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Strange Magic FanFic “Let Me Count The Ways: Ten Important Numbers in Bog’s Life”

Alternatively titled “3-2-1: A Countdown of Bog”

Um… my hand slipped?

This will soon be matched with a similar oneshot for Marianne. Because all things must be matched. Apologies for my lagging on my other writing. In the meantime, accept this as an apology and an alternative form of entertainment.

And also know that there will be another one shot about something… else coming out between tomorrow and Tuesday. Hopefully tomorrow though, because I want to actually work on my timeline as well as other things that I can’t say for fear of giving away stuff!

Now… before we actually start this…

Please recognize that this is crap writing. With the possibility of one or two spelling and grammatical errors. On top of all the crap. Crap and errors. Just lovely.

But if there’s one thing I love more than crap writing, it’s lists. So combining the two is as close to nirvana as it’s gonna get.

Let’s do this thang.

Much lofe, and enjoy.


Bog the King of the forest would never fall in love. Never again.

He personally would cut down ten primroses, and deny the tears to ten people who had never asked and close himself off ten times more than he already had so that his shell became armor and he was never to be reached again.

Ten days later he would emerge a loveless King in a forest meant to destroy.

This was the Bog King, who began at ten and intended to stay put in his place. For ten years he would continue to believe just that.

And so it was to be.

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