detail nitpicks

Valid SU criticisms

• Art is inconsistent (and not in terms of ‘storyboard artists have different styles’ just ‘characters change height’)
• Several off model issues that cannot be passed off as tweens
• Plot is sandwiched between lots of filler
• Several characters could be better written

Not valid SU critisms

• Characters doing something bad and learning what they did wrong at the end of the episode is bad writing
• This one line in one episode I can easily interpret as rape apologism
• Alien characters are 'whitewashed’ because I don’t know a damn thing about lighting
• A character who underwent extreme trauma being mean and lashing out is bad; even if their more extreme behavior is called out
• This show has bad 'black’ representation b/c Bismuth, a blue space rock lost her way and considered killing her opponents even though doing so would be equivalent to giving chainsaws to the Japanese when the US had the atomic bomb. (The Pizzas, who are an actual hard working black family, don’t count apparently)
• Nitpicking minor details on a character’s clothing and asking why it hasn’t been explained yet.
• It’s not progressive until it’s about me

A year and a half after the shooting, Amanda got a cashier job at a Walgreens down the street from the school. “During the summer, you could always tell who the tourists were, because they’d make sure no one was listening, then lean in close and say, ‘Is that Columbine High School down the street?’ 'Yeah.’ So they’d look at me, cock their head, study my features, and then say, 'Were you old enough to have been there that day?’ "Yeah.’ About half would then say, 'Oh god, I’m so sorry,’ and the other half would get morbidly curious and be like, 'Did you see them come in? Did you see anyone get shot?’ It was the same questions over and over again. Even now, tour buses go by the school and people pose by the sign to get pictures.”

Yeah, that really happens. Imagine tour groups stopping by your grandma’s tombstone so they can get new Facebook profile pics. If there’s a morbid event in human history, you can bet that some people are creepily obsessed with it. Amanda made a series of YouTube videos in which she discusses the shooting, and she’s received weird responses from people who don’t believe her, who think Harris and Klebold were heroes, or who are simply general maniacs.

“Someone the other day asked me if I saw blood on the ceiling where Eric and Dylan shot themselves. [Some people] think of the weirdest, smallest details to nitpick. They find one little thing that varies from the official account, and then it’s like, 'Oh my God, you’re a liar!’”

7 Realities Of Surviving Mass Shootings The Media Leaves Out

"Plot holes"

So with the final 10 episodes about to premiere in 2 weeks, I’d just like everyone to realize that any questions that are left unanswered after the finale and the special following the finale, then those questions / weird clues / unresolved storylines / etc. were just meant to be RED HERRINGS. This is a murder-mystery-drama show, so there are bound to be red herrings along the way. We just may not see them as such because we want there to be more to some stories or want the clue to fit our own preferences as to what they indicate. But once the finale ends, there will be no more new episodes (at least for the foreseeable future) so those loose ends and unanswered questions will just have to be taken as red herrings or you’ll never get any peace with a show that has captivated us for years. PLL has single-handily changed how viewers interact with a show on social media and influencing storylines. There is a lot to be proud of that PLL has done, so just remember what the story is about and *try* not to be too upset if the show ends in a way that doesn’t make you happy.

Falling Asleep

Just a little snowbaz fluff and bed sharing. Hope you enjoy! <3

Word Count: 1795


When Simon had agreed to help Baz find his mother’s killer, he had expected violent chases through the wavering wood, travels into unexplored areas of the catacombs, and even searching for the nursery she had died in. What he hadn’t expected was hours and hours of reading through old newspapers and books. Somehow, the most mysterious and important quest Simon had ever had handed to him had become the most boring.

“Can’t we check the catacombs?” Simon asked.

Penny scrunched up her nose, expression confused.

“Didn’t you search through all of it during fifth year?” She asked.

Baz glanced at him and smirked.

“Yeah,” Simon responded, cheeks warm, “but I wasn’t looking for clues about Headmistress Pitch, I was looking for, well, Baz.”

Baz threw his hand up over his forehead, fluttering his eyelashes dramatically.

“Oh how you make me swoon Snow.”

Simon glared at him.

“Simon I know this is boring but until winter break, this is all we can do,” Penny said.

“And you? Are you satisfied with just sitting around?” Simon asked, eyes on Baz.

Something flickered in Baz’s eyes. He wanted action as much as Simon did, probably more than Simon did. This was his mother’s killer they were looking for after all; he would be out for blood.

“No,” Baz said reluctantly as if agreeing with Simon was the worse thing possible, “but Bunce is right. For now, this is all we can do.”

“Plus, reading is fun,” Penny said.

“And enriching,” Baz said.

“Nerds,” Simon muttered. 

They spent the rest of the night scouring the texts that Baz had stolen for them that week. Eventually, Simon’s vision was blurring on the words and he kept rereading the same sentence. Baz acted like he was unaffected, but Simon noticed the way his eyelids kept shutting briefly between pages. Even Penny looked like she was struggling a bit.

“I’m going to finish this book in my room, if I wait much later then I’ll be spotted leaving,” Penny said.

“Then I’m going to bed,” Simon said.

Penny slapped her hand flat across the pages of the book Simon had open in his lap, preventing him from snapping it shut.

“Oh no you won’t. You need to finish that by tonight.”

Simon felt like growling, or whining.

“I’ll make sure he gets it done,” Baz said.

“You’re not my baby sitter.”

Penny rose and grabbed all of her things. With one last warning glance for the both of them, she threw on her cape and left.

“That was all a ploy right? You just said that to make her leave so we could sleep,” Simon said.

“As much as I want to sleep right now, the books are more important,” Baz said.

Simon groaned. 

“This is the one time I was grateful for your plotting skills.”

Baz looked at his own bed, piled with books that Penny had already finished and discarded. Then he glanced over at Simon’s bed and it’s virtually uncluttered duvet cover. 

“Yes you can leave the book shelf that used to be your bed and sit with me,” Simon said.

Baz didn’t say thank you but he did walk over and sit as far away from Simon as he could on the bed.

“All right, let’s get this done Snow.”

Simon wasn’t sure when, but at some point his eyes had shut and hadn’t reopened.


Baz felt warm. In fact, he was not used to waking up feeling so warm. Sleepily, he scooted closer to the source of the warmth. He had the dizzy feeling that he was curled up around the sun. Then, as he started to wake up more clearly, he realized that he was wrapped around clothing. More than that, he was wrapped around someone.

His eyes flew open.

Snow’s moles were up close and personal, his eyes shut in deep sleep. One of his arms was wrapped around Baz and one of Baz’s legs was slung over Snow’s. For one blissful second, Baz felt a surge of happiness. He had dreamt about this very thing, but real life was so much more satisfying than a murky dream.

Then, as he remembered who he and Snow were, Baz felt his stomach drop out of him.

