positives & negatives of the rising signs

as an aries rising you seem… youthful, direct, straightforward, bold, active // dramatic, fidget-y, angry, impatient, intensely competitive

as a taurus rising you seem… down-to-earth, calm, generous, kind, grounded // killjoy, unchanging, bossy, controlling, self-righteous 

as a gemini rising you seem… intelligent, witty, curious, charismatic, funny // detached, cold, fake, superficial, manipulative

as a cancer rising you seem… caring, compassionate, kind, subtle, sweet // whiny, sensitive, sad, shy, overemotional

as a leo rising you seem… in control, passionate, charismatic, expressive, magnetic // bossy, demanding, commanding, overbearing, haughty

as a virgo rising you seem… smart, analytical, observant, innocent, reserved // antisocial, calculating, conniving, nervous, shy

as a libra rising you seem… flirty, sweet, accepting, social, charming // gossipy, fake, disloyal, indecisive, an airhead

as a scorpio rising you seem… powerful, magnetic, mysterious, deep, intriguing // brooding, jealous, secretive, displeased, cold

as a sagittarius rising you seem… fun, open-minded, smart, adventurous, independent // flighty, too honest, uncaring, contrary, disrespectful

as a capricorn rising you seem… hard-working, ambitious, forward-thinking, controlled, attentive to detail // self-important, opinionated, serious, not fun, unsatisfied

as an aquarius rising you seem… intelligent, friendly, innovative, excitable, idealistic // naive, cold, contrary, detached, uncaring

as a pisces rising you seem… kind, intuitive, adaptable, romantic, sweet // vague, naive, dependent, spacey, sensitive


The Stranger by Albert Camus

The book is simply written and a rather quick read, but the depth Camus manages to convey through this simplicity is astounding. I think a problem a lot of people have with this book is that they fail to look beyond the whole “what is the meaning of life” message. While an interesting question, the book raises so many other philosophical questions beyond this. What I found the most interesting of these is “what truly defines humanity or makes someone human?” During Meursault’s trial, he is constantly accused of not showing remorse and therefore as being cold and inhuman. He is most definitely human though, just rather detached. This raises the question of whether one should be expected to exhibit certain characteristics in certain situations to “keep their humanity”.

Also, it raises the question of whether much of our emotion is created by ourselves or the expectations of others to exhibit certain emotions in a given sitatuion. The book is also an indictment on people’s efforts to dictate other people’s lives. We are constantly told what is right and as a means to justify our own sense of “what it means to be human”. We often impose these characteristics upon others, expecting them to fulfill similar traits and characteristics, as they have been already imposed on us. It is in a way, a self-justification of our actions as right or “humanly”. Constantly, Meursault is being told he must live and/or act a certain way, whether it be by the judge, his lawyer, or the priest. Once he doesn’t conform to these measures, he is marginalized and called “inhuman”; this is an attempt on the part of the others to rationalize their own ways of life and understandings. If they manage to declare him “inhuman”, it allows them to call themselves human and justify their own means of living.

In the end, this book is one that raises many more questions than it answers, but in true philosophical fashion, they are really questions without answers.

by guest reviewer Ryan R

Read excerpts from the book here!


Beautiful art done by @withoutafuss​ . 
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~It means so much to me have had this commission done by you. Thank you again, so much.~

Cousland is Alive: The final chapter. “Te Amo”


Warden-Commander Cousland lost everything during the Blight; her family killed, the soul of her beloved destroyed by killing an Archdemon. Distracted by life and duty, she detaches from everything and everyone… this changes when she stumbles upon her old friend Zevran who will not allow her to hide any longer.

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Do you ever have something really bad happen to you but you’re way too numb to be affected by it in the present moment and you’re just sitting there like boy I sure am gonna be feelin this tomorrow

Seven Reasons Why We Need to Pray

Taken From: The Love that Never Ends: A key to the Catechism of the Catholic Church

1. Prayer keeps us mindful of our spiritual natures

  • Prayer is the antidote to the false contentment of self-indulgence
  • It keeps us humble and detached
  • It makes us remember the glory of God and the beauty of sanctity
  • It stretches our gaze beyond the immediate cravings and stimuli

2. Prayer enables us to surrender our will to God

  • Thy will be done
  • Prayer is a filter that clarifies what is truly good for us
  • It gives us a sense of Divine Providence
  • It can soften stubborn pride
  • God wants for us more good than we can possible want for ourselves

