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Heroes of the Storm

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“Here’s a little game. For those of you who are HoTs players and are familiar with Heroes of the Storm, take some time and imagine your Warcraft muse, OC or Canon (If they aren’t in the game yet) and write down the following Trait, Basic abilities and Heroic Abilities.

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Gor’Hall the Kingslayer - Assassin

Trait: Summon Imp  - Gor’Hall summons his trusty Imp to work along side him temporarily. While it is on the battlefield, the imp will cast firebolt either on whoever the Warlock is basic attacking, or any Heroes he manages to hit Incinerate on.

 At level one, the Imp can be upgraded in one of three options. Blood Pact for instance upgrades the Warlock’s health permanently, and giving him temporary health when the Imp is summoned.

Basic Ability Q: Incinerate  - Gor’Hall charges this spell for a split second before throwing Hellfire as a skillshot in a straight line, passing through minions and monsters, and stopping on the first enemy Hero. This has a low cooldown and is meant to be used in rapid succession.

 This ability can be upgraded at some point with a talent known as ‘Fire and Brimstone’, that causes any Incinerations that hit an enemy Hero to explode to also deal a fraction of the damage to nearby foes.

Basic Ability W: Conflagration - This short ranged ability can be instantly used to deal a small amount of damage on an enemy. If this is used on an enemy Hero however, it causes the next Incineration to be instant cast, or [when upgraded] help reduce the cast time for one of his heroic abilities [i’ll get to that in a bit].

Basic Ability E: Rain of Fire - This simple ability marks an area for Hellfire to fall from the sky and set ablaze any enemies who walk into it, dealing damage every second as well as applying a small damage over time for a couple seconds.

Heroic Ability 1: Chaos Bolt - Gor’Hall charges up a powerful bolt of chaotic energy towards a specific enemy Hero, dealing a large amount of damage. This damage cannot be reduced by various damage reduction effects. As previously stated, Conflagration can be upgraded so that after using it, Chaos Bolt can be casted a lot quicker instead of using it for Incinerate.

Heroic Ability 2: Summon Infernal - Gor’Hall brings forth an Infernal that makes its appearance by a small AOE explosion that causes a small stun. For a little while after that, the Infernal will follow the Warlock’s command as a pet, meleeing anyone it can whilst burning anyone close by.