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I recently hit 4.5k followers and I’m really psyched! I cannot believe there are so many of you that are here, following my little blog. I’m bound to forget people and some people have changed their urls and I’m not aware, so if we talk alot and you think you should be here, just inbox me! These are in no particular order…..

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det-beckett  asked:

hey alex! what are your favorite AU-meeting fics?

How did I not answer this immediately, so easy. 

Ok I’ve done this list a while ago but let’s do another one :)

Unwritten and Back to Where We Have Never Been by caffinate-me

Signs of LifeHandle With Care, Alight, and Only If For A Night by bravevulnerability

not yet what we shall be by airbefore

Vice by Sandiane Carter

heart so helpless and may flowers by closingdoors

Adrift and Your Own Devices by ColieMacKenzie

Of Finding Innocence by FanficwriterGHC

Uncommon Vices by Cora Clavia

Socially Acceptable Options and Two Coffees by honeyandvodka

Close EncountersThat Familiar Feeling, and Vice by chezchuckles

Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop and there should be stars by ifonly13

An Unconventional Proposal by BareWriter

A one time thing by Ky03elk

Pen-Pals and Postscripts by McGladiator

Lifeboats and An Toiseach Pòg by seilleanmor

Unravel Me by AnnieXMuller

Bullet Catcher by Game On

Most Wanted by Ephemeral Lunatic

det-beckett  asked:

hey! so i'm kinda picky about reading fics and i was wondering if u can do this rather specific request? c/b slowly leading up to a relationship, seasons 4,3,2 (in order of preference), multichapter. generally fluffy, but angst is fine. preferably along the general storyline, but slight AUs are ok (different meeting, etc, like An Unconventional Proposal). pretty much fics about them going on a first date/falling in love/beckett being so obv in love/etc. thanks!! take your time! i love this blog

Ok combining this with these similar requests:

Hey! I’m looking for season ¾ fics where CB end up together. Fluff/friendship/romance/comfort are good! Like beckett breaking up w Josh and going to castle and they end up admitting their feelings, etc. Also any sweet s4 fic would be nice. Can u separate the list into multichap and one shot? Thanks! I depend so much on this blog lol.

Actually obsessed with your blog your so awesome! Do you know any good fics pre always but just season 4?? I love the season 4 fics but I feel like I’ve read them all so it you have any suggestions that’d be awesome! :) have a great day!! - coffee-means-love

First of all thank you all for your lovely messages, really appreciated. Gonna do just season 3 and 4 because I have a few s2 requests in my inbox so I’ll do a separate list for that. Also first anon, I’ll just do multichapters, and do a one shot list later :) Hopefully these fit what you all were looking for, you might have read some of these, but putting them all in to be inclusive. 

I have starred the ones that I think fit det-beckett’s request the most, with a slower build up

Under the cut because it got long

Keep reading

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74flawsasofyesterday (Makes really good gifs and is a quality blog), 
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alwayswritewithcoffee (Writes lovely fanfics that always leaves you with the feels), 
battlewhispers (Creates really moving stories and when she writes angst it just fucking breaks your heart), 
becketts-areola (Runs a quality blog by a quality person), beckettshooha (Kind person and has an amazing blog), behindgreeneyess (Makes really awesome edits that I always get really jealous of), 
bravevulnerability (She writes amazing stories that is a must read), breathlifein (Creates awesome edits, with awesome creativity), 
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fyeahcarmilla (a must follow blog, contains the best made carmilla posts from the fandom), 
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why-am-i-narrating (Her ficlets are just astounding;so much talent)
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Thank you for all you’re guys’ support, and thank you for hitting the follow button on me. Without my followers, I wouldn’t be here, thank you!

Castlefanfics' Follower's Favourite Fics

List of all the fics that my followers chose as their favourites! If you have a favourite fic you would like to add to this list, feel free to let me know and I will add it!

In brackets is the person who submitted it. 