3. Prayer purifies and empowers human freedom

  • All of our vital powers can be developed and stengthed by union with Jesus
  • “the more one does what is good, the freer one becomes” CCC 1733
  • A life of prayer is a bedrock of strength that allows us to make the difficult and right decision
  • Prayer directs our freedom to God

4. Prayer enlightens our self-knowledge

  • The first step in holiness is the acknowledgement that we are in need of mercy
  • “Without the knowledge Revelation gives of God we cannot recognize sin clearly” CCC 387
  • Prayer gives us the realization that our destiny lies beyond our natural powers, and that we need real forgiveness

5. Prayer disposes us to receive divine gifts

  • We need an openness and suppleness to share in the divine life
  • Prayer makes us attentive, watchful and alert to the things of God
  • Petitionary prayer is a real but secondary cause of the things for which we pray
  • Prayer attunes us to the truth that God tells us in subtle ways and whispers

6. Prayer fulfills our highest vocation

  • Man alone is called to share in truth and love the life of God.  He was created for this end and it is the reason for his dignity
  • The communion with God in prayer is a foretaste of the beatific communion with God in Heaven
  • Prayer expands, perfects, and completes us

7. Prayer unites us to God

  • Prayer is a vital and personal relationship with the living and true God
  • The Lord longs to be united to us through the union of hearts, and prayer accomplishes that union
  • “The medicine by which God willed to heal the whole world is humble, constant, holy prayer” St. Catherine of Siena.


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I do think B is being made to look like more of a villain to fans. Less of the sickly sweet holy mother. Instead: More shopping. Obsession with her own looks. Use of nanny. Inattention to Conchobar. The lack of helmet in the shady "candid" fan pics. I do think what we're seeing is more of her real personality & I do wonder why we're seeing it. It hasn't hit media at all (yet), so I guess it's aimed at fans. I hope this means they want most fans to detach because she's being cut loose soon.

but she’s doing it to herself! that’s the weird thing to me. I think she’s just THAT attention seeking. And i dont think they want fans to detach - i think she wants to GET fans. 

Today was really awesome ☺️ I not only got to take pictures and video of a World Record, but the UAV electronics that I worked on actually worked and survived an 8000 ft. plummet after the motor detached

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I miss Luke. Like I miss the Luke that would close his eyes when he hugged fans, the Luke that would tweet pointless but funny tweets that are just so Luke and the Luke that has a high pitched giggle when he thinks something is funny. Idk but lately I just feel like he hasn't been himself. He gets so much shit for things he can't control and idk to me it just feels like it might be getting to him. I'm probably exaggerating but idk he just seem detached at the moment idk I want him to be happy!!

He still does all these things, but i agree lately he seems like he’s always in a bad mood, not smiling in selfies with fans, being very inactive on social media even for him and just looking downright pissed off all the time and tbh i’d probably be the same if my ‘fans’ were shitting on me constantly for things that are out of my control. He can’t control the fact that he is the face of the 5sos brand, he can’t control Arz’s actions, he’s not super human he can’t fix the world, how people act or what they do, he’s a 20 y/o kid who’s been thrusted into this world of fame, attention and fakes. He’s trying his best to make everyone happy yet everyone is always fucking bitching at him for things he didn’t even have a hand in doing. People need to back the fuck off and realise he’s still young and dumb and is only trying to fucking please you all  

INTP stereotypes that INTP doesn’t conform to.

I am not good at math, but I really enjoy doing math.

I cannot reprogram your computer, but I can probably fix most basic problems.

I don’t play video games, they bore the crap out of me. I don’t understand why I would play on a console inside when I could be out in nature alone.

I want a mysterious mystique, but I am pretty predictable.

I wouldn’t say I am anti-social, I just have severe social anxiety and no trust in my social skills what-so-ever. For some reason though being anti-social is more acceptable in society, so I just cover my anxieties with anti-social rhetoric.

I am not totally science minded, I am creative in a lot of ways. This creativity shows in philosophy, political science and humor. Just because these aren’t traditional avenues to pursue creativity doesn’t mean I am not creative.

I am not detached from the world around me, I may not be paying attention, but I am deeply connected with nature and the natural world. You won’t see this in an office or at school though, and you will likely think I am not paying attention to details, but I am, just the details you look at aren’t the details I find important.

