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And DONE. So I’ve been working on this all week because I wanted to draw something special for The End, and long story short I got very carried away and it sort of became a tribute to the whole Chorus trilogy which has been absolutely amazing - hope you all like and thank you for such a brilliant season!

Sakumoto Art in Drawing Shiritori (Anishi 19.11.2016)

So Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is into the drawing version of the linking word game, Shiritori, and here’s what OTP got up to.  Such serious play, these two.

To start, this was Jun’s first go…

… which led to Sho’s first attempt…

… which Keio Chipmunk erased himself and replaced with what looked like a box (hako)…

… causing Kyary-san to draw a kotatsu, but which she erased when Sho-san added details to his drawing…

He decided that adding a stick figure might help.

See the pride he had that he could deliver such an ‘accurate’ drawing…

… though a few more details were again ‘enhanced’ for clarity.

Then OTP decided to kill this shipper’s brain cells with their second attempts, down to one minute on the clock.  

Sho-san’s indecisiveness was obviously rubbing off…

… though Sho-kun was quick to catch on to whatever it was that our youngest had drawn.

In deciphering the drawings after time up, we learn that Jun’s…

‘sou-PU’ was originally connected to ‘PU-oh’ (Pooh) Bear…

… till Sho worried that it would be mistaken for a big-eyed bear…

… so he changed it to PO-ol.

It was the second attempt that made my OTP kokoro squeal a little with…

Jun’s fuE (flute) and Sho’s connection of Entotsu (chimney).  While everyone was trying to figure out what Jun-kun had drawn, Sho happily claimed that he had no problem figuring it out.  That was why he was so quick to fill in his square.

Delusional shipper in me chooses to imagine this… (^_^)

Ahhh~ it’s a fabulous time to ship this revival? pair.

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 19.11.2016


BOOM! Studios released the second issue of their awesome & new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic.

It had a great Jason and Kimberly moment. And so, it unleashed the inner shipper within me.

Kim and Jason art by the talented “lysergic44”. Check out that blog!!


Hello guys, my commissions are open again! (bcs im in desperate need for money…)

so, what does these stuff mean; 

Backgrounds are included in ‘shaded’ option but they won’t be very detailed.
Enhancements consist of wings, animals, bestial figures or body parts(horns not included, horns are free), magic effects(dramatic lightening), unique, extremely detailed weaponry and armour(like Aion Online level of detail)
I can colour sketches vaguely if specified.

GIFs are not included in the description, I might be willing to take commissions of simple effects but the price would vary greatly depending on it. However they’re extremely time consuming so their starting price wouldn’t be any less than $70

I’m completely ok with NSFW, however I won’t draw;

  • Furry
  • Very explicit heterosexual sex scene (because I can’t, it looks odd)
  • Kinks I’m not comfortable with (there are so very few)

I will draw;

  • Basically everything else. 
  • Yep, everything
  • OCs*, fandom related things, ships, canoes…

*Please provide sufficient reference.

Unless specified otherwise(or it’s a GIF) all commissions will be 300~320dpi, around 4000px

The Process


  • you can contact me,
  • write me what’s on your mind and I’ll see if its something I can draw
  • We’ll talk about the pricing, if they’re too high we can talk about what we can work with
  • I accept payment through PayPal
  • When the transaction is complete and I receive my payment, I will start working on the commission
  • I’ll send a WIP of sketch for you to confirm or change, please say if there’s something you’re not pleased with the pose or character features then
  • I’ll send another WIP with colours to get the colour reference correctly, and wait for your approval, after this step it would be hard for me to change anything major, please be mindful of that
  • and Voilà! 

Even if you’re not interested please please spread the word! 

Thanks in advance for all your support!


Belem Tower At Sunrise - (HDR Lisbon, Portugal) por Elia Locardi

I trust Blur so much in the handling of Halo characters. Sure, they aren’t writing the script for Halo Wars 2, but look, they know how to visually invest us in characters and their emotions. They know how to make the different aliens emote, no matter how different their facial structure is. They know how to play and add small details in that just enhance the vocal performances. I am so happy Blur is back again for this game.

Jeronimos Monastery, Belem da tonybill
Tramite Flickr:
A view of the beautiful cloisters of the monastery near Lisbon. It was built by Henry the Navigator, and the tomb of Vasco da Gama is in the attached church. 3-exposure hand-held HDR, pre-processed in LR4, combined and tone mapped in Photomatix, detail enhanced in the lower half. Definitely best on black, press L.
Edward Snowden warns CIA ‘never destroys something by mistake’: Former NSA contractor responds to reports inspector general's office destroyed the 6,700 page report

Edward Snowden has responded to reports the CIA inspector general’s office “mistakenly” destroyed its only copy of a comprehensive Senate ‘torture report’ with a stinging rebuttal: “When the CIA destroys something, it’s never a mistake.”

An intelligence agency was quoted by Yahoo News as saying CIA inspector general officials deleted an uploaded computer file containing the report, before “inadvertently” destroying a disk with the document on it.

The 6,700 page report detailed controversial “enhanced” interrogation methods deployed by the CIA at overseas prison sites. These included waterboarding and sleep deprivation. Another copy exists elsewhere at the CIA but the destruction of the copy at the inspector general’s office was never confirmed to the public, according to Yahoo’s report.