destruction of city

TES Birthsigns As Stupid Shit That Happens in Elder Scrolls Games
  • The Warrior: Stabbing a giant bull netch to death with a cursed fork because a mad demon prince told you to.
  • The Mage: The Scroll of Icarian Flight
  • The Thief: Pickpocketing people's clothes.
  • The Serpent: Cliff Racers
  • The Lady: The Lusty Argonian Maid
  • The Steed: The Incredibly Murderous Unicorn
  • The Lord: The Naked Nords
  • The Apprentice: Quietly drowning new recruits in the well with a ring so heavy they sink to the bottom.
  • The Atronach: Unwittingly instigating the destruction of an entire city and the surrounding island district.
  • The Ritual: Shooting the sun out of the sky because you're a sensitive vampire who's easily sunburned.
  • The Lover: The Adoring Fan/Cicero
  • The Shadow: Getting tricked into murdering your family and work colleagues.
  • The Tower: Getting knocked into orbit by a giant.
klance skyhigh au part4

(theres drama in this so if yall dont like that u can just read the bullets with • and not read ¤ bullets)

•You’d think they’d be ok dating by now but Lance is pretty sure Keith still thinks he’s dreaming.

•On the plus side they still hold hands without any excuses anymore.

•Hunk congratulates them and Pidge
makes fun of them. (but only once since Pidge had wrong timing. Keith got so embarrassed he accidentally evaporates every liquid and crack beakers and test tubes in lab class.)

•Shiro is ecstatic for his cousin but keeps it on low profile. Keith unintentionally burned a spot on his favorite armchair and Shiro could only blame himself.

•Keith. CANT. HANDLE. A CHEEK KISS. Shay, their fortune telling friend, is pretty sure Keith’s gonna burn a hole through the school floor if Lance does it or if Keith ever tries it.

•Slav, the schools professor on Analysis of City destruction and how to prevent them, predicts its a 100% percent chance. So Lance, no dont do it. Give him a warning or do it outside school grounds.

•Slav still strengthens the school’s antigravity system and floor defenses just in case…

•Lance got detention for freezing the hall during the incident… Keith burned something on purpose so he could stay with him. (Ya’ll think about what that something is lol)

•Lotor, the shapeshifter, got really pissed for being shown up like that in front of so many students. (read part 3)

¤So when he shifted as Keith this time and got some of his posse into his plan, he met up with Lance at his locker and told him he wanted a walk around school with him while the posse isolated Keith after his class.

¤They taunted Keith and insulted him, finally telling him that Lance is probably only being nice to a faggot like him for the extra credit since they saw someone with him walking to the back of the school.

¤Unbelieving, Keith rushes pass the posse to find Lance. With their deed done, one with telepathy reaches Lotor’s mind and tells him Keith is on his way. Lotor begins acting like a shy Keith and asks for a kiss only to transform into a girl when Lance does while he closes his eyes.

¤Its the scene Keith runs into.

¤Lance felt uneasy since coming with Keith to the back of the school. They didnt hold hands… and Keith asked for a kiss which was definitely weird but chalked it up to nerves. He really did want to show Keith how much he liked him and this was his chance.

¤He finally figured out that uneasy feeling when he opened his eyes, shocked to see not only a girl he doesnt know infront of him but also Keith not too far with an expression he never wants to see on his kitten’s face ever.

¤Hurt, betrayed, angry, and broken with tears in his eyes, Keith lashes out.

¤Alarm bells, fire, trees ignited, an ambulance. Keith didnt come back to school after.


(haha heeeyy so lets just say Lotor didnt think this through. lol)