So, in Devil Survivor 1/Overclocked, there is usually the same archetype presented as a male human and a female human, when it comes to named characters.

In order of male, female:

The close friend is Atsuro, Yuzu.
The mysterious quest giver is Naoya, Amane.
The gangster leader is Kaido, Mari.
The truth searcher is 10Bit, Shoji.
The young hero is Keisuke, Midori.
The widow/er is Gin, Haru.
The soldier is Fushimi, Izuna.
The demon summoner is Founder, Aya.

Now, there are two combo breakers:

The father(parent?)-questant is Honda, Loki.

Loki gave birth to his children himself, while Honda probably sired his. Honda wanders in vain searching for power that he will never have while Loki places his bet on Naoya, and Loki was a patron of farmers and powerless people.

And of course, the protagonist, who is a feminine boy. Kudlak even lampshades this, and to some fans’ lament protagonist wasn’t very happy about it.

I wonder why they picked Loki rather than a goddess-mother? But Loki is likely genderfluid and did give birth, so that’s kind of like a mother… but Loki mostly identifies as male…

It could be because beside Loki, there is no god who would sponsor Cain and also be somewhat accepted. After all, Cain follows no god, so it takes a god who doesn’t care about being worshiped.