desu desu ne ne

  • Natsushiro & Nqrse

Natsushiro: When Nqrse did something bad-asdfghjkl wwwww

Nqrse : Oi! What what?

Natsushiro : What should i do? I completely can’t speak Japanese, i’m shocked

Nqrse : wwwww what was that just now? It’s like those Korean artist that comes to Japan wwwww you

Natsushiro : Annyeonghaseyo

Nqrse : *cough*

Natsushiro : Hey i’m bad at it…..Nqrse you’re really good at it just now, do it one more time 

Nqrse : Good at what?

Natsushiro : Korean artist who came to Japan-

Nqrse : *Imitating* Ya! I don’t really know it myself but Natsushiro Takaaki ermmm Na-Natsushiro-san VERY GOOD desu yo ne, Natsushiro-san…his song the INTRO is very good, ONE VERSE(?) has a good feeling to it.The air around him is really…..Natsushiro-san’s the songs has awesome atmosphere to it….it’s good isn’t it?


└ やっぱり、リーグー優しいだねー

Cr: Tore SP 11.04.2016