Stolen Sky by Cora Clavia (thewriterinthebatcave)

Kiss Me Castle by Cora Clavia (@mcmanda2)

Waiting Game by muppet47 (aspenmusing, itsamoo, lousiemcdoogle, skygirl5

Castling by muppet47 (impatienttoassume)

Not Ready to Make Nice by Liv Wilder (thecreamtomycoffee)

Of Finding Innocence by FanficwriterGHC (@cicinicole-14, alwayscatchingkillers, rizzlescastleeverywhere )

Attachment Syndrome by FanficwriterGHC ( officerbeckett @life-on-a-swingset, drinkingcastleskoolaid, riversnogs, @mcmanda2)

Whatever We Lose by Cartographical  (never-ending-dance)

Vice by Sandiane Carter (caskettmylife)

Against All Odds by Sandiane Carter (creativitydoesnotexistinthisdojo, @castleismyguiltypleasure)

Fix You by Sandiane Carter (castleramblings)

Just an echo by ekc293 (@detectivekhoughtonb)

Dash Series by chezchuckles  (algimi , @mcmanda2)

Dash It All by chezchuckles (thetenerife-sea)

Close Encounters by chezchuckles (greenk, blackwidowxhawkeye)

Banni by chezchuckles ( @brannerdoodles)

One Hundred Days of Summer by chezchuckles and Sandiane Carter (iges2u)

Concrete Angel by Stephensmat (@asuperwholockianwithocd) 

silence is star-like by closingdoors (det-beckett)

heart so helpless by closingdoors (@ellsweetella)

Take You Break Me by eyrianone (dancingontiptoes)

Second Chance by KrissaBelle7 (beckettshooha)

Blizzard by Googie (elephantstheyneverforget)

The Worst of Words by Kate Christie (drinkingcastleskoolaid)

Jane Doe by seilleanmor (underworldobsessed)

More Than Together by seilleanmor  (writer-monkey47)

Captain by Cassie Bones (eilidh-kins)

Adagio by JillianCasey (findinggaby)

The Ends Opening Into New Ends Always by recycled-stars (@nonplaudite)

Another Life by BerkieLynn (castleramblings)

slipped away by bravevulnerability (alwayswiththecoffee)

What We Are Willing To Give by A Beauty to the Rhythm (Lala111202)

Perchance to Dream by Garrae (Lala111202)

that once was singing gold by foreignlander (zingercaskett)

The Chair by ThePossibilityOfMagic (anonymous)

A Night to Forget by LorelaiGilmore82  (iges2u)

Is Forever Possible by RGoodfellow64 (iges2u)

Precious Things by The Little Monster 1024 (iges2u)

To Shatter Illusions by TappinCastlefan (iges2u)

Reflections by evitascarlett (@katrinespangsoe)

Surviving Paradise by drdit92 (@weseeusinthefall)

The Tortoise and the Hare by drdit92 (anonymous)

So I did this last at 500 followers and here I am at 1000, thank you every last one of you.  I am amazed that you choose to follow me and I appreciate you all for being here and often reading through my mess of a life.

I decided to change up the format again.  I usually don’t like to just call people out, probably because I hate being called out and would prefer to stay anonymous, but I really want to point out all the people that love to interact with on here.  Somehow I managed to keep my shout-outs to 11 people that I really appreciate, so here they are.  If you don’t follow them, you ought to check them all out.

tickledbynichols - A very special friend, blogs about Beyonce, GOT, Continuum, and lots of other great stuff.  She also helps me run my Rachel Nichols/Continuum blog therachelcontinuum. :)

degizzie - A very special person, blogs a little bit of everything

artificerdagna lesbianpearl - One of the best people I’ve met on here. You have been a great help and inspiration on several things.  I want to thank you so many times. Lots of Beautiful Tropical Fish, Steven Unverse, and anything else that catches her fancy. :)

massivenerdywarehouse - Someone I love talking again. Warehouse 13, BTVS, Fringe, Lost Girl, are among the things on her blog.

sofofy - A marvelous person to talk to - Lost Girl, Orphan Black, OITNB, are amongst the many things she blogs.

androidiva - A very special person, lots of cool stuff, including swan queen

ashermajestywishes - OUAT blog mostly and lots of sass, probably why I like you.

dreadfuldevice - A wonderful person, lots of GOT, Sarah Paulson, and beautiful photos of Lisbon and Portugal :)

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I follow so many people and these are some of the really awesome people.  I could just list them all, since you all make my dashboard so great.  I guess I had to bold a few more names on my list.  I have so many blogs that help make mine what it is. Thanks. :)

Hey there!

