detail shot



lmao i actually started working on this when i tried scouting for her first UR and didn’t get her and so i decided to draw her out of sheer spite :)))) but i never finished it… but now i figured her birthday would be a good occasion to finish this~ (plus i heard @sukutomo‘s holding a giveaway for this occasion and this might as well be my first time entering hehe)

Since probably no one’s ever going to look closely enough because they’re too engrossed in the wonderful story by @insanitysbloomings, here’s a closeup from Part 4 of the BTU comic to show that I spent wayyyyy too long agonizing over tiny details like itty bitty Ladybug freckles~!


Here’s a few closeups of my personal collection of Susan Bristol sweaters. All of them date to the late 80s or  early 90s. They are one of my favorite things to collect for my mori girl collection! The embroidery are fantastic and beautifully detailed. I started collecting them when I found myself always pulling her designs off the rack. Sometimes you can find some wonderful piece at the thrift store!


“My name is Hercule Poirot and I am probably the greatest detective in the world.” - Agatha Christie, The Mystery of the Blue Train

The Doctor Is In

I’m back with yet another Brad smut AU which was loosely based on this headcanon by @smileforbradley and @tradleytrash

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Your new gynecologist decides to give you a very thorough checkup.

Warnings: Smut, Public Sex
Words: 2k

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