Before I head off to bed, have some *gasp* art for a change. This is the first ever commission I’ve taken at a con. I usually don’t do those, because I’m a bit shaky handed at cons because I never seem to get enough sleep and end up drinking too much coffee, but I sold out everything except two magnets, so I thought I’d give it a try on sunday. I thought of doing it on saturday, but like I said, I was a bit out of it then, so drawing was kind of not an option ahaha.

Totoro was a lot of fun to draw, I wish I’d get paid to draw Totoro more often :,D


My Skyrim mage ( NPC ) cosplay I made for Desucon 2012! It’s ready and I’m pleased, even though the jewelry on the shoulder broke down quite badly. But I can always make that anew. So nothing to worry about. 

But yes, I’m a bit sad that nobody recognized me! But it’s just my own fault, since the cosplay was an NPC. u v u’’ Well, I guess everybody will recognize my next cosplay, then! Just gotta work hard. 


Finally some pictures from Desucon 2012 (the Finnish version).
I cosplayed Atlas from the game Bioshock and Jack in the sixth pic is ich. Pictures were taken by Martsa.

There are a few things that are off (such as my hair - it couldn’t decide what color it wanted to be) but overall I’m quite pleased how the cosplay turned out.

Now if I only learned to look less derpy in pictures…


I don’t think I ever mentioned that I entered the AMV contest held at Desucon 2012 two weeks ago, nor did I mention the fact that I actually won something. I never went to pick up my prize in person because my entries were shitty and didn’t feel like watching the contest (or going on the stage dressed as Aranea in case I won, that would have been too embarrassing), so I just went outside to take pictures and hang out with my friends.

Anyway, apparently my second entry was such serious business that I got a prize for it and it arrived in the mail today. So yeah, the text in the bottom picture says “Best Serious Video”. 

This is the AMV in question, by the way.