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How to Break In a New Tarot Deck

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Most decks have the same standard 78 cards, but every deck is still a little different! The art, the energy, each new one can take a little getting used to. So here are some ways to do it!

Deck Interview spreads. These are really popular, so let’s go ahead and get them out of the way. There are tons of spreads available online that answer questions like, “What is your energy?” “What are your strengths as a deck?” “What kind of questions do you have trouble with?” “What can I learn from using you?” You can also just make your own! But doing a practice reading and getting the deck to say a little about itself can be very handy.

Look at it. Seriously, give it a good hard look. Spend some time on every card, seeing how the art makes you feel and what small details may support or enhance the meaning. The art will take a more nuanced approach or interpretation of the card beyond the few general keywords. For example, does the “Death” card focus more on the ending, or the renewal? Does the end look bitter?

Carry it around. Put it in your bag when you head out. Take it with you on trips. Even if you don’t plan on using it, have it on hand… just in case. Share memories with it, bond with it. Get comfortable with the presence of it.

Use it! Naturally! Eventually, you’re going to have to use it to break it in. You can’t break in shoes if you never walk in them. While I’m still getting used to the nuances of a deck, I won’t use them for my big complicated spreads right away, but I might use them for little things until I feel like I can use it for ones that take more brain power. Even if you’re an experienced reader, it’s okay to not jump in head first with complicated stuff on a brand new set of cards. There’s no rush!


BOOM! Studios released the second issue of their awesome & new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic.

It had a great Jason and Kimberly moment. And so, it unleashed the inner shipper within me.

Kim and Jason art by the talented “lysergic44”. Check out that blog!!

Fallout 4 Mods

I’m listing them under what nexus mod manager lists them under so.

- Armoursmith Extended
- Dogmeat’s Backpack
- Eli’s Utility Jumpsuits
- K-9 Harness
- The Casual Wanderer
- The Rebel
- Wasteland fashion - Vanilla - CBBE

- Quieter Settlements

- Apocalypse Accessories
Wearable Backpacks and Pouches

- Better Companions
- Everyone’s Best Friend
- Valentine REBORN

- Better Generators
- Better Settlement Lights
- Craftable Ramps and Rails (Currently hidden by author)
- Crafting Workbenches
- Do it Yourshelf - Clutter for Shelves and Bookcases
- Dog Bed for Dogmeat
- Eli’s Craftable Flower Pots
- OCDecorator - Static Loot
- Simple Intersection (Currently hidden by author)
- Working Food Planters

Delightful Ivy
Interiors Enhanced
Regrowth Overhaul  (All time favorite mod)
- Vivid Fallout - Landscapes
- WET- Water Enhancement Textures

Gameplay Effects and Changes
- Longer Power Lines

Hair and Face Models
- Lots More Facial Hair
- Lots More Female Hairstyles
- True Eyes

Modders Resources and Tutorials

Models and Textures
- Black Metal Pip-boy
- Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- (NSFW)
- Detailed Deathclaws
- Enhanced Blood Textures
- Floppy Eared Dogmeat
- Immersive Mouth and Teeth
- Improved Map with Visible Roads
- Red Rocket in Wood
- Shack Floors Re-Done
- Wasteland Creatures Re-Done
- Wolf X Dogmeat Simple Re-Colour
- WX Hair Colors

- Better Settlers

Player Settlement
- Alternate Settlements
- Homemaker - Expanded Settlements
- Settlements Expanded
Modular Housing (Carpentry)
- Spring Cleaning

- Wearable Postman Shoulder Bag or Backpack

Visuals and Graphics
- Eye Normal Map Fix
- Fallout 4 Seasons
- Remove Interior Fog
- Starlight Drive-In And Diner - Lighting
- Visible Galaxy 4k and Framework

- Weapon Balance Overhaul

After Midnight

Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 1790

Warnings: swearing, mention of blood, fluff, all sorts of smut.

**Some silly thing I thought up while driving to work today. Yet another late night/early morning writing. It’s about time I show Gabriel some love. Enjoy.

(Not my GIF)

“Pass the gauze,” Sam grumbled from across the map room table. You wiped the dry blood from your arm and leaned back in your chair, sliding the box of gauze to him. Then, you continued to clean your superficial wounds.

The job hadn’t been a terrible one, but it wasn’t without a fair share of fighting. Rogue angels, mainly. Ones loyal to a handful of bigger names who were fighting for their chance to be God. You rolled your eyes at the poor fuckers, the ones insistent that their dicks were bigger than the rest.

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And DONE. So I’ve been working on this all week because I wanted to draw something special for The End, and long story short I got very carried away and it sort of became a tribute to the whole Chorus trilogy which has been absolutely amazing - hope you all like and thank you for such a brilliant season!


