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Properties of Sands

By Rainy-Day-Witchcraft

⌲ Beach Sand: Use for calming or anxiety spells to gradually wash away and smooth out fear/negativity, for spells of change, or in magick for motivation or strength

Desert Sand: Use for cursing to “dry out” your target of wealth/luck/happiness/etc, or add to a resilience spell for the capability to grow through hard times or situations

⌲ River Sand: Use for spells that are focused on moving on physically or mentally, or for change and/or healing magick - Can also serve as an elemental water offering

⌲ Volcanic Sand: Use for destructive spells or curses, in magick to reveal deeper or hidden meanings/feelings, or for banishing magick - Can also serve as an elemental fire offering

 Heavy Mineral/Crystal Sand: (Sands with significant presence of Quartz, Garnet, Olivine, Hematite, etc.) Use in magick for personal growth, focus, or motivation. If you have a sand heavily composed of a specific gemstone (quartz, for example) usable as a substitute for that gemstone in spellwork.

⌲ Black Sand: Use for protection, banishing, or negativity-based spells

 Biogenic Sand: (Sand composed majorly of bioorganisms - shells, skeletons, bones, corals, etc.) Use in magick for healing or protection

So I fought this bunch of draugr, and after having blasted them with the ice thu'um and destruction spells, one of them gets up again.

“strong dude” I think to myself, as I’m sure he had died.

Turns out he had. He didn’t react to further attacks, and I could search his body, but he stood, breathed and had his fists up, ready to go.

Is there a name for when an Undead becomes Undead yet again?

Spacial Rend 💫

A destructive spell based on Palkia’s signature move called “Spacial Rend” from Pokemon. This spell will inflict emotional pain and mental anguish upon the target, tearing them away from all of the things they care for. 

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Items required:

  • Visualization
  • A taglock for the target
  • Paper
  • A red or black candle
  • A fire safe container
  • A small jar


  1. Light your candle within the fire safe container you’ve chosen
  2. Place the taglock in front of the container
  3. Using visualization, imagine that you are sending a wave of destructive cosmic energy at the target, causing them to feel the pain and anguish I mentioned above
  4. When ready, hold the paper in front of you with both hands and tear it in half
  5. Burn the paper along with the taglock for your target and let the ashes fall into the container that the candle is housed in
  6. Bottle some of the ashes and seal it with wax from the candle - dispose of the rest
  7. Snuff out the candle
  8. Keep this jar hidden in darkness and allow the spell to manifest
Dragon’s Breath

As promised, a dragon-themed spell of destruction. Use to cut ties, curse, or whatever else you feel appropriate.

What you need: A candle and a paper representation of whatever you want to set on fire.

  • -> Set up your paper representation on the other side of the candle wick, so that it’s not actually in the fore but very close to it.
  • -> Light your candle.
  • -> Bend close and breath gently into the candle flame so that it leans until it makes contact with the paper.
  • -> Revel in your power as a proper dragon should.

If you are the sort who includes incantations with spells, say it just before unleashing your fire breath. (I’m a nonverbal witch, so you’re on your own as far as making something up.)

Remember to always practice appropriate fire safety! You want to burn your enemies, not your house.

sheerpoetry7  asked:

Ah, what are all of the Foxes specialties? (If they have them.) And does Neil have one, even though he's only half witch? (I'm totally obsessed with this au!)

As of right now, Neil doesn’t have a specialty. Neil may be half witch, but Hatford blood is stronger than Wesninski and the Hatfords don’t have any sort of specialties that witches have.

Most of the other Foxes have specialties though!