Before he could move Snow’s eyelids opened, sleep fuzzy. The sight tore at something inside of Baz but he didn’t let it show.

“Could you remove your club of an arm from me so I can breath?” Baz hissed.

Snow’s eyes widened. Within seconds his face went deathly pale and then a deep red. 

“B-Baz, what…?”

Baz did not want to hear all the things Snow would say. He didn’t want to know how embarrassed or freaked out he was. He wanted to end this experience before it could be tarnished.

“We fell asleep you git! And now we’re behind on all the reading we were supposed to do,” Baz snapped.

Snow sat up and away, eyes bugging out of his head.

“I…how can you even be concerned with that right now?” He asked.

“You mean, why am I not having a meltdown over having woken up in your arms?” Baz asked.

“It was one arm, not both of them,” Snow said, defensively.

Trust Snow to nitpick that detail.

“We’re searching for my mother’s killer. Waking up fully clothed and rested is hardly the most troubling thing on my mind at the moment.”

Snow’s expression softened.

“You’re right. I was being stupid. I just-“

Baz cut him off.

“Oh don’t worry Snow, I plan to retch over the memory later. As soon as my mother’s killer is dead, you’ll have my full attention.”

Snow glared at him.

“I’m going to get breakfast,” He muttered.

“Probably a good idea,” Baz said, tiredly.

Once Snow was dressed and out the door Baz fell back onto the bed. He curled into the duvet and closed his eyes. I slept with Simon Snow he thought. And it really had been just sleeping, but it had been better than anything he could have imagined.


Two days. It had been two days since the sleeping incident. Simon hadn’t been able to put it out of his mind. Baz seemed to have managed just that. He gave no indication that he cared about or was even thinking of the experience. Penny hadn’t even caught on yet, which was saying something. If Baz didn’t care and Penny didn’t suspect something, then surely Simon could move past it.

But he couldn’t. He kept replaying the moment of waking up in his mind. Before he had opened his eyes, he had felt a cozy body under his arm. He’d wanted to squeeze closer, to press his nose into the hair that had been tickling his collarbone, but he’d opened his eyes instead. Even as he’d seen the look of sheer hostility in Baz’s eyes, for a moment Simon had felt a burst of warmth.

This was his worst enemy. But he was also the guy Simon had spent the night with.

It was late at night and Penny was on her last batch of books. Simon envied her; his stack had grown steadily over the last two days. Baz was only just behind Penny.

“Simon I need you to start reading more, I’ll have to start taking on some of the books in your stack if you don’t get further along soon,” Penny said.

Simon glanced at her.

“Because you would hate that so much,” He said.

Penny’s glare softened.

“Well, it still isn’t an efficient way to get through all of the books.”

Baz smiled at them; a real smile, not the sharp edged smirk he usually wore.

Simon felt his heart thump unevenly.

“Let’s call it a night,” Baz said, “I think Snow’s brain will explode if we don’t.”

Penny shrugged, obviously irritated, but didn’t argue. Simon suspected that even she wanted to go to her room and sleep.

“This would work a lot better if you’d just let me sleep here on research nights,” Penny said.

Baz and Simon both said no at the same time. 

Simon froze, eyes locked with Baz’s. He’d seen a look slither across his face, and he could have sworn it was nervousness. 

“Okay,” Penny said, eyes darting back and forth between them, “See you two tomorrow, I guess.”

When she was out the door Simon started to speak and was promptly cut off.

“Don’t,” Baz said.

Simon growled.

“Why not? It’s not as if you aren’t thinking about it.”

Baz swung around to face him, grey eyes cold and angry.

“We fell asleep on your bed. Why are you trying to make this weird? Can’t we just move on?” Baz demanded.



Simon looked away.

“I don’t want to move on,” Simon said.

He looked up and saw that Baz had gone rigid.

“I-I liked it,” Simon whispered.


He’d liked it. Simon fucking Snow had been thinking about their night spent together and he’d liked it. Baz was sure he was stuck in a dream, or some sort of alternate reality. 

“What do you mean Snow? You liked procrastinating on your reading? Because that isn’t very helpful.”

Snow’s jaw hardened.

“I am not talking about books,” He said.

“Then what are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about how nice it was waking up with you in my arms!” Simon said.

Baz stared at him.


Blue eyes were all Baz could see. Snow had liked it. But what did that mean? Baz couldn’t let himself get too caught up.

“Baz can you please say something?”

Baz shook his head.

“I’m not sure what to say Snow.”

Snow took a step towards him.

“Say you liked it too,” Snow whispered.

Baz felt himself caving.

“Say that you enjoyed waking up together,” He continued.

Baz’s knees felt weak.

“Say you like me,” Snow finished.

Baz let Snow snake their hands together.

“Simon I-I don’t know about this.”

Snow’s eyes sparked.

“I like it when you say my name,” He said.

Baz felt like he was under a spell.

“Simon,” Baz repeated.

Simon leaned forward just slightly and pressed his lips against Baz’s. It wasn’t the wild make-outs of his dreams, or the passionate kiss they sometimes shared before they were killed in his nightmares. It was just the softest press of lips to lips, the sweetest pressure Baz had ever felt.

“Let’s go to sleep,” Simon said.

Baz nodded.

They stumbled towards Simon’s bed and awkwardly got under the covers. For a moment, neither one of them moved from their respective edges of the bed; but then Snow was jutting forward, warm hands gathering Baz up against him. Baz relaxed against him and wrapped his arm around Snow’s chest. 

They were finally right where they wanted to be.

Wanted to learn a bit more about Banshee Soprana’s design and what better way to do that than spend 9 hours pouring over screenshots nitpicking details? Pose referenced. Such a pretty Warframe!

Sketchless piece: Lines drawn on one layer over a basic pose frame. :) I love doing these, they’re really hard and take forever but it’s pretty satisfying. The pose is under the cut, if you want to see the only “sketch” part of this drawing.

(I haven’t even been playing the game for a month and I’m already going to a con… I’ve got it bad.)

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anonymous asked:

Larries acting like they arent pressed about the return of Elounor. So why so obsessed? Having to know every detail, nitpicking a 2 sec video- yeah so not pressed🙄

Larries: When I see or hear about Eleanor these days I feel nothing –

*Update all their websites designed specifically around hating Eleanor*

I mean it’s SO convenient she was seen right now because Babygate Is Ending again but –

*Rush to their emergency chat rooms and DMs to reconvene and regroup*

It’s like I can’t even feel anything anymore –

*Twenty empty posts with nothing but Eleanor hate tags posted one after the other in 5 minute bursts lasting over an hour*

I am SO numb to all this –

*Re-circulate Reasons Why It’s Actually Feminism To Obsessively Hate Eleanor in Public posts*

They could get married and I would just laugh –

*Sets up their webcam for their 40 minute daily Eleanor rant*

I just think it’s funny how she comes along again right now because it’s a day ending in Y and that’s like such a coincidence it’s like 1DHQ planned it to the minute–

*Elounor is fake posts circulating at the speed of light among teenage bedrooms*

And even though we’ve been on her tits every single day for weeks on end it’s funny how we ranted about her just like an hour and she shows up again, can you believe they stalk our blogs like this –

*Harass the people who saw her into deleting their comments and going private*

And btw not to distract everyone from how Eleanor isn’t ruining our lives but Briana is such a slut and Freddie is so clearly fake –

*Refuse to spell his name like he’s a demon who can’t be summoned, asterix out their mantra END IT because they’re afraid to voice their plea*

Yeah so I only wail into a moonless sky 5 times a day now when new Eleanor photos come up so it’s amazing how much this doesn’t even bother me.