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what's the difference between an Aquarius moon and a Capricorn moon? Other than one is more rebellious than another, Im really trying to find the difference between the both

Yes they have a very similar feel to them - Aquarius’s traditional ruler is Saturn. I’m a Capricorn moon and one of my best friends is Aquarius moon, we ‘get’ each other when it comes to emotions, because we’re both not very open with them but we feel things deeply. Aquarius moon detaches from emotions. An example would be depersonalizing them like “well everyone goes through this” or they may focus more on the ills of the world than on their own. Their emotions also change abruptly and so they may feel that they don’t have control over them, once again a sense of detachment. They may seem “icy” to people but that’s not the case, they just aren’t as open with their emotions. They may also try to be above the emotional world.

Capricorn moon can give off the same feeling, but for them it’s perhaps self protective, not showing the emotions so they can put on an adult face. Capricorn represses emotions because they aren’t always practical. I have a longer post about Capricorn but I’m on mobile and can’t find it… I’ll edit it in when I get my comp. Found it:

you know how riley’s been getting caught up with lucas lately (and now with his ‘no deep conversations with anyone else’ restriction, she’ll be more detached from everyone else) and how farkle’s been kinda ignored and pushed aside throughout the season? yeah, so i want a scene where he’s kinda feeling down about all this and riley comes over like “c’mon you can tell me what’s wrong, i’m your best friend” and then he’s just like “are you?”

INFPs in Ilvermorny Houses

INFP Horned Serpent

  • Lives in the library and their own heads
  • Tends to immerse self in fictional worlds/friends
  • Sometimes feels lonely as a result 
  • Loves the most random topics
  • Starts bouncing up and down when talking about somehting exciting
  • Uses information for a lot of self-exploration

INFP Wampus

  • Might actually be good with physical stuff
  • Use Fi to fight for their beliefs, themselves, and their friends
  • Uses Te to fight people who don’t agree with them
  • Tendency to be cold or detached
  • Daydreams about better worlds

INFP Thunderbird

  • Are always looking for ‘something more’
  • Love self-exploration and exploration of concepts and idea
  • Ne. Everywhere. Can’t hide from it.
  • Terrible procrastinators because of it
  • Often labeled ‘the dreamers’ 
  • A lot of wanderlust and internal angst 

INFP Pukwudgie

  • Philosophers, always adding to and changing their worldview  
  • More focused with Ne, using ideas for a purpose
  • The shy one in the corner who lowkey knows all your secrets
  • Would die/kill/do both for their friends 
  • Very good with their Si
  • Cinnamon rolls

Thank you to the (several) people who requested this, special shoutout to @milkyway-fawn! And thanks for being so patient. :) 

Other types INTJ || INTP || ENFP ||


the mind rots
with frantic display,
breathing in Morse Code 
to decipher the heart.

the thoughts sharpen 
to tangle into the mingle
of our separation,
but is executed
before your touch 

The dreams die
when you seed
yourself into even
the sweetness 
of sleep,
casting the lungs 
a baited jail
of breathless deny.

the arms detach 
to reach for stars
with your fingerprints 
inking the sky.
Your blinding light -
It burns and 
pricks at the 

The mind rots again,
with your numbing
rejections and 
warm, toxic 
the gift of
a thousand poisons 

and death, you have given me
to drink for centuries
once more.

- Y.M © N.O.V, if only you loved me too

part two of my dgm bnha au concept doodles (part one)! took a break from things to scribble this out 

i feel like allen’s outfit and quirk is really unoriginal bc i was struggling to think of something suitable but “new” ;v; his left arm is hard and capable of changing shape, and detachable, but it’s default shape is shown in the image (alas it hinders his ability to use touch screens with that hand) it takes a lot of stamina for a dramatic change (aka the sword or anything large) so he eats a lot to compensate! i was debating about keeping his cloak but decided it’s a good defensive measure (as the rest of his body is pretty frail in comparison)

lenalee’s quirk is that she has propellers in her hands and feet, good for mobility whether its in the air or on land as well as adding additional strength to her kicks and blows! overall a very well rounded quirk, but takes immense amount of concentration and control and since it relies very heavily on stamina as well, the propellers will be less effective the more worn out she is.. her outfit is very streamlined for little air resistance and there are additional boosters in her shoes and gloves to enhance her abilities