  • Allison specializes in Creation–while she can’t make something out of nothing, she can put things together and change similar materials into each other, whether she’s building a gun or changing simple fabrics into dresses. Creation can also give off an illusion of a material, changing the shape of it but not actually making it. It’s good for putting things back together as well. The weakness to Creation is that it makes casting more destructive spells difficult, and potions meant to inhibit people in any way are hard to make too.
  • Kevin specializes in Words–he’s adapt at learning spells, especially spells involving mental strength and translations. Translating spells come easy for him and he more easily absorbs complicated information. He can cast more advanced spells than what he would usually need to learn. The downside to Words is that he is pretty useless with potions and his thought process is a lot more complex than normal witches, making it hard to understand him sometimes.
  • Andrew specializes in the Mind–memory spells, mind control, telepathy. The types of spells that allow him to enter minds and the types of potions that influence mental processes are his strengths. That’s all pretty self-explanatory. Weaknesses: he’s a little loose when it comes to physical spells. His mental strength is impeccable, thus why he’s able to endure the pills and his trauma, but while his physical strength is amazing, he somewhat lacks the the natural instinct to hold back, and it took him a long time to reach the level of strength he has now. Additionally, specialty in the Mind is a slightly terrifying specialty because nobody wants to have their mind dug into, which makes some people a little more terrified in him.
  • Aaron specializes in Heat–not just fire spells and warm potions, but also taking away heat. As easy as it is to set things aflame and cause explosions, he can just as easily absorb flames and take someone’s body heat until they turn to ice. However, taking away heat is much harder and requires much more physical exertion, as well as more complicated spellwork. His body can be overheated if he takes in too much heat at once, so he either needs to release it or he needs to only take in small amounts of heat at a time. There is, of course, the obvious weakness to cold and water, too.
  • Renee specializes in Destruction–spells she casts tend to go a bit overboard. As loathe as she is to have this specialty, she has impeccable control with it. She can cause large explosions, small catastrophes–or she can cause something to disappear without a sound. Like specialties in the Mind, people are a little terrified of Destruction, too. Not only is this one weakness, but also spells and potions that form things and heal are practically impossible for her to get a hang of. She is capable of them and is much better than other Destruction witches, but they most likely won’t ever reach their full capacity.
  • Dan specializes in Strength–physical strength, mental strength, just strength. She’s able to endure most things that come at her and she can lift and throw things beyond normal human capacity. Offensive spells pack a much more powerful punch that aren’t destructive in the way that the Destruction specialty causes. It’s why she’s such a great leader. Unfortunately, too much strength gives her too much power in everything she does. She has to hold back a lot and defensive spells are significantly weaker. Potions are tough to brew, too, but not impossible.
  • Matt specializes in Healing–he’s a soothing presence that can ease the mind. While Abby’s Healing specialty focuses on the body, his focuses on the mind. In most cases, people are naturally relaxed around him. Mind healing means that things focusing on dreams and positive emotions come easily to him. His offensive spells are weak and most destructive kinds of potions never turn out quite right. Unlike Andrew, whose specialty gives him reign over most things to do with the Mind, nightmares, mind control, or anything of the like are impossible for him to ever control, which is a blessing for him.
  • Seth and Nicky do not have specialties. This lack is a reason for some of what has happened in their lives. Seth feels the need to prove himself, which shows in his attitude, but his control is pretty bad and that just makes him angrier. Nicky’s parents are purists who condemned him for not having a specialty. In an attempt to make up for it, he became good at making potions. In the end, it meant little.
  • Wymack has no specialty either, and that is one of the reasons why he is so open to those who need a second chance and a home.

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Like a battle mage kinda class. Like light armour, short swords (dual wielding), and some supporting and destructive spells.

Oh. My. Fucking. God.


An official TES version of Norael for her ref page
I’m gonna be refering to her as Nora

In this AU her full name is Nora Gullhyrn.
She’s a Nord barbarian born in the warrior’s sign. A physically strong and vengeful person, she worships Malacath and fights in their name.
She lived most of her life in Skyrim with her family of blacksmiths, which helped her make her stalhrim armor before she set out to travel across Tamriel.
She is no great (or even good) mage but she did study some destruction magic, favoring fire spells above all.
She is currently in Cryodil and works as a bounty hunter whenever she has the opportunity.

Major attribute: Strength
Major skills: Blunt, Destruction, Mercantile