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It has finally happened! TheFerrets is now on Society6! There are a few designs to choose from to start, and I plan on adding more in the future! Now you can show your ferrety love on your clothing and in your home decor! Cause its not like we’re crazy or anything! 

Is your color pattern missing? 

Want a certain image available as a different product?

Got any neat ideas you want me to get inspired by? 

Don’t hesitate to message me! 

PS. If you purchase something, make sure you take a picture of it and show me :) All proceeds go right back to my babies! Thank you for letting me share my artwork with you! Hope ya dig!

We are working on something BIG! We now own a 3D printer, and we can literally print Ferrets! This is a rough tester and it is a premade design so I don’t take any credit for that. But I will be building my own style of ferret to print! That came out of a printer guys ;)

I WILL be selling these on a first come first served basis. You will have the option of blue, black, white or a custom paint job. And eventually maybe we will sell LARGE ones as well! But let us not get a head of ourselves.

I might create a kick starter depending on the interest. You can see more on my Instagram!


Batch of co-chibi ferrets for some fabulous people to help raise money for my ferrets vet bills <3 

These commissions are still open! And you can get any animal done! It doesn’t have to be a ferret! $5 each Need to pay off those bills! 

EDIT: Added a few puppies!  I will add all new animals to this post! 

DeSu musings

Oh don’t worry not a weird question at all :)
I’m okay with Yasuda designing the DeSu games since it didn’t have a pre-established art style as the main series and the original Persona games did. It was a Megami Ibunroku game and the start of a new series so I’m totally ok that he became the main designer of this series.

(I will forever miss the games from the 90s with Kaneko designs for the main series AND Persona though that’s a different story. I would prefer Soejima and Doi cooperating with Kaneko and doing the character portraits since this is their strenght since they can show lots of emotions while Kaneko does the best basic designs which always look cool. However to be fair Soejima for example also helped a lot in P2 since he designed several locations and even some characters all by himself).

I do like Yasuda’s designs for the male characters for example the Protagonist of the first DeSu game or Naoya for example and I also like his Digimon artworks:

However there is one problem that I have with Yasuda’s designs:

Yuzu and Io are both cute girls don’t get me wrong but I don’t like how Yasuda draws big breasts. They don’t look like well drawn breasts to me.

Lets’s look at Maya with her big heart boobies. Both Kaneko and Soejima drew her with big breasts but hers look natural (this might be since the Persona characters from the PSX era and the characters from the main series look realistic though. Doi’s SMTIV human designs luckily went into the same direction).

I also like that Kaneko designed some demons for the first DeSu like Jezebel.

I was even content with the way the first DeSu used a Judeo-Christian story as its background:

Normally I don’t want any other Atlus games beside the main series to touch Judeo-Christian stuff with a ten foot pole since I only want the main series to use it in such a important way since I love the portrayal of the main series.
Persona especially should stay like in P2 which while having Greco-Roman mythology as a basis also used many other myths, legends, rumors and cultural stuff in my opinion.

SMT’s Adam and Eve plot, SMTII’s Jesus plot (both Gospel Jesus as well as Gnostic Jesus), Strange Journey alluding to the Gnostic Jesus since it shows the results of Aleph killing YHVH (which led to YHVH’s conflict with the Mothers and them tearing him into pieces) and the appearance of demiurge, and Nocturne’s the Revelation of John meets Nietzsche plot as well as the overall Paradise Lost atmosphere with Lucifer definitely puts the main series on the top of my favorite games with Judeo-Christian themes.

I also like the background story of the Black Samurai and the Cocoon in SMTIV and the themes they allude to, they fit well and I also like how P2 used the Heilige Lanze and the legends/rumors about it as a plot device.

Well as said before in DeSu’s case I was content since it was well incorporated and since I liked the characters and since it alluded a lot to the tale.

So to summarize: I’m okay with Yasuda’s designs except the breasts and I liked the plot of the first DeSu game a lot and thought that the second game was nice as well.