So there was a bird trapped in our 5th classroom. It flew around the room multiple times, until it eventually hit the wall and fell to the ground. (I LEGIT THOUGHT IT DIED RIGHT THERE ON THE SPOT NO JOKE I FELT AWFUL) Me, My friend Jesse, and my health teacher examined it. It was in a dazed state, didn’t move, and it’s beak open obviously terrified. Jesse grabbed a pair of gloves and we both took the bird outside somewhere safe so no one would desturb it. We feel pretty awesome😂😂😂

(the bird was also missing a leg which was pretty cool too)

nickundine asked:

Hi there! I've been a huge fan of your art and stories for a long time, and I was wondering where I can find the full Revenge on Ash story...? Thanks so much and keep up the amazing work! <3

Hi there. ^^/)
Thank you very much for your interest. The story “Rescue - Revenge on Ash” is originall written in German [”Rescue - Rache an Ash”] but there exists a not-beta-read-ed English version you can maybe have a look if the mix between German and English/American doesn’t desturb you too much.