desu design


It has finally happened! TheFerrets is now on Society6! There are a few designs to choose from to start, and I plan on adding more in the future! Now you can show your ferrety love on your clothing and in your home decor! Cause its not like we’re crazy or anything! 

Is your color pattern missing? 

Want a certain image available as a different product?

Got any neat ideas you want me to get inspired by? 

Don’t hesitate to message me! 

PS. If you purchase something, make sure you take a picture of it and show me :) All proceeds go right back to my babies! Thank you for letting me share my artwork with you! Hope ya dig!

We are working on something BIG! We now own a 3D printer, and we can literally print Ferrets! This is a rough tester and it is a premade design so I don’t take any credit for that. But I will be building my own style of ferret to print! That came out of a printer guys ;)

I WILL be selling these on a first come first served basis. You will have the option of blue, black, white or a custom paint job. And eventually maybe we will sell LARGE ones as well! But let us not get a head of ourselves.

I might create a kick starter depending on the interest. You can see more on my Instagram!


Batch of co-chibi ferrets for some fabulous people to help raise money for my ferrets vet bills <3 

These commissions are still open! And you can get any animal done! It doesn’t have to be a ferret! $5 each Need to pay off those bills! 

EDIT: Added a few puppies!  I will add all new animals to this post! 

know what’s especially cringy and sad about fandoms like lotf or gravity falls? that 80% of them consist of underage little girls who make portrayals of horrifying, monstrous characters like bill cypher or jack merridew be sparkly cute cinnamon rolls that have absolutely no conection to the actual characters. basically they turn interesting, really well constructed characters into mindless stereotypical anime-desu designed puppets