Here’s a lil wip of a new drawing I’m working on rn. I’m using @edenmo122’s amazing edit as a lil reference.

Well, I had to take this picture with my phone bc unfortunately my internet just died yesterday. Isn’t that great? Well, the only thing I can do now is wait. I’ve to work on a school project, but I rlly need internet for that. I hate my life rn. Anyway, enjoy my lil desus wip! ❤


Tomitake: have you done with packing?

Aoi: finished four hours ago~

Tomitake: so fast!! let’s go shopping once we’re in Korea👕👖👔👟🎩💼👜🕶

Aoi: ofc☺️👊

Accidentally Overheard Dixus Oneshot Preview

The problem with being a trained hunter is that you’re always hunting.  You don’t know it, but it’s in the way you move, the way you breathe.  All natural like, you start walking softer and breathing calmer.  Truth be told, he’d always had to walk on eggshells; it was the way things were. Merle had always just barged through like a rabid coon, but he had always taken to being unseen as often as possible.

Add to that years of having to be ready for walkers at all times, and well, it was ingrained in him now.  He couldn’t force himself to make a sound as he walked if he tried.  After running like hell, with his lungs on fire, his breathing was barely more than a whisper.  This would be all well and good if it didn’t mean he had a nasty habit of eavesdropping.

Well… not so much eavesdropping as accidentally overhearing.  No one ever heard him coming.  It was a gift and a curse.  A gift for him when he had his eyes set on an enemy.  A curse when he heard things he knew weren’t meant for his ears.

Yesterday was one of those days.  He’d just been minding his own damn business when he walked into a clearly private conversation, and really, who has those outside?  Ain’t that the kind of shit closed doors were made for? And now, now… he couldn’t get that shit outta his head.

It was like a damn echo somewhere off in the distance but close enough to worry, and it kept following him wherever he went for the rest of the day yesterday.  It had snuck up on him around corners while he was dreaming last night, and this morning didn’t seem to be any different.  He needed out.

He changed into a clean long sleeve shirt and vest that Jesus had brought him a few days ago, grabbed his crossbow, his backpack, and an apple, and hustled for the main gate.  It was early enough that he might miss everyone if he hurried.  The guards were just cracking the gate for him when he heard a voice he’d become all to familiar with lately call his name.

Son of a bitch!  If this asshole wasn’t takin’ his sweet ass time with the damn gate I coulda already been gone.  I can still get outta here.  Just pretend you don’t hear nothing, Daryl.

“Hey, Daryl,” the guard said.

“Hn?”  He didn’t mean to sound like a dick but he needed this gate open now and this asshole wanted to talk about it.

“I think Jesus needs you,” he said calmly, and pointed somewhere in the distance behind him.  He turned to where the guy was pointing.  Yup, there was Jesus making some signal with his hand, but he couldn’t make it out.  He shielded his eyes from the early morning sun and squinted.  Looked like a five. Give you five?  I don’t think so.

He turned to go out the gate; it had to be open now, only to find it closed again. He gave a silent growl of frustration. This was not how this morning was supposed to go.  He almost flinched when he heard boots saunter up behind him. He turned to find Jesus beaming, yes beaming, at him.  Who the fuck beamed this early in the morning anyway?

“Thanks for waiting, Daryl,” he said as his smile softened.

Asshole up there didn’t give me much of a choice.  He glared up at the guy for a couple seconds.  He said nothing, just watched Jesus pull a white long sleeve thermal over a black wife-beater.  He thought, and not for the first time, how the hell does this guy scavenge on his own?  He used to be the kind of guy that bought into stereotypes, Merle had set him on that path, and Glenn had helped him see right, but Jesus was so… soft.

“Where you off to so early, Daryl?” Jesus asked as he slid on his blue vest.

“Just out for a stroll.  Somethin’ I can do for you?” he replied.

Jesus just shook his head at his rude tone and smiled.  “I wouldn’t have stopped you otherwise,” he said as he pulled on his leather jacket, and pulled his long hair out the back.

“Well, go on. What is it?”  He did not have time for this.

“I got a lead on some guns,” he said as he checked through his backpack one more time.  “I need someone to help me check it out.  Normally I’d go alone, but if what I think is there, is there, well I’m going to need help getting it back here.”

Damn.  They needed guns.  His people, Alexandria, needed guns.  Anything else and he would have said no outright, but not this.  He nodded his agreement, and Jesus beamed up at him, again.  Jesus stood up, pulled his backpack over both shoulders then looked up at the guy manning the gate.  “Can you open up for us, Micah?” he said with another smile.

“Sure thing, Jesus,” he said and went to work quickly and efficiently.  

Oh now he wants to hurry.  Psht, asshole.

~TBC on A03