Daryl & Jesus -> “Ain’t a prick no more.”

I’m such desus trash, help. I tried a new style and I’m rlly fucking proud of how it turned out. I’ve to keep myself busy till october and drawing desus fanarts is a great way of doing so. 

Daryl & Jesus -> “I broke my rules for you.”

“You ever think about it? Settling down?”

No. No, he never did. But only because he never imagined that anyone was ever willing settle down with him. I mean, who on this goddamn planet wants a Dixon?

A guy called Paul Rovia (or Jesus, but Daryl would never call him that) does. He wants him and only him. It still confuses the hell out of Daryl. How’s it possible that a guy like Paul would ever fall in love with someone like Daryl?

But it happened somehow. And fucking hell, it feels so good.


Daryl & Jesus -> “Wanna see ya smile again, prick.”

It has been a whole week since Paul came back from his last run. Daryl hasn’t seen him smile since. Something must’ve happened out there, but he just won’t talk about it. It bothers Daryl, it really does. He misses that little prick’s laugh, even those stupid jokes. Daryl knows, he’s the one who should talk to Paul, but the thing is Even though they were more than just friends for quite a while now, Daryl still has no idea how to do all this couple-crap. Still, he’s trying. He’d do anything to see that smile again.