NBC Universal Comiket 90 booth exclusive goods are available for mail order… already

Even though summer Comiket starts on August 12 this year, it’s already possible to order some exclusive items from it, for some reason. This campaign by NBC Universal lasts until August 7.

Gochiusa goods are dominant this year, with notable items being Phantom Thief Lapin set, which contains a CD with 2 new songs, full color shirts, Chimame blankets with hoods, and nap set with blanket and pilllow cover. There are also a few (2) Yuyushiki items, if you’re into that.

You can order all this stuff here (shipping within Japan only):


Got Desu 2 br since it went on sale, Yasuda’s art style is cringeworthy as usual. I played the original desu2 on an emulator up to the alignment split before my computer broke. I still like desu 1 a lot more though. The gameplay was less tedious and there’s less filler.

I’m A Spider, So What? – S16

The Turbulence The Lies In The Shadow Of Peace

May contain disturbing content, see note 1 for details.

After that incident, Hugo no longer showed his face in class. It seems like he’s still staying on campus, but ever since then, I haven’t seen him even once. When I asked Sue and Katia, they said the same thing.

“He dared lift a finger against you, Brother. He should die for that.”
“Sue. Don’t say things like that so thoughtlessly. However, I can’t believe that he faced no punishment at all.”

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