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I felt a little weird about this legend but as soon as I saw its effects I fell in love. I know alot of ppl say its a joke legend but shrug, I think it’s actually p serious.

There are SO many little details put into this gun and I love every single one of them, every single cannon on the side of it fires, there’s a little bell that dings when you get it out, watery cannonball fire footsteps, and jfc it just goes boom when u fire it, not to mention the constant cloud of smoke and mist that envelopes you A++++

TY to everyone who sent me wood, and listened to me endlessly complain and fawn over this goddamn gun


We see that you all love when we post about the M16A1 retro builds so here is a detailed look at M16A1 specific components & more!

From the last scene of “The Lying Detective”:

White Sleeve Until Elbow…

Forearm is Sleeveless…

But from the first scene of “The Lying Detective”:

Dark Blue(?) Sleeves

Gun from the first scene:

Gun from the last scene:

Same Gun. Same Person.

From the last scene of the episode, with Eurus:

At least one thing’s for certain, Eurus didn’t shoot a bullet.

I think this was already talked about before, but more precise and actually has more details about the guns themselves… but to those who didn’t want to read it because it was too technical… allow me to use this one…

jr-bden  asked:

hey, i read on one of your posts (from quite a while ago hahaha) that mark manes supplied the guns to eric and dylan, but seeing as eric was 18 couldn't he have just purchased them himself? sorry if this sounds like a dumb question i live in new zealand and gun laws are completely different

Hi! Always flattering to hear you read one of my posts from a while ago, haha.

Gun laws are different here in the Netherlands as well, so I had to do some reading about the ones in the United States (specifically Colorado) to fully understand the details of the Columbine gun acquisitions. Mark Manes and Robyn Anderson were the actual suppliers of the guns themselves, while Phil Duran was primarily charged with acting as a ‘middle man’ between Manes and the boys. 

Eric could have purchased them himself, but he didn’t turn 18 until about two weeks before the massacre. (On April 9, to be exact.) That would leave them very little time to acquire the guns and practice with them. The first three guns were purchased on 11/22/98, which gave them plenty of time to finalise their plans and get used to the guns. I don’t think that they wanted to leave the gun purchases until the last possible minute. It was already a stress factor to have the big propane bombs be finalised this late in the game (the day of), so it makes sense to me that they didn’t wait until Eric’s 18th birthday when they could acquire the guns through other means earlier on.

berzerkhealer  asked:

It was never fucking Reyes, you can't be mad at blizzard for your assumptions.

well excuse fucking me for thinking that was reyes and you know what here’s a list of why one can safely assume it is reyes because blizzard won’t tell us shit or changes lore whenever they like so here goes 

a) that looks like reyes pls don’t be an idiot like the small differences that people bring out happen with different art styles that is honestly the weakest claim i’ve seen and to those that say oh be analytical and see that it just doesn’t look like him well you know what it’s not our job to be analytical, the goddamn writers shouldn’t be so vague and lying about what they think is true or not. why we gotta pick through scraps to try to make a plot for them because the writers have no clue what they’re doing. and omg people bringing up cosmetic details like the guns and armor like reyes was not born in that blackwatch gear he can damn well have different attire. 

b) hate to break it to you kids but reyes was not always in blackwatch THATS RIGHT he lead a strike team during the omnic crisis NOW was this overwatch then?? who knows because the lore sure won’t tell us *finger guns* but hey some people like to think that reyes existed before blackwatch even though blizzard seems to want to erase any evidence of that so maybe let us have this one

c) why would you release an image like that a year or so ago and then now, in 2017, say that hey those are actually just random characters. you wanted backstory for your favs?? jk all you’re getting is morrison don’t even ask about anyone else. god they’ve treated reyes so badly he has the most interesting back story but no one wants to even fucking tell it. and are you seriously telling me those three are just random characters like binch at this rate we’ll never know their names…

listen we are STARVING for coherent substantiated content in this lore. face it, blizzard made such an amazing story with amazing characters and don’t know what to do with them. i hear blizzard is a mess from the start so i guess i can drop my expectations to expecting right about nothing. like do they know they’re catering to a fanbase that goes way beyond just the game??? they can do so much good by giving us a nice story…. why won’t they just do that…. 

also i saw someone say chu is a great writer and had to log off for a bit tHAT GUY HAS GIVEN US NOTHING. those comics??? all fluff pieces with no actual hard facts about the story before the new overwatch. i CANT BELIEVE WE’RE GETTING INFORMATION ABOUT LORE IN FEW WORDED VAGUE TWEETS. like this is what it has come to. i don’t think chu deserves such praise from our end because MY GUY IT’S BEEN MORE THAN A YEAR can we know at least know one thing or reason before overwatch got disbanded. all they think is enough is just giving us new characters in shorts and then never talking about them again. YOU OWE CHU AND BLIZZARD NOTHING because they have literally given us nothing that ties in the characters together. they’re great at creating characters as stand alones with their own stories (even at that, half the shit still needs explaining) but god forbid we create a storyline involving more than one character. 

so ya i actually want to strangle a lot of people right now and continue my rant but i get angry v easily so i’m just going to end it there (not looking to argue back on literally any of this because i don’t plan to debate anything so everyone back the f off) 

WAIT I FORGOT TO SAY. a lot of people aren’t seeing this as a plot hole but more of the icing on the big fat disappointing cake. nothing we think about overwatch right now could be true and this just affirms the fact that there is such a vague and broken plot for overwatch and we are just finally realizing that there is no hope until we get that graphic novel we were promised and they can hopefully not go back on anything they say by then 

Guns of Brixton ||| notasoldierseverin

The party was already kicking off, even though it was only half past nine. Usually it would be fairly dead until around midnight, depending on how many people showed up. Tonight, however, Ian’s flat was filled to the brim, and had been for several hours. Hamish was sure that Ian knew less that half of them, no matter how many times he insisted they were all his friends.

And so, when a stranger sat down next him on the sofa, the only free seat left in the packed, darkened flat, Hamish couldn’t help his curiosity (and desire to prove that Ian was full of it).

“Hey,” he said, shifting slightly to make more room for the other on the already crammed sofa. Offering his hand, he raised his voice so he could be heard over the loud music and noise from people around them. “I’m Hamish, friend of Ian’s. Don’t remember seeing you here before, did you come with someone?”