He will fight for his family even the ones who think they don’t need him *cough* Daryl *cough*
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Walking Dead (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Relationships: Daryl Dixon/Jesus
Characters: Daryl Dixon, Jesus (Walking Dead), Carol Peletier, Judith Grimes
Additional Tags: Pre-Slash, Language of Flowers, art therapy
Summary: Daryl doesn’t flirt… in the traditional sense.

I wrote a Darus thang.

{Pull up a chair, kiddos, we’re going to talk about sex.

Sexualization that is.

Well and sex.


Okay, now that I have your attention.

So there has been a lot of talk about sexualization of LGBT+ ships lately (especially in the desus/darus fandom) and I just want to clear the air.

There is nothing wrong with smut. At all. There’s nothing wrong with characters having sex or you writing it. Don’t let people shame your writing.

The issue comes when you only focus on that. If you only want to see them have sex? That’s sexualization. Only focusing on S E X is sexualization.

Is shipping sexualization? That depends. Why do you ship them? Is it because you only want to see them in bed together? That’s sexualization. Do you want to see them together in a developing relationships? Not sexualization.

It’s not really that hard to understand. Just wanting the characters together because you think they’re hot and would get off on them together is sexualization. If you ship the characters for more than just the idea of them in bed together, it’s not sexualization.

It’s really that not hard to grasp.

But there’s a misconception going around with this:

Sex isn’t bad.

Sex is okay.

We have some good writers out there and you’re shaming them…for writing a sex scene? I don’t think a sex scene is sexualization, especially if they support the relationship. We have some talented fucking writers in this fandom and you’re…shaming them for writing a sex scene in their story? That’s literally silencing creative freedom. Sex is about more than just getting off, there’s emotions involved in it.

[Blog info: On here? Go ahead and ask questions about sex. It’s natural to be curious and there is nothing wrong with sex. But when they make it clear that they are uncomfortable, you gotta stop. Daryl has obviously made it clear he doesn’t like to talk about it and if you do follow this blog, you know Paul’s past.]

Okay, rant over.

To summarize

  • Shipping isn’t wrong.
  • Sex isn’t wrong, but you shouldn’t just focus on sex.
  • Support LGBT+ ships for more than just sex.
  • Don’t be gross.
  • Don’t objectify characters.

The LGBT+ mod who is tired of hearing sex is wrong