‘Orphan Black’ Creators Preview Final Season: ‘We Went For All the Feels’
Tatiana Maslany as Cosima ‘Orphan Black’ (Photo: BBC America)

Like the saying goes, if you love something, set it free. That’s a lesson Orphan Black co-creator John Fawcett learned firsthand while putting the finishing touching on the show’s series finale. Fawcett and his fellow clone mastermind, Graeme Manson, spoke with Yahoo TV the day after locking the final episode, and he says that letting go wasn’t an easy process. “I dragged my feet for awhile. I didn’t want to give it up! I don’t know that I was making it better anymore — I was just nitpicking over details. I literally just had to go, ‘Okay, it’s done.‘”

As the chairmen of Orphan Black‘s international Clone Club, both Fawcett and Manson are well aware about the fan excitement surrounding this final season, as well as the sadness that accompanies saying goodbye to these beloved characters. But they also confess that having a definite endpoint allowed them to re-enter this shadowy world of clones and conspiracies with renewed creative vigor. “In a lot of ways, it was easier this season than it has been because we were working towards a destination,” Fawcett says. “In other ways, it was the most difficult, because we had to tie all of these threads together, and there’s a lot of expectations.” On the eve of the beginning of Orphan Black‘s end, we chatted with the creators about how Season 5 became the most character-intensive season yet, and why they wanted to give fans “all the feels.”

‘Orphan Black’ creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson (Photo: Steve Mack/Getty Images)

Heading into this final season, what overarching themes were on your minds?
John Fawcett: One of the biggest for me was: “From great strife comes rebirth.” That’s certainly something I feel after doing five seasons of this show! [Laughs] And I think it lands on all of our characters to some degree.

Graeme Manson: We sat down with the writers early on and asked ourselves to look at where the characters started and where they are now. We really wanted to try and give the audience a new angle on the journey of these characters they know so well. So we did some character-based episodes this year, and allowed ourselves to use flashbacks.

Fawcett: The first two episodes of Season 5 are very plot driven, and kind of typical Orphan Black episodes. Episode 3 is the first character-based episode, and it’s focused on Alison. We decided this year that we really wanted to broaden each of our favorite clones and allow the audience a deeper understanding of them.

It sounds like an extrapolation of what you did by bring Beth back last season. Through those flashbacks, the audience really got the chance to know her before saying goodbye again.
Manson: It definitely springs out of Beth, and the experience of bringing that character back. It was difficult narratively, but rewarding for the fans and a great challenge for Tatiana. This year, we’ve embraced flashbacks strongly. That will be fun for the audience who have followed these characters from the beginning. Once you get deeper into a series, like Season 4 or Season 5, you want to do something fresh and interesting without blowing everything up. So going deeper into your characters is a good way to do that rather than going, “Okay, we’re suddenly in Tahiti!”

Fawcett: And there’s only so deep the conspiracy can go before you naturally hit an end. In some ways, the conspiracy plot in Season 5 is much simpler than it’s been in past seasons. It’s important for us that there’s still a lot of twists and turns and uncertainty. But really, you’re coming to the end, and there’s only so far you can dig into the conspiracy. So we decided to dig deeper into the characters to expand our story.

Kevin Hanchard, Josh Vokey, Cara Ricketts and Tatiana Maslany in ‘Orphan Black.’ (Photo: BBC America)

Looking ahead to the series finale, did you already have the ending firmly in mind, and did it change at all as you plotted out the season?
Manson: Plotwise, John and I had the ending in mind for a long time. And the ending was important in a season that we decided was going to be our most character intensive. When we got to the end of our story, we wanted to feel like it would give a taste of the future, so it felt open-ended and not closed. Our finale has an interesting structure; it’s a bit of a two-parter between Episodes 9 and 10, so it’s going to be good, long drawn-out agony for the audience. It’s a lot of fun that way. [Laughs] We agreed, and all the writers agreed, that what we wanted was the feels. We went for all the feels!

That’s certainly what the fans want!
Fawcett: That’s also what Graeme and I want. We do find ourselves very interested in what the fans say, and how they’re reacting to the show. But at the end of the day, we’re the ones who have to live in it, be in it and make it. So it’s really what was right for the series. It’s hard. I don’t know the finale can ever be what Graeme or I expected it to be. I think it’s really damn good, but I’m so critical of everything.

Manson: John’s probably seen the finale a 100 times. I’ve been the outside eyes, so I’ve only seen it about 5 or 6 times, and I never got through it without crying in three separate sections. Those might be my feels! But I think a lot of the people who have seen it get pretty emo.

Did you involve Tatiana Maslany in crafting the clones’ final journeys?
Manson: We began bringing Tatiana into the writers’ room in the first season. Nobody has deeper access to these characters than her when you’re thinking about the hearts and deeper drives of these characters. That’s kind of been a constant ever since. We’ll go to her with character questions daily, but there are longer sessions where she’ll actually come into the writers’ room and sit with us. During the finale, we did that a couple of times. She even gave up weekend time to come in and help us figure out the sticky points of character, and really nailing this thing.

What was it like to watch her accept her Emmy last year?
Fawcett: I wasn’t there, I was prepping [Season 5], so I watched it on TV with all the other plebes. [Laughs]

Manson: It was really something for us. It was so unreal, but we felt it was deserved. She accepted with such humility. and went right back to work on Monday. She made us all feel from producers to production assistants that we had all won that award together. And that’s Tatiana.

Fawcett: We all had so much belief in her from the beginning. To be honest, thinking about the Emmys is not even in our head [early on]. Certainly as a Canadian TV series, it seemed like Pluto! I do remember taking her aside at our Season 1 wrap party and saying, “I think you’re going to win an Emmy for this.” I felt onto that belief that it was possible, and it happened. We’re very proud of her.

