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the whole atlas was made for supergirl, it was fate

I could talk about Sleeping At Last’s Atlas album + Supergirl for hours, probably.

I made this video a while ago, to their song “Uneven Odds”: [x] (posting a higher res of that tonight, I think.

I’m making another for “Mercury”, because the quiet reflection in the beginning reminds me so much of Kara looking out at the city lights. Not to mention:

“Somehow all of this mess is just my attempt to know the worth of my life.”

That’ll be a Supercorp one because I think their experiences are very similar in that regard, how they need to be heroes.

“Venus” is Sanvers:

“I convinced myself that I would never find you. When suddenly I saw you.”

“Neptune” feels very Lena Luthor to me:

“If brokenness is a form of art, I must be a poster child prodigy.”

“Earth” is about the destruction of Krypton, consequent relocation of Kara to Earth, the House of El, and her disillusionment of her family: 

“There was an earthquake. There was an avalanche of change.”

And “Sun” is just like… Kara:

“I guess space and time takes violent things, angry things and makes them kind.”

And the meanings of each song can apply to multiple people, tbh. It’s an excellent album and everyone should listen to it.

Shiva is a complex god with many roles and powers. In his destroyer role, he often haunts cemeteries, wearing a garland of snakes and a necklace of skulls. A band of terrifying demons, hungering for blood, accompanies him. 

Shiva’s destructive powers are awesome, but they also have a positive side in that destruction usually leads to new forms of existence. In art, Shiva is often portrayed with four arms, four faces, and three eyes. A glance from the third eye in the center of his forehead has the power to destroy anything in creation, including humans and gods. #TheShivaTribe Yet despite his destructiveness, Shiva can be helpful to humans and other gods. 

He acts as a divine judge who shows no mercy to the wicked. He gains spiritual strength from periods of meditation in the Himalayas. When he dances, he represents truth, and by dancing he banishes ignorance and helps relieve the suffering of his followers. Shiva saved the Devas and the world from destruction by swallowing the poison of Vasuki. One of Shiva’s greatest services to the world was to hold the sacred Ganges River, in his matted hair, which flows from the Himalayas. 

At one time, the Ganges passed only through the heavens, leaving the earth dry. After a wise man changed the course of the river, it became a raging torrent and threatened to flood the earth. 

Shiva stood beneath the river and let its waters wind through his hair to calm its flow. Shiva is “sunderashewara” the all beautiful, he is “Ekwartya” the hermit. He is “Pashupati” The Lord of creatures. He is is “Sadashiv” the all eternal, he is “yajat” the guardian in Ganesha, he is “Bhudeva” the lord of earth in Kartikeya, he adorns “Adi Shakti” on his sahastra chakra, where he is “sat” “Chitta” “ananda” the eternal bliss.

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curiously, “mente” is the portuguese word for “mind” but also for a form of the verb “lying”. somehow, it does not seem like a coincidence. the human mind creates everything around us but it doesn’t rest until it comes across with consequent destructions. maybe, these destructions are based on the lies our minds plant upon ourselves. this painting is based on those type of thoughts and feelings, as well as some environmental concerns. we gotta stop lying to ourselves and start caring about our common home, earth

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Uhm… I was re-reading Sailor Moon and I had an idea… and I couldn’t rest until I drew it…. It’s messy and I will probably redo this at some point but here ya go…. And in case you can’t read my chicken scratch:

“I am destruction in human form!
It’s ya boy– Guzma!
In the name of Team Skull, I will beat you down and beat you down and never let up!”

Patrick Dougherty

Patrick “Dougherty’s works allude to nests, cocoons, hives, and lairs built by animals, as well as the [artificial] forms of huts, haystacks, and baskets, created by interweaving branches and twigs together. Many of his works look ‘found’ rather than made” Trained originally as a carpenter, Dougherty skipped backward from the finished material of cut-and-dried wood straight to the source: saplings grown, bent and built into magnificent works of natural and architectural sculpture. As part of this process his designs plan in elements of unpredictability, growth and eventual destruction – there is no attempt to maintain the works beyond as certain point which are, eventually, left to return to natural states slowly and beautifully. In many ways his works are most stunning as they are observed over time – shifting from unorganized through built and eventually into organic chaos. s

That feel when you have to dress up like a giant chicken and lure other chickens to follow you so you can get them back into their pen. Their melodic clucks still haunt you to this day as they form a line behind you. The power is in your hands now. You lead them back to the pen. This is now a life or death situation. You can either kill them and protect the world from their destruction, or you can save them and let them create fine works of art and literature. You can save them and become a legend among your chicken brethren, or you can kill them and give the chicken revolution a martyr. The choice is yours, chicken chaser. The choice is yours.

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Omfg okay so I know coping isn't really healthy if it's self-destructive but like, I'm helping my mom move cuz my parents are divorced and I hate the new place and like! Kinda wanna get drunk but I can't cuz of my meds and I'm not sure what to do

Hey hun, I’m so sorry you’re dealing with such difficult circumstances right now… I’m proud of you that you’re trying to refrain from self destructive habits and I’m glad you’re taking into consideration what alcohol combined with your medication may do to youI recommend going through the links below because there’s tonnes of suggestions of stuff you can do besides getting drunk, taking a nice hot bath with bubbles and candles and a good book if you like to read is always nice and relaxing and helps you to forget about things for a while… text a friend when you feel the urge to self harm in whatever form, make art! Get your feeligns onto a page, even if they’re violent or depressing… sometimes it helps you to work through or even express yourself in that way

If anyone else has some other suggestion, please comment or send them through… I really hope you start to find something that makes you enjoy the new place!