly deep through a simple inventory management interface and skill screen. It IS a nightmare for people that can’t stand to throw things away and make room for new items, though.

•Beating a boss or even just a tough encounter feels like an actual accomplishment.

•The game auto saves after pretty much every action so there’s no risk of lost progress if you have to quit in the middle of a dungeon delve.

•Has all the graphical demands of MSPaint and can be run on Windows 7 or higher.

•No demands for fast reflexes or split-second decision making, since it’s RPG-style combat.

•You can make up whatever names or headcanons for each character that you feel like.


•Can be punishingly difficult for all the wrong reasons due to the prevalent RNG behavior.

•A run can be made or broken by nothing more than a few bad dice rolls or miss-called coin tosses.

•Minimization of RNG (investing in equipment, removing negative behaviors, etc) requires heavy in-game investments, making it difficult in other ways. Some may revel in this difficulty, but it’s not for everyone.

•The game auto saves after pretty much every action, so once a decision is made there is no chance to go back. You’re stuck with your choices forever.

•Some scenery and monster attacks can be nauseating for some. The game runs very deep with body horror in all its forms, from physical mutilation to monstrous mutation, and attacks featuring projectile vomit are very common. Granted, the puke isn’t detailed, but still. the sounds

•Giant grubs, maggots, spiders, snails, and mosquitos make up a portion of the monster encounters, which can be a deal breaker for some.

•The narrator can get grating at times, especially if one of his lines comes at a time that just salts a fresh wound.

Before social media, we shared the details of our lives through snail mail. The Archives holds millions of letters that contain facts and anecdotes about the American art world, from seemingly mundane happenings to historical events. These imaginative letters, postcards, and greeting cards allowed artists to celebrate the quirky personalities of their cats, illuminating the relationship between sender and recipient.

 The papers of painter Hedda Sterne contain cat-themed correspondence from French painter George Mathieu (1921–2012). Mathieu embellished this affectionate letter to Sterne with a ribbon of adorable kittens. The letter is currently on view in our exhibit #BeforeInternetCats


A short fic with young!Hannibal and young!Chiyoh for #LadiesofHannibal

In the harris-verse Chiyoh is only five years younger than Hannibal. I’ve done a little mashup of their harris-verse ages with the canon details of fuller-verse. Enjoy :)

“Snails are truly fantastic creatures,” Hannibal said in his soft, lisping French. His long fingers gently plucked a snail from a bush and set inside the little chicken wire cage he’d brought with him. “The ancient Romans were the first to cultivate them. They gorged their snails on wine and wheat until they were too fat to fit in their shells, and then fried them whole.”

Chiyoh sat on the ground beside him, legs tucked up beneath her, and watched the clouds float above Robert Lecter’s manor. It seemed so long ago that they had been a happy little group there. So long since Robert died, and Lady Murasaki had left for Paris. Hannibal studied medicine in Italy now, but every summer he still returned to the manor to visit Chiyoh.

He had grown from a gangly youth into a handsome young man; all dancers limbs and high cheekbones. Still, there was something about his deep set eyes that gave Chiyoh pause. In the right shadow they reminded her of the hollow sockets of a skull.

“What will you do with them?” she asked. “These snails you’ve caught today.”

“I’ll take them back to Italy. I have a little cochlear garden there, on my balcony. Every now and then I select two or three to cook for supper.”

With a little click, Hannibal snapped shut the door to the cage. He sat down beside Chiyoh, long legs extended before him.

“I heard from Lady Murasaki you’re due to be married,” he said.

“Next year, when I turn eighteen.”

An arranged marriage with the son of a car tycoon. Chiyoh would be sent back to Japan, to a land she hardly remembered and people she didn’t know. She picked at the grass, tearing blades from the ground one by one and shredding them.

“You don’t wish to go,” Hannibal said.


He studied her for a moment, head cocked, gears of his mind whirring. Hannibal licked his lips. “I would help you,” he said, voice low and conspiratorial. “If only you were to ask.”

Chiyoh looked up from her grass stained fingers. “How could you ever help me find my way out of this?”

“I have only one semester remaining at my medical school in Florence. I had planned to return to Lithuania afterwards to complete some business I’ve only just started. You could come with me.”

“And what would I do there?”

“There’s a man there I should like to find. You would help me and keep me company along the way.”

Overhead a cloud drifted in front of the sun, casting Hannibal’s face into shadow. Goosebumps ran down her arms.

“When I was thirteen, and you were seventeen, a boy from the city broke my heart,” she said. “The next day he disappeared and his body was never found.”

Hannibal had returned that night, she remembered, with a packet of meat in tow. A fresh cut of pork from the butcher, he’d said. They’d shared tonkatsu for dinner.

“What did you do with that boy?” she asked.

Hannibal smiled. “The same thing I intend to do with this man, should I find him. If you decide to come with me I’ll explain why.”

Chiyoh waited for the creep of bile up her throat; the roil of sickness that should accompany such a realization. None ever came.

Hannibal stood. He dusted the grass from his pants and bent to pick up the cage. “Will you join me, when the time comes?”

Chiyoh looked at the snails. One crept its way up a branch Hannibal had put inside the cage; feelers brushing along the top as though it were searching for a way out.

In many ways, she felt as if she were one of them- fattened and kept in a little cage, waiting for the day someone bigger and more powerful than her would decide where to take her. What to do with her.

Chiyoh rose and turned toward the castle. In her head she whispered an apology to Lady Murasaki.

“Yes. I’ll come with you, when the time comes.”

fun fact: some snails don’t have entirely-developed shells and they end up looking like slugs that try to pass for their better-protected brethren.

sometimes the shell is even just an itty-bitty flake attached to their tails!!!

it’s fascinating to know that even a minuscule detail like that makes or breaks what we constitute as a snail or slug.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I have a character who is constantly bullied at school for being weird, but refuses to tell people about her autism, even though she knows it'd make the bullies stop. She wants people to stop harassing her because they accept her weirdness and not because they think autism a sad condition that shouldn't be made fun of. I made sure she was a proud autistic through the story, but in retrospect I got kinda of an ableist vibe from this. What do you think/advise?

Mainly I think that kids at school are not going to stop bullying someone just because that person tells them that she is autistic. The number of people who use “autistic” as an insult is increasing and bullies are, in my opinion, more likely to use the fact that she is autistic against her than to see it as a reason to respect her boundaries. This could be different if the school were to teach the other students about autism and social skills for interacting with their autistic peers.

However, your character might still believe that she would be bullied less if they knew (or might still choose not to tell them that she is autistic for other reasons). The fact that this is how she thinks is not ableist in my opinion. Especially as her line of thinking seems to be less “Being autistic is bad and I don’t want them to know about it, even though it would make them stop bullying me”, and more “I love being autistic, but if they are not going to accept me as I am I don’t want them to pretend to like me just because they feel they ‘should’ because of my diagnosis”.

As always, other people might disagree with me about this because it is my opinion rather than a fact, and again, as usual, the deciding factor will be in the details of how your work is written.

Good luck!

-Mod Snail