It’s also a credit to you both for crafting a genre show that was able to bring home an Emmy. As fans know all too well, that’s notoriously difficult for genre television.
Manson: That really meant something to us. Who was the last genre Emmy winner for Best Actress? Was it Jennifer Garner for Alias? [Note: The answer is Gillian Anderson for The X-Files in 1997] John and I are really happy that we were allowed to do these mash-up of tones, and we have to thank our producers and the network for their trust. We had these different worlds, and we were like “Why does it need one tone?” We have a Sarah tone that’s our throughline, but we want to be able to genre-hop within our genre. And that’s something we’ve been allowed to do and the show was successful at doing it. It’s an element of the show that helped it stand as unique.

Fawcett: Because of the diversity on television these days, you’re starting to see a lot smarter, character-driven science fiction. That’s why Orphan Black was so exciting to us. Yes, there was a plot-driven element, but what really got us excited at the beginning was all these characters.

The final season of Orphan Black premieres Saturday, June 10 at 10 p.m. on BBC America.

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Burnt Into Ashes (OCs, sickfic, part 2)

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3

Elliott tried to go back to sleep after Liam called, but found himself caught in repeated and seemingly endless coughing fits. If it wasn’t that keeping him awake, it was the fever, wearing him out and making it impossible to get any rest with the shivering and overheating. He laid in bed until the last possible moment when finally, he dragged himself out from beneath the covers - only to wrap them about his shoulders again as he made his way to the bathroom.

He shuddered when his bare feet touched the tile floor. Shutting the door behind him, he debated taking a shower, but decided in the end that he didn’t have time. Instead, he turned the hot water on, hoping the steam would help clear his head while he brushed his teeth. The sound of the water roared in his ears, but it was in some ways calming, and as the room filled with the humid fog, he drifted into a daze, allowing his tired mind to wander.

Elliott had long since gotten his own flat after the breakup. It was small, but it suited his needs. And, he thought, no one would complain about him running the shower for too long. That’s what he told himself, that pointing out all the details Liam used to nitpick and complain about would help with getting over him.

But then there were other, more pleasant bits. Liam always rubbed his back or his chest during particularly nasty bouts of coughing. He massaged Elliott’s sinuses when his head ached. He fetched tea and medicine and made soup and–

“huH’EHGKJihSSHU!” The sneeze jolted him out of his memories, as if to remind him that if he wanted any of that now, he’d have to do it himself. The steam was working, and the congestion was beginning to loosen in his head and chest. Still, he was none too pleased to be dealing with the effects of it. He tried sniffling to keep his nose from running while he reached for the tissues in the box on the back of the toilet, but it only made his need for them more urgent.

hh-HUh’yIGTZISCH’u! hah’AEJhIHSsSHuh!” He buried his face into a handful of tissues, barely catching the double. The comforter fell from his shoulder, and he would have retrieved it, were he not about to sneeze yet again. “hh-hIH’IhJyIHSsCHU! hgkKtJSSHISHU! H-hh-haehh! IGHTSSJISCH’Uh!!

By the end of the fit, Elliott was seriously considering calling Liam and telling him to find someone else or deal without him for the day. He was sweating and trembling and his mind was so muddled he could hardly think. He hadn’t bothered getting a thermometer after moving out, so there wasn’t really any way to tell how high his fever was - he just knew he had one. Regardless, Liam had made it clear that it wasn’t bad enough for a day of rest.

After another moment, and a glance at his phone - both to check the time and with a last feeble hope that Liam had texted him telling him he didn’t need to come in after all - Elliott turned off the shower, picked up his comforter, and shuffled back to his room to get dressed.

The cooler air in his bedroom made even his skin ache as he undressed. He was sorely tempted to crawl back onto the bed and collapse there, and the threat of getting fired was only just enough to turn him around and make him head for the door, comforter abandoned on the floor. He would regret that later, he was sure, but he didn’t have the energy to pick it up right now.

Nor did he have the energy for the building sneeze teasing his nasal passages. Much as he wanted to fight it, to spare himself further irritation of his throat at the very least, he couldn’t, and resigned himself to letting his nose have its way. He would have to save what little stamina he had for holding them back at work, anyway.


And yet, it seemed like the more willing to sneeze he was, the longer they took to carry out. He was already running late, he realized with a mix of gratitude and dismay - the former because it meant a few minutes off of whatever shift Liam had seen fit to grant him, and the latter knowing that if he were late, Liam might rescind his offer to cut the shift in half.

Elliott’s nostrils twitched threateningly, and he squinted as his brows drew together. His breath hitched and stuttered, and just as he thought he was on the edge of a sneeze…it vanished. Or rather, it backed off just far enough to be infuriating, a soft buzzing itch that would neither disappear nor bring itself to fruition.

So he resolved to do it himself.

He grabbed another tissue, knowing that at this point, he would need it, and placed his forefinger and thumb on either side of his nose, just below the bridge. He squeezed, hard. This only worked when he was already ill to begin with, and he didn’t have time to waste. He needed to sneeze so badly he could hardly stand it.

And sneeze he did. The itch flared up again as soon as he pinched at it. His breath caught in his chest, and a strange hiccuping cough escaped him when it burned.


Finally, he thought, lashes fluttering. Tears gathered at the corners of his eyes, and his nose was running again. He endeavored on, agitating the torturous sensation until his mouth hung open and he couldn’t exhale without it being interrupted by a desperate gasp.

h-hnH…huh…h-hh-heh’EHGkTZISsSHU!!” It was like an explosion, snapping him in half at the waist. He plunged his face into the tissue and wished immediately that he’d thought to use more than one when the tickle didn’t abate. He stumbled sideways, searching for the wall’s support as he sneezed again. “hAHAEHJSHISsHU! hh’IgHyISsH’Uh! H-hh-hehh! EhJSsHISCHU!

After four of the harsh detonations, he was ready to sink to the floor, dizzy and aching and cursing Liam for making him get out of bed that day. But he remained upright, afraid that if he sat down, he wouldn’t find it in him to get up again. Still, he nearly fell over putting on his shoes, and fumbled with the lock on the way out.

“Da’b it, Price,” he muttered, starting his car, and hoping beyond hope that he wouldn’t need to be there for more than a few hours.

It wasn’t until he was halfway to the restaurant that he realized he’d forgotten to take any cold medicine or even paracetamol, and after a hopeful search of the glove box, came up empty.

He sighed, shivering beneath his thick sweatshirt. It was going to be a long shift.

The Walking Dead: Carole Peletier [ISFJ]


Introverted Sensing (Si): Unlike most of the group, Carole is slow to adapt to the zombie apocalypse (until her character development starts spiking ridiculously fast). She has spent years putting up with an abusive husband just out of sheer blind loyalty. In a world that’s very fast-paced and circumstances change on a dime, Carole makes sure to use past events as tools moving forward. She uses her past knowledge to prepare a new generation of kids for survival. She tells Mika that being a good runner didn’t help her daughter Sofia from saving her life, and she’ll nitpick details such as making sure not to have your shirt in front of your knife because you won’t pull it fast enough in an emergency. She also decides to leave Alexandria after it has been attacked by the Saviors because she surmises that it will happen again “People will always want what we have…” Carole is ultimately all about preservation, even moreso than Rick. The latter moves on quickly when someone bails on the group, but Carole will be left devastated when Daryl, for example, decides to leave. He’s valuable, she has a strong bond with him and bottom line, she needs him close. It should also be mentioned that despite all the horrors she has witnessed first hand by both the dead and the living, she holds on strong to her religious beliefs. 

