Atelier de Lesfressange (Series XXVII)

1-2. John Singleton Copley Mrs. Daniel Sargent (Mary Turner) (detail); Mrs. James Warren (Mercy Otis) (detail) | John Singleton Copley | c. 1763

3-4  Portrait of A Lady by Anna Rosina de Gasc; Attributed to John Astley Portrait of Sarah Harding.

5-6 Mary, Countess of Howe, detail, by Thomas Gainsborough, 1763, Mary Little, Later Lady Carr, Thomas Gainsborough, ca. 1763 

7-8 Adélaïde Labille-Guiard (1749–1803) Portrait of Madame Adélaïde (1732-1800); Jeanne Elisabeth de Beauharnais by Nicolas de Largilliere, c.1711 

9-10 María Josefa Coello de Portugal y Quesada (Détails) Federico Madrazo y Kunz . 1855

Details from wonderfull works of art :

-“Venus Raising from the sea” by Titian (1520)

-“Nude with fan” by George Bellows (1920)

-“Large Nude” by Auguste Renoir (1907)

-“Seated Nude”(Mademoiselle Rose) by Delocrix (1820)

-“Venus with Mirrow” by Titian (1555)

-“Nude” by Yusushi Tanaka (1924)

-“Danaë and the shower of gold” by Wertmüller”(1787)

-“The birth of Venus” by Botticelli (1485)

-“Statue of Venus” by unknown 2nd century.