I was surprised how many people liked the sword I had at PAX East because it’s not actually the black knight sword (and for all you complainers out there, that’s why it’s too short XD)! It’s a cheap plastic sword I modified in a couple hours, when I realized I didn’t have time to make a sword from scratch. I intend to make some of the black knight weapons from the game for a future convention.

Anyway, here’s a general overview of the steps I took:

1) I used black worbla to change the overall shape of the sword, for example extending the cross guard to look more like the black knight sword. Worbla doesn’t stick to hard plastic very well, so I used a bit of hot glue for extra security (E6000 is probably better, but I was short on time and the next step secures everything in place anyway). Card board or foam would also work for this step.

2) Apoxie sculpt, apoxie sculpt, and more apoxie sculpt. And just in case that wasn’t enough, a bit more apoxie sculpt. This stuff adheres very well to hard plastic so you can use it to fill seams between the worbla and the base sword, add details, and enhance existing details. Detail spam away for more impressive results. (Random tip - if you want to sculpt both sides at the same time, suspend the sword between two tall containers, like i did in the picture. Then you can just rotate it to access both sides.)

3) Prime and paint your sword like you would any other prop. I found auto body primer adheres well to the hard plastic. Then I used the same paint scheme as the armor - metallic black spray paint with hand painted silver accents.

enzothebordercollie  asked:

would you maybe consider doing a photo editing tutorial - your pics are so amazing :)

Thank you so much! I’m flattered, really, but I don’t really have a method of any kind, so idk how much I’d have to show anyone. Most of my editing comes down to trying to fix mistakes, mitigate deep shadows, attempting to manipulate the light to create more depth, and enhancing the details that I like. How I go about doing those things depend entirely on which settings I stumble upon that day. 

I’ve found it very helpful to look closely at photos from people who's editing I like though, and especially when they post before and afters. I never try to copy the style of one particular person, but to recognise what I like about them and experimenting with how to achieve it and how to integrate it into my own stuff. @tempurafriedhappiness and @perfectdogs have been especially influential on me, and if I could just figure out how @tinybigpaws does it…

Oh, and shameless amounts of vignetting. I don’t remember the last time I didn’t add it. I’m a trash heap for a good vignette. 

ladyrivienne  asked:

(To Phen!) Paint Me!

She wasn’t entirely certain when she started sprinkling sketches of the golden maiden amidst the pages of her sketchbook. Little bits of the woman marked every couple pages; a pastel-dusted profile among studies of flowers here, a flowing charcoal chiffon draped figure there. Phenalyn would be hard-pressed to deny that the lady of the shroud had left an existing impression in her mind.

But it was as if glimpses of her belonged among the drawings of gentle creatures and ancient trees that littered her over-sized picture-journal. Did the soft shaded lines that defined Rivienne’s features enhance the detailed scribbles of blossoms? Did the collection of flower-laden tresses recollected in inks and fine shimmering pigments not preserve the pressed petals Phen tucked into the pages of her book?

Was there magic in capturing the vision of the sun-blessed Elezen among simple etchings of Shroud? Phen wanted to believe as much. The addition of the woman’s form among her plentiful pages of notes and artistry only added to the sensations of warmth and life that bubbled forth whenever Phen opened her journal to review her day’s travel.

No one else had to believe that such ethereal spell-work could be woven between pages and mediums. It would be her special secret.

I trust Blur so much in the handling of Halo characters. Sure, they aren’t writing the script for Halo Wars 2, but look, they know how to visually invest us in characters and their emotions. They know how to make the different aliens emote, no matter how different their facial structure is. They know how to play and add small details in that just enhance the vocal performances. I am so happy Blur is back again for this game.

Sakumoto Art in Drawing Shiritori (Anishi 19.11.2016)

So Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is into the drawing version of the linking word game, Shiritori, and here’s what OTP got up to.  Such serious play, these two.

To start, this was Jun’s first go…

… which led to Sho’s first attempt…

… which Keio Chipmunk erased himself and replaced with what looked like a box (hako)…

… causing Kyary-san to draw a kotatsu, but which she erased when Sho-san added details to his drawing…

He decided that adding a stick figure might help.

See the pride he had that he could deliver such an ‘accurate’ drawing…

… though a few more details were again ‘enhanced’ for clarity.

Then OTP decided to kill this shipper’s brain cells with their second attempts, down to one minute on the clock.  

Sho-san’s indecisiveness was obviously rubbing off…

… though Sho-kun was quick to catch on to whatever it was that our youngest had drawn.

In deciphering the drawings after time up, we learn that Jun’s…

‘sou-PU’ was originally connected to ‘PU-oh’ (Pooh) Bear…

… till Sho worried that it would be mistaken for a big-eyed bear…

… so he changed it to PO-ol.

