destroying the souls of children


You want to change things? You’re gonna have to go out there and change them yourself, because there are no fairy godmothers in this world.

I would like to believe that, had Chara continued to live in the Underground the other six fallen humans would have arrived during their lifetime and they could have worked together to destroy the barrier without anyone having to die. Undertale is all about finding the peaceful solution and the power of Hope.

The idea that had Chara put aside their anger and doubt they could have meet a bunch of swell human kids who had been hurt and driven to the mountain in similar ways to them and learned that humanity was worth changing for the better instead of being destroyed.

It appeals to me.


❝ ––– And even though I sin, baby we are born to live, but I know time will tell if we’re meant for this and if we’re not  I hope you find s o m e b o d y. I hope you find somebody to love…❞  

anonymous asked:

If OQ fandom isn't all about RH, then why did so many OQ shippers leave after he died? Like, I get if you stop watching this shitty show because the writing is crap, but just because Regina's LI died? That's putting the ship above Regina's character. You can't say that you're a Regina fan and then leave just because her dull badly written boyfriend died.

Well, nonnie, because to many OQers, Robin isn’t just “Regina’s love interest.” He’s a character that they loved, both independent of Regina and as her soulmate, many of us saw him as crucial to her happy ending, so a portion of the anger at his death is about how it affects Regina. I know some people who are bailing after Robin’s death because they are sick of seeing Regina constantly being made miserable. They think it’s criminally unfair for the show to frame him as her second chance, and then rip him away and say “nope, too bad, you don’t get to have that.” They don’t want to keep giving their time to the Regina Mills Torture Porn show.

But the vast majority of people I know who are leaving are leaving because they don’t want to support a show that orphans two children (and sends one of them away without even saying goodbye to Regina), and obliterates a man’s soul - strips away any chance of closure, any chance of Regina being able to console herself with knowing that at least he’s perhaps moved on to a better place, any chance of her or his children or his former wife being able to see him again in an afterlife.

And it’s not just Robin, it’s the entire 5B arc and how Robin fits into that that turned a lot of people off. It’s having Robin’s funeral end with two other characters being reunited after death, and kissing with his casket in the background. Hook has died on the show, what? 4 times? They just dragged everyone to the Underworld to save him when he died, they went to incredible lengths to try to bring him back. But Robin dies, and it’s do not pass go, do not collect $200, no underworld, no soul, you no longer exist, you’re done. And we’re not even going to let your final farewell be about you. Many people feel that’s, well, shitty. And insulting to Robin’s fans. And unnecessary to the plot, unless you consider that if they didn’t make his death so terribly final, then we’d have to be off on another rescue mission, and suddenly death has no real stakes anymore. And some people don’t want to support a show that does that to characters they like – no matter how much they may love other characters. 

And when you add to that that the episode wherein Robin died, after being sidelined for much of the season, didn’t even focus on Robin. He’s been on the show for three years and had one centric episode, and even his final send-off didn’t get to be about him. We got to spend half the episode watching Arthur, a secondary character who was, let’s face it, a pretty shitty guy, get his happy ending, his closure – we had Robin reuniting with his son CUT FROM THE EPISODE so we had more bro time. And that makes some people feel incredibly disrespected by the show - when fans of one character are given second chance after second chance, and then your fave dies and the show is very much BUT NOT YOU GUYS, it feels a bit like FUCK YOU GUYS, and people are pissed. They don’t want to give their viewership to a show that doesn’t respect them, that doesn’t respect a character they love, and that makes them unhappy.

And that’s not putting a ship before Regina. It’s choosing not to watch something you can’t enjoy, even with as much as you love Regina. One of my very best friends loves Regina, adores Regina. Cannot handle the fact that they destroyed a man’s soul and orphaned his children and so she’s not watching anymore. Because to her, no matter how much she loves Regina, she doesn’t want to support a show that does that.

And not for nothing - if they killed off Regina, I bet you wouldn’t be saying “Well why are people leaving the show just because they killed off Regina - there’s still Snow. There’s still Emma. You’re putting her above everyone else. You’re not an Emma fan if you leave because Regina died.” You can be a fan of something and walk away if something else you love isn’t being treated well. It doesn’t negate how much of a fan you are of the first thing.

Ceasing your viewership because you’re unhappy with the writing of a show, or its treatment of one of its characters, one of its fanbases, one of its actors doesn’t mean that you don’t give a shit about the others. 

It just means you don’t want to keep watching something that doesn’t bring you joy anymore. And for some people, no matter how much they love Regina, two Reginas aren’t enough to keep them watching a show that makes them angry for reasons that are separate (but not necessarily more important to them) from Regina.

And by the way? You can feel all that stuff above, and still choose to keep watching for Regina/Lana. Literally the only reason I am still watching this show is Regina Mills. And I will keep watching as long as she’s there. But I’m still pissed as hell about Robin. I understand why people are bailing, despite how much they love Regina. And that doesn’t make me more of a Regina fan than them, it just makes me, apparently, more willing to let this show kick me in the teeth repeatedly if it means I get to see Lana Parrilla act her butt off every week next year. And I’m not alone. From what I’ve seen, there are a lot more of me than there are people who are leaving – even in the OQ fandom.

And for the record - my being willing to continue watching the show despite the shitty writing of this season, and the shitty way they treated Robin and Sean? That doesn’t make my any less of a Robin fan or a Sean fan than the people who are bailing. We all have different thresholds for what we’re willing to watch, for how we want to invest our precious free time and our mental energy. And if we chose not to give our time and attention to a show that makes us feel like crap, that shouldn’t be used to make us into “lesser fans.” And if that show makes us feel like crap and we watch anyway? That shouldn’t be used against us either.

I mean, for god’s sake, you guys. It’s a damned TV show - be a little less judgy about the whole thing.