detail cuffs


So last night I tried to do another mer!Fili and completely messed up the size and ended up with a full page profile of fili instead.
Now. This was the BEST profile I’ve drawn. So I couldn’t let it go to waste.

So instead of another merfili have an Heirs Of Durin Fili instead!
If you haven’t read @dragonsquillwrites AU, heirs of Durin, you have to. Lots of fiki love with a symphonic metal band. Modern day but still dwarves. It. Is. Amazing.

Fire Emblem Cosplay Masterlist

Yeah, yeah, our actual tutorial list is like 2 years out of date. I know. But for now, here’s a fairly comprehensive list of things we have done for the Fire Emblem project thus far. You can usually see these things on our tag Dangerous Second Seal anyway, but I felt like doing this.


Pegasus Knights






Sumia’s opening dress


established/married lucifer and chloe going shopping together and chloe gets her stuff in less than an hour but lucifer drags her to whatever fancy suit place and she ends up having to watch him try suit after suit on for like three hours. 

lucifer: “okay, how about this one? or do you like the last one better?” 
chloe: “lucifer, they’re the same.” 
[tire screech] 
lucifer: “THE SAME??? chloe, this one is armani while the other one is prada!! and did you SEE the detail on the cuff-” 
chloe: [rolls her eyes to the next century]


Kittyinva: 1916-21 c. Silk organza summer afternoon frock. Blue and black geometric yarn embroidery detail is at collar, cuffs and center front. There is a jewel neckline, elbow sleeves with tiered ruffles and a silk bow detail at the cuffs. The skirt is gathered with self-ruffle trim. Four center back snap closure. From E- Collectique Luxury Resale.