My name’s Chris and this is my very first follow forever always on this blog! I am really excited about this. I don’t know why but yeah! I haven’t been much here yet so I for sure don’t have as many blogs in here as I should have, because I bet I missed out so many castle/caskett bloggers?! I am hoping to find more of you guys! But yeah here we are…




anonymous asked:

Prompt: Castle and Becks went to the Police Academy together and ended up years later as partners at the 12th?

When Kate first landed in Homicide, she’d practically skipped into work. This was what she’d been working towards for six long, grueling years now, and she was going to make the most of it. Captain Montgomery smiled in greeting as she placed all her personal affects on her desk, dressed to the nines in a new suit and her best heels. 

“Lookin’ good, Detective,” he greeted and she beamed. The Captain had always treated her like a daughter and she’d practically been like the teacher’s pet–her co-worker, Javier, liked to tease her about it all the time. “Can you join me in my office?” he asked. “Your new partner is here, already.”

Kate nodded, making her way into the office, her large grin melting off her face the second she saw who was inside.

“Rick?” she gasped. The man turned to her and grinned, nodding to her.

“Hey, Kate,” he greeted. “Long time, no see.”

Kate turned to Montgomery. “Sir,” she said, “what’s he doing here? He doesn’t belong to the Twelfth.”

“Does now,” Roy replied. “Detective Castle got transferred just a couple weeks ago, after Gomez’s retirement came through. We needed the extra manpower and the 42nd was happy to give us some. You two know each other, I’m guessing?”

Castle nodded. “We met at the Academy,” he informed him, “about five years ago.”

Montgomery noticed Kate’s seething glare. “I’m guessing you didn’t get along well?”

“You could say that,” Rick replied. “It’s all water under the bridge though…right, Kate?”

Kate took a deep breath, avoiding his gaze. “Right,” she said, before looking to her captain. “All water under the bridge.”

“It better be,” Montgomery said, sternly, “because you two are stuck together now and I don’t want to hear any complaints about the two of you bickering during work, you hear?” Kate and Rick nodded. “Good. Now go out there and…file some paperwork or something. You’re taking the next call.”

“Yes, sir,” they said in unison before shuffling out of the office. Kate was dismayed to find that Castle’s desk was right in front of hers, facing her. He gave her that cocky grin that she’d always hated and she glared back, before focusing her eyes on her own belongings.

As she placed them on her desk, she found herself glancing up at the pictures on his, finding at least three of his smiling daughter, at various ages.

“How’s Alexis?” she asked, startling even herself. She’d met the girl once, while they were at the Academy, and had been struck by her intelligence and politeness…and her adorable little girl dimples.

Castle smiled. “She’s good,” he informed her. “She worries about me being out in the field, but she’s good. She got all AP classes this year.”

He said that with a proud twinkle in his eye and she almost smiled. Instead, she looked back down at her things and started fiddling with the elephants in front of her, rearranging them to fit in an unobtrusive way on her desk.

“Kate?” She looked up to meet his piercing blue, apologetic gaze. “I’m sorry about what happened…between us, I mean.”

Kate sighed. “It’s fine,” she growled. “Let’s just…forget it and move on.”

“Can we start over?” he asked. She tilted her head to the side, in confusion. He offered his hand.

“I’m Detective Richard Castle,” he said, “and I’m looking forward to working with you, Detective…” Again, Kate almost smiled.

“Beckett,” she replied. “Kate Beckett. Likewise, Det. Castle.”

Castle opened his mouth to say something else, but before he could, the phone on Beckett’s desk rang. She let go of his hand and answered it, listening for a moment, before grabbing a pen and a post-it and writing something down. 

“Be there in twenty,” she said, before hanging up. “Come on,” she said to Castle, “we’ve got a body in Central Park.”

Castle was on his feet in seconds, grabbing his keys off his desk. Kate slipped them out of his hand before he could even react.

“I’m driving,” she said with authority and he didn’t even try to argue, just put his hands in the air in acceptance as he followed her out.