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Carole is pretty much the mother figure of the group and even when she turns hardcore, she is always focused on people. Everything drastic she does is ultimately in the service of protecting others. Whether it be killing two infected people at the prison, killing Lizzie or leaving Alexandria, it’s always with the goal of ultimately stopping a potential harm on others. She is very protective of children and it’s of utmost importance for her to prepare them for these dire situations. She is stern most of the time, but Carole usually can’t keep anything bottled up too long and will find the need to lay it out on the table. She quickly admitted to Rick what she did in the prison and then subsequently to Tyrese, knowing there could be very severe consequences in doing so. She’s also one of the very few people who can crack through Daryl’s hard shell.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Because of her circumstances, this function seems to absolutely blow up and take over Carole. In good old survival scenario, she often has no problem leaving her emotions aside and acting on pure logical principle. But Carole operates only under her own rules, which gives her that signature headstrong, independent and rebellious streak. Every time she acts drastically (as mentioned in the previous paragraph), the common thread is that it is always her own conclusions and she sure as hell didn’t consult with others to see if it was okay, she just went ahead and did it. 

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): As mentioned, Carole has sometimes a habit of acting without considering what might happen in the aftermath. She goes off on her own tangents but it doesn’t always pay off. Such as when she leaves Alexandria out of safety for herself and others only to find herself, minutes later in big trouble and on the brinks of death. Her leaving town was another example of a drastic solution where she failed to examine other possibilities first. 

Friends With Benifets

Request: Punk Gerard AU where you guys are neighbors and hang out every weekend and have a friends with benefits relationship. Y/N has plans one weekend and cant hangout with Gerard and he gets super jealous because he thinks its a date and realizes his feelings are more than a friends with benefits thing :)

AN: Loved this request so much x

“The door’s open!” I yelled across the apartment at the knock at the door, assuming it was Oli. 

“Honey i’m home!” I heard my neighbor Gerard sing loudly, along with a loud bang from him kicking the door closed behind him, a.k.a the only way he closed doors. He appeared in the door way of my bathroom, leaning against the door frame with his permanent smirk etched on his face. “You look nice.”

“Thank you,” I mumbled more to myself than him, trying to keep my frustration bottled as one piece of hair refused to curl.

“I got some Coronas,” he said casually, holding up the pack in the mirror for me to see. “I was gonna ask if I should order the pizza, but i’m assuming we’re going out now?”

I frowned and turned to face him. “Going out?” He gave raised an eyebrow at me and dead panned, as if the answer was obvious. The gears in my head slowly began to turn, the pieces fitting together. “Oh my gosh, didn’t I text you?”

“Uh no?” He scoffed with annoyed scorn on his face. 

“I’m sorry Gee, I could’ve sworn I texted you. I’m busy tonight, i’m sorry.” Gerard and I instantly hit it off the day I moved into the apartment right next to his. I swooned over his charm and bad boy attitude as he helped me carry my stuff up the flight of stairs into my new place. We got so close that we had a weekend tradition every Saturday night we wold go to each other’s flat, drink, stuff our faces with the cheap pizza from down the street, watched nauseatingly bad movies, and usually end up having drunk sex before the credits rolled on the screen. You could say we were friends with benefits. This week was my week hosting, which meant Gerard bought the drinks and I order the pizza. 

“Where are you going?”

“A party.”

“A party? You’re ditching me for a party?”

“I don’t really have a choice, I couldn’t say no. Zip me?” He tugged at his bottom lip and nodded. My breathing sped up when I felt his fingers skim slowly up my lower back, dragging the zipper of my dress up so slowly that it somehow felt sensual. My phone buzzed angrily on the sink, evaporating the tension building in the air. Gerard’s hand snatched it up before I could react, quickly tracing the pattern password on my phone. His eyebrows furrowed and his cocky smirk faded into a slight grimace. 

“Who’s Oli?”

“Oli texted me?”

“That’s what it says, who is he?”

“What does it say?”

’Around the corner’. Y/N who the fuck is this guy?”

“Shit shit shit,” I groaned, fast walking to my room and snatching up my heels from the floor. “He wasn’t suppose to be here until 5:30.” I was pretty much ready, but I liked having an extra thirty minutes to nitpick every detail of my outfit until I found something to fix.

“So, this Oli guy is taking you to a party,” Gerard said bitterly, grabbing his pack of cigarettes from his back pocket.

“Hey, no smoking in my apartment,” I reminded him as I smoothed out my dress, twirling in the mirror. “How do I look?”

“Fine,” he said rudely, huffing in annoyance as he put his cigarettes back in his pocket.

“Gee, please?”

“You look beautiful,” he sighed, adding a more sincere smile at the end. Even if it was forced, it was good enough for me. I beamed at him, pecking his cheek as I walked past him.

“Thank you.” I heard a honk from outside, signaling my ride was here. “I better go. Again, i’m really sorry to bail on you last minute.”

“It’s fine,” he shrugged, failing at keeping his careless attitude. 

“Next week i’ll go all out with drinks, I promise.”

He simply chuckled, striding over to my door with his head up. The apartment felt way too quiet, the only sound coming from the echoing thud of his boots against the hard wood. “Have fun,” he added before he walked out the door, attempting a smile that came out more of a thin lip grimace. I sighed as the door shut closed, shaking my hands as I grabbed my clutch. I felt terrible that I forgot to tell Gerard about the change of plans, but it felt a little nice to know he actually cared. Sometimes I never knew if Gerard really felt anything more for me than something to do on a Saturday night. How many other girls did he screw around with for fun?

I pushed that thought out of my head, I was being ridiculous. My excitement began to come back as I went down the stairs, opening the passenger door to Oli’s car. “You look amazing Y/N,” he smiled widely at me as I put on my seat belt. 

“Thanks, you look pretty sharp yourself,” I giggled, eyeing his suit. I grinned widely at the thought of how much fun tonight was going to be, forgetting more and more about Gerard with each second as we sang along to the radio and pulled out of the parking lot.

Gerard groaned and slammed his door behind him, tossing the pack of beer into his fridge a little too hard. “Fuck!” He cursed under his breath when he heard glass shatter. As if his apartment wasn’t already a mess, now he has to clean up glass shards and Corona out of his fridge. Fuck it, he thought, shrugging and closing the fridge door. Instead, he drew back the curtains to his window, narrowing his eyes at the unfamiliar, black SUV out front. He stared at the driver. He had shaggy brown hair, a nice suit and some black glasses hiding his eyes. Gerard could tell from here that he was covered in tattoos. He glanced down at his own pale arms, scrunching his nose at the spotless skin. 

