Fetishization of Same-sex relationships

Oh my god.

I literally was on The Spoiling Dead fan page (the comments have been deleted now) and I saw this girl say that “Aaron’s boyfriend is a ginger, anorexic creep” and that “Aaron and Jesus would be better together”. Literally an example of fetishization of gay men and same-sex relationships. It angers me so much that 1. Some people can be so shallow and rude 2. They want two men to break up or the one they don’t find hot to be killed, simply for two other gay men to get together to satisfy and for their own sexual gratification; ignoring the fact that Aaron and Eric have been together since before the apocalypse and that they are in love. If you are one of those people that only like same-sex relationship representation because they sexual gratify you and you find it hot and you want to break one up because you don’t find it “hot” - then fuck you. You are homophobic and are reducing gay/bi men to sex objects and that you only care about representation if it get’s you off. This happens all the time with straight men fetishizating lesbian/bi women too.

Wanting a same-sex couple to become canon because you think they would be a cute, interesting couple is not fetishization. In fact, finding same-sex intimacy/kissing/sex arousing is not fetishization either. Studies have been shown that (more so in women) many people, regardless of the sexuality or whether it is a same-sex or opposite sex couple, will get aroused by many different types of porn regardless of the person’s own sexuality and the nature of the porn. Watching gay porn when you are a woman is also not fetishization either. Just like a man being aroused by seeing the naked female body doesn’t mean that he is fetishizing/objectifing the female naked body - it’s just something he finds arousing and is attracted to. You can not help what you get’s you aroused (it is something that is biological and psychological, something that is in your nature) and as long as it is not non-consentual, paedophilia, bestiality situation or porn that arouses you then there should be no problem with what arouses you.

What is fetishization is when you want a same-sex couple to become canon simply on the grounds of you wanting to watch them kiss/have sex. Fetishization is dating a bisexual person for the expectation of having a threesome with them. Fetishization is the asking intrusive questions about an lgbt person’s sex life for your own little fantasy and gratification. Fetishization is seeing a lgbt person as a sexual object or objectifying same-sex relationships as to something that simply gets you off. For example, Youtuber Onision constantly fetishizes lesbian/bi women and talks about their sex life explicitly and how he finds it really hot to watch lesbian/bi women have sex, in literally every video he makes. That is fetishization.

Regardless, back to what I was ranting about. It got me really annoyed because I have been someone out of the few people alongside others like @thegaymerist @thereadersmuse @askdarus and @paullrovia that have been angered by the lack of interaction between Aaron and Eric and how AMC have completely ignored their relationship and the bad treatment of same-sex relationships in TWD in general. The fact that there are some people that want Eric to die or break up with Aaron because they don’t find them a “hot couple”, they don’t find him attractive and want Aaron to be with Jesus because it would be “hot” is down right shallow, rude, disgusting and objectifying of same-sex relationships. Literally I am annoyed as hell because I once got accused of fetishising gay people simply because I said is that Daryl might not actually be straight and that him and Jesus would make a groundbreaking, cute and interesting couple (they were a stranger in the youtube comments so they don’t know me). It’s people like that one person that makes people like myself, who has been angered by AMC’s treatment of ALL their LGBT characters (killing off both of Tara’s gfs, Aaron and Eric little to none screen time), be lumped together with people who actually fetishises/objectify same-sex relationships. Finding same-sex relationships cute or interesting is not fetishization; objectifying them as to something that gets you aroused and that you only care about lgbt representation if you find the couple hot/want to watch them have sex is.

All our LGBT characters in The Walking Dead (and all others shows tbh) deserve that respect of treating them as people, not objects like some people do. We are allowed to get angry when they and their relationships are ignored or when one of them dies unnecessarily before we can see more of their relationship grow. We should also call out, calmly and non-aggressively, when people objectify them. 

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Gochiusa character song compilation cover + track list

A compilation album of Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka? character songs literally called “order the songs”  is coming out on December 21. It contains 28 tracks in total, all of which were previously released on separate singles.

Track list:

◆Daydream café 【Petit Rabbit’s】 (season 1 OP)
◆ぽっぴんジャンプ♪ 【Chimame-tai】 (season 1 ED)
◆スマイルメーカー 【Cocoa】 (Cocoa/Chino cd)
◆チョコリズムチョコルール 【Cocoa】 (Petit Rabbits single)
◆a cup of happiness 【Chino】 (Cocoa/Chino cd)
◆出かけましょうと答えましょう 【Chino】 (cup of chino)
◆Love & Gun 【Rize】 (Cocoa/Rize cd)
◆ミカヅキドロップ 【Rize】 (Furimawasare-tai single)
◆色葉おしながき 【Chiya】 (Chiya/Sharo cd)
◆月夜にお砂糖星 【Chiya】 (Petit Rabbits single)
◆麗しのShooting star 【Sharo】 (Rize/Sharo cd)
◆カフェインファイター 【Sharo】 (Furimawasare-tai single)
◆ナマイキTiny Heart 【Maya】 (Chimame-tai single)
◆ナイショのはなしは夢の中で 【Megu】 (Chimame-tai single)
◆うさぎになったバリスタ 【Aoyama Blue Mountain】 (Gochiusa Blend)
◆全天候型いらっしゃいませ 【Cocoa & Chino】 (Cocoa/Chino cd)
◆Rabbit Hole 【Cocoa & Rize】 (Cocoa/Rize cd)
◆ずっと一緒 【Chiya & Sharo】 (Chiya/Sharo cd)
◆Eを探す日常 【Rize & Sharo】 (Rize/Sharo cd)
◆VSマイペース? 【Furimawasare-tai】 (Gochiusa Blend)
◆ハートぷるぷる事件です 【Furimawasare-tai】 (Furimawasare-tai single)
◆きらきらエブリディ 【Chimame-tai】 (Gochiusa Blend)
◆ぴょん’sぷりんぷるん 【Chimame-tai】 (Chimame-tai single)
◆一匙のお姫さま物語 【Petit Rabbit’s】 (Gochiusa Blend)
◆宝箱のジェットコースター 【Petit Rabbit’s】 (Petit Rabbits single)
◆魔法少女チノ 【Chino】 (cup of chino, c88 exclusive cd)
◆怪盗ラパン -The Phantom Thief Lapin- 【Sharo】 (c90 exclusive cd)
◆Theme of Phantom Thief Lapin (c90 exclusive cd)

info on desus writing group

ive created a forum here where there will be easier access. another user is going to work on a tumblr for the group in the meantime. 

i made a few boards for what i think will be the main content of the group, feel free to take a look!

if anyone has any ideas or wants to help moderate things like prompts and challenges, please let me know! you can message me here or email me at 

thanks so much for your interest guys. im excited to get this off the ground in the upcoming weeks. hopefully we’ll have everything ready in time for a holiday gift exchange?