It was the second attempt that made my OTP kokoro squeal a little with…

Jun’s fuE (flute) and Sho’s connection of Entotsu (chimney).  While everyone was trying to figure out what Jun-kun had drawn, Sho happily claimed that he had no problem figuring it out.  That was why he was so quick to fill in his square.

Delusional shipper in me chooses to imagine this… (^_^)

Ahhh~ it’s a fabulous time to ship this revival? pair.

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 19.11.2016

sparrow-witch  asked:

Do you have any ideas for solitary Yule celebration?

I have a two to choose from depending on the pantheon you are planning on celebration, links to the ADF website below (don’t worry they are public access).



These can be changed to fit into your budget (you don’t need al the fancy offerings and such) and the god/esses you want to can also find the “core order of ritual” on the site and that will show you how to construct your own solitary ritual. you can find that and a bunch of other cool stuff Here


I’d say: start from scratch.

The cycle of the seasons have their own story that repeats over and over.  For some, this is the Wheel of the Year.  What does the winter solstice represent to you as the winter solstice?  What does that mean?  And what role does it play in respect to the other holidays?

For instance, the solstice is the longest night of the year, one of the points (opposite the longest day of the year) that divides the year in half.  It’s a liminal time, an in-between; it’s rebirth into the slow return of the light; it’s shaking off the snow of your hibernation and getting ready for the next year.  It’s the holiday before Imbolc, and before you start the ploughing on Imbolc for Bealtaine’s growth you need to come up with a plan of how to use those tools and direct that growth.  You’re reaffirming oaths (New Year’s resolutions!), starting with a clean slate.  You’ve pulled your family of blood and spirit into the house where it’s close and warm, sharing stories and traditions, renewing and strengthening the foundations of your community.

Now, what images, colors, objects, symbols come to mind when you think about all your associations?  Can some of them be part of the structure for a ritual, or an inspiration, or simply a little detail to enhance the whole celebration?

My own Yule celebration entails lighting the seven candles on the family’s antique Yule log, each candle representing a principle most important to me.  I know a couple who invite friends over to stay up all night and burn their own version of a Yule fire, including the ashes from the previous year’s log, before greeting the sunrise.  What matters most, in my opinion, besides respecting cultural boundaries where necessary, is partaking in or creating traditions that mean so much to you.  This is what makes rituals and holidays and all those things truly fulfilling to you.  There’s definitely value in prescribed rituals, sometimes more or less so in different circumstances, but I believe that you should always find a way to make your celebrations and your magic as much yours as you can.

All that said, we also have a “yule” tag.

- mountain hound

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500 LB story~

Keys jingled as they landed on the counter. The sound of the garage door closing sounded throughout the house as she walked in.

“Honey! I’m home! Did you have a good nap?”

She was carrying groceries in her arms and placed them upon the counter. After doing so she flicked a bang that had blurred her vision behind her head and kept on walking into the house.

“Honey?” she asked again, eventually making her way to the bedroom. 

“Awww… he’s sleeping…” She cooed to no one in particular as she put her hand on the large, soft belly of her feedee. He lay there, huge and heavy upon the king-sized bed, slumbering peacefully. His lips sucked subconsciously upon a hose that was attached to a large drum of water to stretch out his stomach.

She began to rub his massive gut, sighing as her fingers sank into the soft, flesh. She traced a finger around his navel, marveling that she could probably fit her entire hand into it if she wanted to. But, but before she could, he began to stir.

“Mmmnnnhhh?” he moaned as he began to wake up, unable to speak because of the tube in his mouth.

“Time to wake up, sleepy…” she cooed in a sing song voice, leaning over and giving him a peck on the cheek while removing the tube from his mouth. “It’s almost time for your weigh in.”

“Nnnnngggghhhh…” he replied, while shifting his massive bulk over. “Just five more minutes…”

“Oh no, I know you. Five minutes usually means five hours, and if you sleep that long then I guess all the food I brought for you will be spoiled by-”

She didn’t even need to finish. By the time she pronounced “-then” he had begun the task of rolling out of bed. He shifted over, easing his wide buttocks over the side and plopped upon the ground with a large, floor shaking thud. After doing that he started to roll forward, taking his massive thunder thighs and raising them as high as he could against his heavy belly. Then, rocking and taking full swing, he managed to get on his heels, only to fall backwards from his weight, landing on his soft behind with another thud.

“Need help there big boy?” she asked a bit sarcastically with one eyebrow quirked in slight amusement.

“Hunnhhh… Yes please…” he replied, a bit embarrassed at trying to exhibit amazing amounts of strength in his state of obesity.

She walked over to him, standing directly behind her feedee. She then dug both of her feet into the ground and placed her hands into his back, both of them straining until he finally stood.

“Thanks, hon…” he wheezed, exhausted from the combined effort.