He knew Y/N loved punks. If only he wasn’t terrified of needless. Was the leather jacket and combat boots not tough enough anymore? He watched as Y/N walked down the stairs and hoped in the passenger seat. “What kinda guy doesn’t open the door for her?” He said aloud. “Or knock on the door to get her instead of fucking honking?” Gerard knew he wasn’t a big sap or very romantic, but he at least knew that was not how you treat a girl on a date.

Maybe he should have took her on dates. Was that what she wanted? Him to take her to some fancy restaurant, eat over priced food and pretend to be sophisticated? He didn’t understand the appeal. How the hell was quietly eating dinner around a bunch of snobs better than laughing their asses off at some mediocre movies and sex?

That’s not your problem now, he thought bitterly. Now she has Oli to take her out and be the guy you should have been.

Oli, the fiery part of his brain scoffed. What kind of name is Oli?

The stinging sensation in his hands snapped him back into reality. He was clenching his fist so hard his knuckles began to turn white, his finger nails leaving crescent marks engraved into his palms. He groaned, rubbing his face vigorously before grabbing a fistful of his hair in a tight grip. What’s wrong with me? 

He hated how much the whole situation bothered him. He stomped into his room, snatching up the nearest CD he could get his hands on and shoving it into the DVD player, cranking his speakers up and preparing to blow his ears out. He smiled a little when he heard the beginning of Aces High, hoping his favorite album as a kid would clear his head. It didn’t, just got him a few people banging on the walls telling him to turn it down. He turned it up instead. God, he hated these people.

Gerard had been looking forward to this all week. The day where he could kick back, laugh, drink, and fuck the beauty next door. He cherished their movie nights and felt a little hurt she prioritized a date over them. 

He finally cracked and flopped down on the couch in the living room, deciding to watch the movie they were gonna watch in here instead of in his room. He told himself he was watching it out here because he was closer to alcohol, not that gnawing bitter feeling he got in his stomach when his face wasn’t pressed against the glass of the window over looking the parking lot. 

He took another swig from the yellow bottle as he scoffed at how horrible the main character’s acting was, something he would usually be clutching his stomach from laughing so hard at. The movie was a bad idea, it only made him think about how she would have reacted to everything. He flung the bottle at the wall when he thought about her cute little nose scrunching up as he playfully kissed her neck, sending greenish-yellow droplets all over the floor. Great, another spill to mop up later.

An hour went by as he typed out another text message, only to analyze it for ten minutes and delete all of it, locking his phone in defeat. That wouldn’t be clingy, right? Just a friend casually asking another friend how her date was going. The word date made him want to punch another hole in the wall. He decided not to call it that anymore.

It was ten o’clock. Ten. It’s been hours. Gerard could feel his sanity slipping as he paced circles around his couch, folding his hands together like he was cocking up a scheme. Where the hell was she? He was starting to get worried now. He never heard her talk about this Oli guy, they couldn’t be that close. What if this guy was some weirdo or a pervert? Intending to score by the end of the night.

No no no, that’s another bad thought. The mental image of that guy’s tatted hands roaming around her curves made his head pound against his skull and gave him a burning urge to knock someones teeth out. Calm down. Breathe in. Breathe out.

He threw his hands in frustration at the current battle in his mind. That was his girl out on a date…having dinner, with another guy. He had every right to be pissed.

She’s not yours, his subconscious reminded him. You can’t use some girl for a hook up and claim her.

He was really starting to hate that voice.

By 11:30, Gerard concluded that he was smitten with his neighbor. He missed her. He would be perfectly happily never hooking up with her ever again as long as he could her beautiful laugh and sarcastic commentary. Funny, he never realized how fucking cute the crinkle on her eye was when she attempted to mimic his one eyebrow raise. He would have to draw it later. When he was done drinking his sorrows and feeling sorry for himself.

It was 12:30 when he heard the gentle puffs of an exhaust pipe, followed by a quiet squeak of breaks. Gerard almost fell of his couch he tried to get up so quick. He yanked the curtains open, busting one of the rings. He added that to the endless list of things that needed to be fixed in this place. Through the torturous hours of waiting, Gerard did come up with a plan.  As soon as she got home, he would tell her how he felt and prayed it would end with him having a girlfriend. Girlfriend. The word tasted weird to him, but he didn’t care. This was the only way he could ensure she would be his and only his and he knew it would be worth putting a label and commitment on himself. He could see her perfectly in the street light as she exited the car. Gerard’s cheerful smile at her return lowered into defeated sulk.

He could see from her how happy she was, eyes gleaming in the pale light, face practically glowing, and smiling so wide he could make out her over bite. She had fun.

His grip on the doorknob loosened as she walked past his door, hearing her hum happily to herself. Would it really be right to do this to her? Confess his feelings when she clearly just had a great date? Gerard suddenly felt self conscious for the first time years. Ever since he hardened all of his feelings and became a total dick to anyone and every one, he never cared what anyone thought. He was Gerard fucking Way and knew he was a badass, so why need some one to dictate his self worth? But now, his palms were starting to sweat and his heels tapped anxiously against the hard wood. 

What if she really liked this guy? What if she didn’t immediately smile like she always did when their eyes met? What if she didn’t give him those wide, heart eyes like she did when he brought her her mail every morning? He didn’t know if he could take it.

The clinking of her keys snapped him out of his trance. Now or never. With one last deep breath, he flung the door open. She was just going inside, shutting the door behind her. He stopped the swinging door just in time, snatching her hand and pulling her into his chest. She squeaked in surprise as Gerard kissed her deeply, hoping he could somehow pour all of his emotions into it. She relaxed when she saw it was him, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing back with equal force. “Well hello to you to,” she giggled when they pulled away, tossing her clutch onto the couch.

“We need to talk,” he said immediately before he could chicken out, shutting the door securely behind him. 

“Everything okay?” She asked with a small frown, pulling a water out of her fridge.

“Yes, well no, um okay, I’e been an asshole lately. I thought what we had was great. Y’know, you’re like my best friend who gives me blow jobs and I love it and thought that’s all i wanted. But it’s not, it’s really not. I’m sorry it took me watching another guy take you out, but I was going fucking crazy here. I need you baby, I need you as my girl and not some fuck buddy like I thought I wanted. I love you, Y/N. In every possible way.” He let out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding once he finished his rant, feeling like a five hundred pound just got lifted off his shoulders.

“You thought I was on a date?” She said in between laughs, dabbing her eyes to avoid smearing her makeup. “With Oli?”

“Well yeah…” He felt embarrassed at how hard she was laughing and began to shift uncomfortably. “What’s so funny?” He huffed, crossing his arms.

