detailed tattoos

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Heyyyyyy :) I was wondering do you still use that same tattoo tutorial like the one u posted on YouTube?? :). I use it but it's kinda hard when u want to make detailed tattoos! Thanks :)

Yes, I do. There’s only 2 ways I know how. Line tool (the video) and deleting white space/background color/etc.

I’ve selected all white space using magic wand .. then delete it

I add a new layer of a solid color so that I can see what white parts are left. If necessary I’ll select the black parts and use the paint bucket to fill it all in. Or copy the tattoo layer multiple times to make it darker. After cleaning that up, I remove the background color and follow the importing steps in the video.

decrease the opacity of the tattoo so it blends nicely

These guys totally used to be best buds and I gotta know what they were like before the leg incident please disney i beg u 

Wasn’t entirely sure how to go about a younger Tama but I figured at this point he’d have at least amassed himself enough ~*shine*~ to cover his shell