You’re one knot I can’t untangle.  The strands at our end have come attached, impossible to disconnect.  I can’t seem to find the time to burn them.  Even though I want nothing more than a quiet autumn, you’re loud in my head.  

You’re prettier than thunder.
Scarier than thunder.

You’re there to bother me.  Pester me.  Poke at my sides and mess with my possibilities.  Keeping me captive of my deepest flaw.  My inability to let go after a time.  The timer’s dinging.  Ding.  Ding.  I keep adding minutes to my misery by snoozing.  Waking up late.  Snoozing again, living in yesterday.  Choosing grogginess over clarity.  Isn’t that lovely and terrible?

At least my inner-writer has something to destroy myself with.

I want the boys to get a break from being defenders of the universe and take a little vacation at some alien B&B where they can cuddle in bed for hours without worrying about zarkon 

(lance is the big spoon and it makes keith feel safe n loved)

(rub ur butt on his junk keith do it)