“That wasn’t a date. Oli is my cousin, he was giving me a ride to my Grandparent’s anniversary party.”

“He’s your cousin,” Gerard confirmed, feeling a little embarrassed at the mix up but his jittery happiness at the thought of him being the only guy in her life repressed it.


“No date?”

“No date.” He smiled widely at that, trying his best to fight off the urge to ravish her right then and there. “I loved your little love proclamation though, really sappy coming from you,” she teased, giving him a subtle wink as he wrapped his arms around her waist. 

“You liked that baby?” He mumbled into her ear, smirking when he felt her shudder against him.

“I love the way you say that.”

“I love calling you that. You’re all mine now,” he said matter of factly, breathing in the flowery smell of her perfume. 

“How about a movie and some beers? I’m sure Bob’s is closed but I got some pizza kits in the cupboard if you want to make some?” She offered.

“Sounds great, nothing I would rather be doing on a Saturday night.” And for the first time in a very long time, Gerard Way actually meant it.

Out Of the Blue (Gray)

jlowrules asked: Haii!! May I request a scenario of Gray when he goes to the studio and he overhears you singing and rapping and his reaction is like “well damn girl.” And he goes on and on about how you’re a pretty girl with talent ND you two should record sometime.

Originally posted by cheonjaes

    You took a deep breath, adjusting the headphones on your head as the background track you were recording over began to play through them. You cleared your throat, waiting for the intro of the song to play. You’d already warmed up, so you sounded good right off the bat, your voice rolling smoothly out of your mouth. As planned, you ran through the whole song once before you, your producer, and the recording engineer started nitpicking the details, but all in all the first rough take went well.

    Later that morning you were working on recording your rap when, during one take, you looked up to see a third person on the other side of the glass- you recognized him immediately as AOMG’s Gray, the legendary Lee Sunghwa, and it almost threw you off, but you kept forging through your lyrics, only stopping when your producer cued you to when you were all the way through the chorus. You’d closed your eyes when you started to get really into the music and now that you opened them you noticed to your disappointment that Gray was gone.

    Soon afterward you broke for lunch, and when you walked out the front door of the recording studio, headed to the noodle restaurant next door, a voice called your name and you looked up, a small smile spreading across your face when Gray climbed out of the slick SUV parked next to the curb. “Hey,” he said, crossing the sidewalk to you and extending a hand for you to shake. “I’m Lee Sunghwa.”

    “Nice to meet you,” you said, shaking his hand and telling him your name.

    “Are you headed to lunch?” he asked.

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Imagine movie night with the Fake AH Crew.

All of them gathered in the living room, crammed on the couch or sprawled across the floor or stealing chairs from the dining room to make enough space for everyone. Lots of popcorn and drinks at hand, and most of them bundled up comfortably in blankets.

Geoff always has the best reactions. He’ll bawl if they watch a sad movie, laugh uproariously at comedies, and scream at horror movies. The others try to pick things that will make Geoff react the most. It became an attempt to one up each other, though after a certain point, it becomes difficult to escalate.

Ryan and Michael prefer the action adventure movies, and both of them tend to nitpick on details. Ryan scoffs at and criticizes fighting styles and techniques, because that is not how you throw a knife, and you’d break your wrist throwing a punch there like that! Michael points out plotholes and continuity errors, especially in movies they’ve seen multiple times, even if everyone already knows about them.

Ryan gripes and complains about romcoms, but ends up engrossed in the movie halfway through, much to everyone’s amusement.

Ray often throws out snarky and sarcastic comments in response to the dialogue, actions, or even set designs in pretty much any movie. Some of his lines have even been fully accepted by the crew and substituted for the actual dialogue in certain conversations.

Jack and Gavin are fond of kids movies and musicals. While everyone will sing along to songs, Gavin tends to be the first to belt out the lyrics, often with the wrong words. Jack tends to be the one to pick those kinds of movies, and a lot of the time it’s to give Geoff a break and offer a more light hearted suggestion.

Slovakia Character Facts

*He is very picky about minor details and nitpicks everything.

*He was completely ballistic over the lack of a hyphen in Czechoslovakia. (And is still mad about it). Even when he fell under the Iron Curtain he was completely careless because the hyphen mattered more.

*He was so upset about the hyphen he tried to rub Czech with cheese to get his way.

*At first, only one character was planned for Czecho-Slovakia (I used the hyphen. Are you happy now?!); a female. When he thought of two characters he thought of a young girl and a bearded man. One character design for him looked like Iceland. Another version were two tough brothers for a duo. He even contemplated making him a ladies man.

*Slovakia’s character sheet:

Update info

So, before I put out a full update, I’d like to release a patch, for those playing and experiencing glitches that prevent further progression. I believe I’ve fixed the most reported issues so far, but if you have other problems playing, feel free to respond to this post, send me a message, or drop it in my inbox. Having a screencap of where you’re stuck or what the problem is and a description is much appreciated, but the screencap is not necessary. I’m also 100% open to all critique and criticism, as it can be hard to step back and look at your work objectively, especially after spending so much time nitpicking over details.

Anyway, long story short- got problems? Complaints? Suggestions? Just wanna pick my brain? Lemme know.

friendly reminder that the dutch have a word for “a petty person who makes a pointless fuss about insignificant details or issues, a nitpicker” and it’s mierenneuker

which translates to antfucker

anonymous asked:

do you know how one would make the cognitive functions easy to understand for someone who has no idea bout mbti? I'm trying to help a friend figure out their type well two friends technically but one is more cooperative than the other lol

Ni - looks for connections between apparently unconnected things, future oriented, often detached from the concrete world and oriented to abstract things, plans things ahead of time, often perceived as “deep”.

Ne - oriented to abstract things and ideas, looks for new possibilities, creative, original, daydreaming is usual, very detached from the concrete world most of the times, can be perceived as impractical or naive, often perceived as “random”.

Si - most likely to value tradition and history, nitpicking, precise, detail oriented, good at spotting differences from the past to the present (i.e. “that glass wasn’t there before”), sense of duty, practical and down-to-earth, scared of trying new things most of the times, often perceived as responsible.

Se - very aware of their surroundings, practical and down-to-earth, often thrill seekers, very observant, quick thinkers, impulsive, often charming, blunt, usually more oriented towards “the real world”, often perceived as confident, brave and intense.

Fi - feels deeply but keeps emotions in, very personal moral compass, can be perceived as “hipster-ish” and as a “wannabe special snowflake”, stays true to themselves, usually very honest, often fights a lot for what they believe in (i.e. social justice or stuff that they feel is morally corrects), original, often does not care about what others think of them, sympathetic.

Fe - deeply cares about what others think of them, seeks validation, selfless, easily expresses their emotions, can be perceived as clingy, can be seen almost as a motherly figure, empathetic, generally a people pleaser, can read others’ emotions very well, often very gentle and polite, can easily charm people.

