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Morgana & Guinevere: The Movie

After months of working with Morgana to overthrow Uther, Guinevere is caught, accused of treason, and sentenced to death. Morgana isn’t about to let her go without a fight -and neither is Arthur.

Outside, the executioners block was being made ready for tomorrow’s execution. Morgana knew she should be at least a little comforted because at least Gwen wasn’t to be burnt. She’s not. How could she?

There is a knock on the door to her chambers.

Morgana doesn’t answer. She needs a plan, not company.

“Morgana?” Arthur calls through the door. “Morgana, let me in.”

Morgana doesn’t answer. If he doesn’t know she’s there, he’ll go away.

Arthur knocks again. “Morgana, stop being stubborn and open the door. I have a plan to make Uther release Gwen.”

Morgana manages to stop herself from running to the door for a whole three seconds.

Gwen. She could save Gwen.