“Don’t… mention it…” she replied, smiling. It was one of the many times that she got to really feel the full effect of her work upon him. Just by helping him out of bed she could fell the full effect of every pound he gained. She loved feeling his corpulent plump flesh right in her hands; she sometimes even gave his large rear an occasional squeeze just to see how big it had gotten.

She watched him waddle off into the bathroom, wearing only the tight piece of black underwear that she bought him. It was barely visible along his backside, the tight elastic spandex cutting into his lower back… and the front hidden underneath his belly. All of it just barely succeeded in framing his two massive rear flanks. Both of them were jiggling to and fro, tempting her to reach out and grab one.

She was mesmerized by this short display of wobbling flesh, and was sad to see it go while her favorite feedee went to go relieve himself from the massive amounts of water he had slept off. Her eyes traced around looking at the bedroom, from the decorative wall paper, to the crown molding to the large imprint of the mattress on the four-poster double reinforced bed.

Her mind began to wander as she recollected as to how she could afford such a place to care and pamper her feedee. After all, with him at home eating all the time, she was the only one with an income.

The truth was she was a famous artist who signed her artwork with a fake name, so not as to attract too much attention in her personal life. Even though her agent begged her to be present at every promotional exposition, she refused, stating that she had to devote all her time working on her masterpiece.

Said work of art was using the porcelain express at the time.

She molded him like clay; after all, when she first discovered him he was thin and wiry, lean and well built. His body reminded her of Michelangelo’s “David.” His overall build wasn’t that of a body builder or a jock, he was just a scrawny nerd; a scrawny nerd with looks.

Of course, with her help he had enhanced his form, adding wondrous amounts of flab which piled upon his body with time. He was pear shaped, and even at his great weight, his waist and buttocks were still wider than his belly. She loved every enhanced detail about him, noting the ever-improving traits which removed what little flaws there were left upon her ever-growing creation.

“Dear?” came his beautiful voice, rich like dark chocolate melting slowly and covering a marshmallow treat. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah,” she replied, blinking from her deer-in-the-headlights moment. “Sorry, I just spaced out.”

She stood up, getting of the bed and making her way towards him, slinging one arm around his massive backside and groping one of his massive love handles.

“Let’s get you washed up before your weigh in, o-kay?” she asked with a smirk upon her face.

“Alright,” he replied, somewhat dazed, enjoying the way she manipulated his sensitive side by squishing his ample flab in her finger.

Within a matter of moments the large Jacuzzi-sized tub was full of nice warm bathwater, and he had eased himself into it. He took time to put each thick leg into the water before slowly submerging his belly, which ended up jiggling all over from the jets that massaged his curves with an incessant beat.

He gave a light sigh as he adjusted to his warm soak, while she went off to go get her cleaning supplies from the nearby closet.

She took a bucket and plunged it into the hot water, then held it over his plump head and let it down. She enjoyed watching it flow, cascading down his wet hair, over what remained of a plump neck, and between his thick breasts that easily outdid hers. This flow of water across his gigantic gut and back into the water.

She repeated the process over again, and this time grabbed a bottle of shampoo. She lathered the soap to a fine lather, and then applied it, scrubbing gently into his hair.

Another rinse and then she got to her favorite part, the body wash. She lathered this as well, but this time applied it to his body. She enjoyed caressing his soft flesh with her hands, loving the feel of his fat flesh ooze between her fingers. She knew that while she bathed him she could get away with several things that he probably would accept without becoming suspicious. A knead here, a pinch there… a shake and wobble over there… and then with one final rise of the adjustable nozzle he was done.

She then proceeded to help him out, putting her hands underneath his thick arms to cradle him up and out of the tub; a task that was getting more and more difficult every day, but she reveled in it. She just loved the feel of his bloated mass leaning into her, pressing against her while he strained to get up. It was a sign of dominance on her part; she knew that he depended upon her, and that there was nothing that he could really do at this point to change it.

“Let’s go for that weigh in, sweetie.”


He waddled over to the scale, moving and quivering his massive bulk onto the cold metal sensor. His gigantic stomach had long blocked the readout, so he had to rely on his feeder to tell him the results.

She, however, was a bit delayed, mesmerized once again by the gigantic wobbling pillow of feedee. She just loved how his belly swayed against his knees and how his butt jiggled back and forth as he moved.

“Sooo…?” he asked with an air of playful anticipation.

“Five hundred and two.”

Oh my gosh. Everything about this is perfect 😍
liam's voice is great and you should appreciate it more 4.0

So Four happened which means it’s that time of the year (or like a couple months late but hey life happens) again for another entirely too-long post about Liam’s voice written by a madman. In case you’re not in the know, this post will be a lot of enthusiastic shouting about Liam’s voice using a combination of twelve-line sentence fragments and eight word run-ons (it’s a skill). For the crazed and foolhardy, here’s versions 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0.

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