Ti - analytical, introspective, enjoys finding new solutions to problems, likes to learn how things work (very often in a very in-depth way, not just superficially), is more likely to wanting to master very well something than have basic knowledge on everything, curious, thirsty for knowledge, follows a personal logic and train of thought, often perceived as nerdy.

Te - practical, strives for efficiency, headstrong, often stubborn, assertive, logical, bases their opinion mainly on concrete proof, blunt, direct, can be perceived as charming, often competitive and ambitious, rarely gives up, often perceived as bossy, aloof and inflexible, often scares people away by intimidating them (even not doing that on purpose).

successful-revolution  asked:

Hi, could you explain what unhealthy/low Fe looks like in an ENTP ?

Sure. It can be summed up thus:

I don’t give a crap what you feel, but it sure is fun to upset you.

AKA: correct you by nitpicking minor details in public, make fun of your lack of logic or general stupidity, stir up your emotions, be mean on purpose, be socially inappropriate to cause offense, refuse to tone down criticism or comments to avoid hurting people’s feelings, or go along with the group just to keep harmony. Adversely, may be attention-seeking, upset without affirmation and praise, overly emotional to get sympathy (without offering any kindness in return), and needy.

Stop it.

We need to talk about homophobia, lesbophobia, biphobia, and all issues of LGBTQ discrimination and erasure without devolving into “my pain is worse than yours so yours doesn’t count” or “someone with your identity has insulted mine, so you are the enemy.” Do you not GRASP that forming a negative opinion of an entire GODDAMN GROUP because you had a bad experience with one member of that group is the SOUL OF BIAS? I see this constantly on twitter and tumblr between LGBTQ women and it IS SO DAMN PETTY AND UNPRODUCTIVE. 





And I’m not talking to lesbians or bisexuals or queers or trans people in particular. I am talking to ALL OF YOU. Because I have seen people of every conceivable identity attack each other and it horrifies me. Can you not see the big picture? Can you not see the real enemy? 

The real enemy is getting ready to step into the White House. In the eyes of the right, we are all inferior. We are all less. And we will suffer. By nitpicking over details or engaging in the endless circles of online oppression Olympics, you are actively WEAKENING the community we have built. 

If someone wrongs you, fight back. No matter who they are. But fight back at THAT person. 

Respect yourself. Respect each other. Or we are fucked. 

Erza’s New Armor is really Wonderland-themed

I’m a little irritated with everybody plainly stating that Erza’s new armor is just a “playboy bunny suit”. Honestly when I first saw the armor at the end of Chapter 515, I got the feeling that it more of an “Alice in Wonderland” themed set of armor with it being a reference to the White Rabbit.

Now I know it’s a little far-fetched but this is just my theory of what the armor really is suppose to represent. And when I read the most recent chapter, I was looking at the imagery shots of this new requip armor and noticed a few minor details in it.

First, the outfit itself. There are some key hints to it being a Wonderland-themed armor instead of just a “playboy bunny suit”. 

• Okay, yes. The first thing noticeable about the armor is the accessories.. which are the bunny ears and tail.  

• She’s wearing either spade/heart-shaped earrings, which is another reference to Alice in Wonderland (aka the Queen of Hearts).

• She’s wearing a leotard-like waistcoat which includes a ribbon bow-tie. This ties into that the White Rabbit is notable for wearing a waistcoat. (Of course, this is Erza we’re talking about. So it a going to be revealing outfit (like most of her other requip armors)).

• Both of the swords have a checkered pattern design on the plates on the blades which would be another hint at the Wonderland theme.

• The attack spell that Erza used against Irene, she dubbed as the “Black and Red Twin Blades” which means the blades reflect those two colors. Now to go along with the Wonderland theme, the colors red and black usually associate with the Queen of Hearts.  

• So this leads me to believe that the colors of Erza’s armor will reflect this as well in that her outfit will have a black and red-colored (maybe even white) theme. This further points towards the armor having a Wonderland theme. 

• Now the White Rabbit was seen in some sort of association with the Queen of Hearts, whether he was her herald, servant, butler, whatever. He had some sort of relationship with her. And they are both key characters in  the “Alice in Wonderland” story.

So, I know that these are only very small details and that I’m nitpicking at this. But I just thought that I would share my theory and thoughts on this and I hope that was what Mashima was trying to show us. And if it wasn’t, so what, right? I’m just happy that he thinks of us fans and I hope he continues this manga. I love it so much.   ♥ ♥ ♥

MBTI Types React

Here’s some possible reactions of each personality type to someone saying something inaccurate or incorrect in casual conversation:

ENTJ: Thinks: Gods, why did you condemn me to be surrounded by idiots? Says: No. That’s not right. *suppresses a sigh for the sake of getting things done* See, in fact, …
INTJ: Thinks: Why the hell do people ever bullshit like this? Do they even know what they’re talking about? Says: *sighs* No, that’s not right at all. It is actually ….
ENTP: Um, not quite. You see, it’s actually… *adds in a joke or witty comment and makes the person completely forget they’re being corrected*
INTP: That conclusion was erroneous. As a matter of fact - *blabs on for at least ten minutes*

ESFP: *Nods and smiles* (Only a roughly one in ten chance they actually notice a small error.)
ISFP: Thinks: No, that’s not right. Well, you know, they’ll figure it out. And I don’t need to correct them… maybe they’ll be upset if I correct them… nah, I won’t correct them. Says: nothing at all.
ESTP: Thinks: That wasn’t right. Oh well, people look like asses when they correct others on details. Damn nitpickers. Says: Yeah, sure.
ISTP: *takes note of the error and carries on as usual*

ISTJ: Thinks: Geez. This person doesn’t have a handle on the details. If they don’t know the details, do they even know what they’re talking about? Says: No, no, that’s not right. In fact, …. *goes on for longer than average*
ESTJ: Thinks: Wrong. Says: No, no, that’s not right. In fact, …. *goes on for longer than average*
ISFJ: Thinks: Not right. Not right at all. But why correct? They’ll learn soon enough.
ESFJ: Thinks: oh well, I suppose they need to learn. Says: No, dear, it’s not quite like that, in fact….

INFJ: Thinks: That doesn’t sound right. Oh well, correcting them would only make them feel bad. It’s not like they’d remember what I tell them. Says: uh-huh.
ENFJ: Well, I don’t want you to take this as an insult at all, but actually you’re wrong…. And you know, that wasn’t a putdown.
INFP: Thinks: That doesn’t sound right. Oh well, correcting them would be really awkward. Says: Nothing.
ENFP: Thinks: That’s not right. But is it really important? Nah, why correct a tiny lil’ detail? Says: Nothing.

Of course, these are generalizations. And I could just be straight-up wrong! Tell me what you think or how you would react.