When the fic is that good and isn’t canon 😭😭

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Reblog. DON'T repost my Darus artwork on tumblr

Ok. I do Daryl and Jesus fan art because it’s a fun community. I love the two characters and draw them for my enjoyment and hopefully the enjoyment of others, like the other twd fan artists.
But if you go repost my artwork instead of just hitting the simple reblog option, I got to question your motives. If you want to share it around, go for it, the more audience the better and more people get enjoyment from it. But REBLOG.
How do I know it’s audience response if I can’t see the notes on my post if you repost the artwork from your account and as if YOU did it?
Im the one who spent the time and energy thinking, sketching and colouring the artwork. Not you. Just ponder on that for a moment please.
This is my artwork that I choose to do in my spare time. I decide where it goes and where I post it, whether it be tumblr, instagram or twitter. You MUST lead the credit to the artist or you are taking the credit in the end. Plus, you know it’s mine, I have my signatures and logos on the damn things. :D Urgh. I hate having to write these posts.

October 25, 2004 [2007 in anime]:

  • Misa Amane goes for a drive with Kyosuke Higuchi and tells him she is the Second Kira.
  • At the discrete request of Misa Amane, Rem kills Ginzo Kaneboshi with the Death Note, confirming to Kyosuke Higuchi that Misa is the Second Kira.
  • Kyosuke Higuchi tells Misa Amane that he is the Yotsuba Kira. She discreetly records his confession and passes it on to the Kira Task Force.
  • The Task Force comes up with a plan in order to expose Kyosuke Higuchi as the Yotsuba Kira and discover his killing method.