A Walk In The Clouds

So I don’t know what this is, or what it will be. I’m sure I had some sort of plan for it when I wrote it, but since it’s been sitting in a folder since May, whatever “plan” I had for it has disappeared into the deepest corner of my mind, lmao. I found it this morning and thought I’d share :)

The air is thick with heat. The sun beams down on the threesome as they huddle around the old, red pickup. Rick turns his head slightly, cutting his blue eyes toward the older couple passing by a few feet behind them. He eyes them the entire time as they pass, causing the old man to raise his hand slightly. Rick gives him a head nod and only turns away after they pass. Daryl slams shells into his pump action shotgun before shoving more shells into his pocket. He tucks the large weapon into his arm and brings it up to his eye line, slightly, closing his left eye as he peers down the barrel.

Michonne stands next to him, shoving her pearl handled, hand carved .45 colts into the rim of her white, skin tight dress pants. She throws on her fitted white jacket over her black satin blouse and buttons the one button just under her breasts. Her nude heels click on the pavement as she moves around, grabbing extra clips to fill her pockets. She reaches into the old truck, grabbing a black ski mask and slips it over her face. She grabs an empty duffle bag and throws it over her shoulder. She’s ready.

Rick tucks his AR 15 underneath his arm before he shrugs another empty duffle bag over his shoulder. He looks up into the sky, squinting a little into the light. He then scans the opposite side of the rather vacant parking lot. It’s a quiet day. A good day. A good day for a bank robbery. He turns back toward his partners, “We ready?”

They both nod, “As ready as we’ll ever be.” Daryl pipes up, standing up straight and rolling his shoulders.

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