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commissions are open!!!

i am now accepting commissions! for pricing, you first choose your style, size, details, shot, and add-ons and then add up the prices. artwork that doesn’t fit this format (ie: comics, concept art, etc) are $10 an hour. i can also be commissioned for buttons, which start at $2 each. for more details, check out my commissions page. don’t hesitate to message me if you have any questions!





small: $0

medium: $5

large: $10


head/bust: $5

waist up: $7

full body: $10


sketch: $3

lineart: $5

no colour: $0

black and white/monochrome: $3

full colour: $5


extra characters: $3-$10 per character

background: $5-$20

you can contact me by messaging me here on tumblr!

Overgrown security window inside a patient bedroom in the Walker Building at Central State Hospital in Milledgeville, GA.  This building - originally built to house convalescent white males in 1884 - has fallen into a state of advanced deterioration; the roofs are gone off significant portions, and nature is overtaking much of the building.

Unlimited edition print available here; limited editions contact me.

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Finding human organs in jars is not an altogether uncommon occurrence when poking around the recesses of America’s abandoned asylums and hospitals.  Bumping into a cabinet upon which two such jars, the formalin long since dried out, rests at 4 in the morning is slightly unnerving.  This happened to me at Tuscaloosa’s Bryce State Hospital some time back, as I was searching around for those middle-of-the-night photographs to kill time until civil twilight broke.  After first light, I got so caught up in shooting a brand-new (to me) Kirkbride building that I completely forgot about the jars of organs - until it was almost time to go, at which point, I returned to grab a few captures.  Here’s one of them.

Print available here.

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Since probably no one’s ever going to look closely enough because they’re too engrossed in the wonderful story by @insanitysbloomings, here’s a closeup from Part 4 of the BTU comic to show that I spent wayyyyy too long agonizing over tiny details like itty bitty Ladybug freckles~!