The lobster bib and floppy hat conspiracy

So Tom did a Q&A session on Reddit yesterday and someone asked about the lobster bib and the red floppy hat in Jesus’ trailer.

And Tom answer raised so many questions in me I had to make a post.

He said that “all will be revealed” and not to forget that Maggie is wearing Jesus’ clothes lately.

And it’s interesting because Tom already brought up Maggie’s clothes being Jesus’ in the 7x14 review interview he was invited to. More precisely Maggie’s Diner shirt.

That one.

Maggie already wore that shirt. I think we saw her in it in 7x05. It reads Hon’s Diner I think.

So I have two theories about that. The first on is:

-Maybe Jesus is gonna get hurt instead of Maggie.

In the last episode we saw that Gregory had started to feel threaten by Maggie’s presence at the Hilltop and Jesus’ loyalty towards her. He talked about it to Simon and we saw in 7x15 preview that Gregory will try to hurt Maggie.

Now hear me out, Jesus and Maggie have the same heights, and they’re wearing the same clothes. Also Gregory has been drinking more and more this season. For a drunk like Gregory, from behind, only the hair makes a difference and if Jesus he wearing, let’s say, a big floppy red hat, Gregory wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

My second theory is:

-The Diner is what matters.

Maggie has been wearing Jesus’ clothes but Tom specifically talked about the Diner shirt. So the Diner must be an important place.

Now I will talked about one my other theory, is that Jesus actually asked Sherry for her help. And they organized Daryl escape together. While Jesus cleared the path, Sherry would let Daryl out.

I’ll explain. The Desus escape always seemed off to me. it was too quick, we didn’t really see anything and it seemed like Daryl would have escape even if Jesus hadn’t stayed to help.

Besides, the timing was just perfect, Sherry magically decided to help on the day Jesus was at the Sanctuary and stayed to help Daryl. And Jesus found Daryl so easily, like he knew he would be here.

And in 7x14 we saw this:

When Sasha takes the bullets from Jesus’ hiding place we can clearly see that Jesus is also hiding Daryl’s bike key AND it’s resting on a /matchbook/. And I think the matchbook is really important.

The matchbook is upside down so we don’t notice it to much and don’t make the connection with another matchbook we saw not a long ago.

This one:

Yes! During Daryl and Jesus escape from the Sanctuary. Daryl also had a match on his note and we still don’t know why. Daryl is inside the building, not outside, he is the one who opens the door so the matchbook can’t be seen by him. It’s not a sign for Daryl but for Jesus. Indicating that Daryl is behind /this/ particular door. And for Daryl the match means, the one with the matchbook is there to help you trust him.

Now what if the matchbook is Jesus’. Because he obviously kept it, when Daryl opens the door it falls on the floor and they’re escaping so why did Jesus troubled himself with picking up the matchbook?

My guess is the matchbook is from Hon’s Diner too. Hon’s Diner being an important place to Jesus for whatever reason. And that we’ll see more of that Dinner.

Maybe this Diner is an important part of Jesus past? Or maybe it’s one of Jesus’ hideout? Maybe Jesus’ told Sherry to hide there after /she/ escape?

What do you all think?

As for the lobster thingy, I have NO IDEA

What Maggie was really thinking
  • Jesus: I found it hard to be close to anyone... friends, neighbours..
  • Maggie (thinking): please say boyfriends, pleases say boyfriends come on u gay bby pls say boyfriends
  • Jesus: ... boyfriends
  • Maggie: *smiles, nods, very understanding and respectful*
  • Maggie (thinking) : I fucking knew it. Man I am so good at reading people. I knew he was gay he checks out Daryl literally every time he sees him. Yus darus is REAL

my otp  *:・゚✧

March 12, 2004: Misa Amane gains the Death Note and meets Rem.

March 12, 2009:

  • The SPK (Special Provision for Kira) is created.
  • SPK agent Ill Ratt discretely informs Mello about the Death Note and that it is in the hands of the Japanese NPA.

March 22, 1971: Arayoshi Hatori is born.