Day 418 - Desukarn | デスカーン | Cofagrigus

They lurk in the shadows of old ruins. When they’re in the dark, they are in master control. Anywhere the light does not touch is their reign. They terrify humans who wander into their domain for fun.

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Thanks, Meowth!

Now we know…

The Darkness lies within…

Well, okay, this thing is REALLY funny, sure, but omg: creepier than Desumasu/ Desukarn… or Lysandre;p

Probably it’s just a gag but I wouldn’t mind if Kojiro actually got that kind of pokemon, for a change. Ever since Matadogas’ departure he was ALWAYS about the visibly sweety. Mimikyu may be/appear sweety but it is also VERY VISIBLY creepy.

Also, wouldn’t that be kind of awesome if they got it at some point in S&M anime because…

Mimikyu’s health fails when it’s bathed in the rays of the sun, so it prefers to stick to dark places. 

… this thing can be like their reverse-Squishy XD

Day 164 - Marumine / マルマイン / Electrode

This is Hollow Island, inhabited entirely by rebel Ghost-types. Brave Pokémon follow their ideals of great treasure and adventure, and take to the seas in search of this elusive place.

Oh Marumine. The poor thing; like everyone else, decided to enter the fray, but at the entrance to the Western Autumnal Grove (as seen on the map from Day 159), a Desukarn instantly humiliates Marumine. Chalk this one up to a loss right away. To be continued throughout this month before Halloween. October belongs to the Ghosts.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawing each and every day!)

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Champion Atlas Commission

Gachigoras, Bangiras, Desukarn, Zorua, Dogars, Mega Sirknight*

Tyrantrum, Tyranitar, Cofagrigus, Zorua, Koffing, Mega Gardevoir*

And of course, commissions are open! Varying prices depending on what you’d like. FYI, the commissions come in a .zip with the final images with and without a background, the black and white lines, as well as each subject separated and in front of a transparent background.

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