Before I head off to bed, have some *gasp* art for a change. This is the first ever commission I’ve taken at a con. I usually don’t do those, because I’m a bit shaky handed at cons because I never seem to get enough sleep and end up drinking too much coffee, but I sold out everything except two magnets, so I thought I’d give it a try on sunday. I thought of doing it on saturday, but like I said, I was a bit out of it then, so drawing was kind of not an option ahaha.

Totoro was a lot of fun to draw, I wish I’d get paid to draw Totoro more often :,D


My Skyrim mage ( NPC ) cosplay I made for Desucon 2012! It’s ready and I’m pleased, even though the jewelry on the shoulder broke down quite badly. But I can always make that anew. So nothing to worry about. 

But yes, I’m a bit sad that nobody recognized me! But it’s just my own fault, since the cosplay was an NPC. u v u’’ Well, I guess everybody will recognize my next cosplay, then! Just gotta work hard. 


Finally some pictures from Desucon 2012 (the Finnish version).
I cosplayed Atlas from the game Bioshock and Jack in the sixth pic is ich. Pictures were taken by Martsa.

There are a few things that are off (such as my hair - it couldn’t decide what color it wanted to be) but overall I’m quite pleased how the cosplay turned out.

Now if I only learned to look less derpy in pictures…