destroying something beautiful

Do you really think Noct would take something as broken as you back…?

Those who know me, know that I tend to hurt the chars I like the most :’)  smts I think I’m like that fight club quote “I just want to destroy something beautiful”. Oh well. Another scene of imprisoned!Prompto. this time with Ardyn, torturing his mind more than his body. I think, this whole time frame will be also the dlc content of Prompto’s dlc. (for Gladio it’ll be when he’s gone to do “his business” n for Iggy,… the time in Altissia is a bit too short despite the heavy impact it had. So maybe smth of the 10 years he had to learn to deal with his blindness? #Dardevil!Ignis)

Another piece that broke my back n that I like quite a lot. Hence, you can find it in my Etsy shop ;)


Every Snowflake is Different (Just Like You) x
“Would you destroy something perfect in order to make it beautiful?” // My Chemical Romance

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Gayle Waters-Waters {Sentence Starters}

  • “I want this place looking like Disney on Ice in ONE minute!”
  • “We all need to look our best. That’s why I suggest we each wear two pantsuits.”
  • “So I get in my car and start flooring it in reverse down the highway, flipping the bird out my sunroof…”
  • “Look at me, I’m a monster. I’ve destroyed something beautiful.”
  • “I’m fine. Got a little singed in there, but not the end of the world.”
  • “So, I stole a pig, blamed _____ for it, and he/she spent a night in the big house.”
  • “I’ve never felt more out of place and more uncomfortable.”
  • “It’s the kind of embarrassment that you feel in your ass. Most embarrassment you feel in your stomach. This is ass embarrassment.”
  • “You see, I’d been up the past two days and nights trying to make a bread suit so I could sneak into the sold out crouton expo.”
  • “I’d take him out in the backyard and mess him up like a leaf pile.”
  • “Quiche is just pizza that went to private school.”
  • “Well, I got news for you asshole: I rigged that thing with C-4 so that when I go, it goes.”
  • “So, I black out from the rage. Then I come to covered in Hollandaise sauce.”
  • “Get rid of the couches! We can’t let people know we SIT!”
  • “If _____ rescued a pitbull, then I’m rescuing a shark!”
  • “I can’t go in until this song’s over!”
  • “This is a dish towel. We need a hand towel! What are we, BARBARIANS?”
  • “I won’t be for long if you keep looking so damn fine.”
  • “Nothing gets me hot like a decorative twig bundle.”
  • “What would you have done?”
  • “I called the Coast Guard and asked them to airlift me out, but they won’t.”
She was like a tornado that people loved to look at a distance. The beauty and danger of her are what made people in awe and in fear that they run for their lives whenever she got too close in their proximity. I, however, was frozen. Not with fear but with love. Because all I ever wanted in life was to be loved or just to die without it. And here I am about to be destroyed by something so beautiful all my life.
—  Juansen Dizon // Tornado

Your… Your leg

anonymous asked:

Daaaad!! Could you pretty please tell me a bedtime story about a Metagross?

Lemme think for a second, alright!


Metagross are not known for gentleness, not known for grace, and certainly not known for softness. Many would think that all Metagross enjoy the company of cold metal and dark, dry caves. However, there was one Metagross that found themself wandering far from caves that lacked light and out into the sun soaked fields that were dotted with flowers.

Their steps were not as light as they would have liked and their bulky body made it hard to maneuver around the flower beds. To their dismay flowers would be crunched under their massive feet and flattened into the dirt. It saddened them that they destroyed something they found so beautiful. They wished so badly that they could delicately pluck a flower from the field and bring it to their face so they might try to smell it. Whether or not they could was not something they troubled themselves with. It didn’t change their wish that they could appreciate the flowers like other pokemon could.

They continued to try daily to get close to the flowers without destroying them. Each day they would travel further into the fields and each day more flowers would be left flat. Grass types that frequented the field grew more irritated as time went by, but one pokemon felt pity for the giant Metagross. A Roselia whose roses had just finally opened for the first time. 

She approached the Metagross who only looked at her shamefully. More flowers were smashed under their feet and they were certain that the Roselia was angry. She smiled and lifted her arms up to the Metagross and the sweet smell from the roses rose up to greet them. 

The call they sounded was one of full glee and Roselia rushed off with an excited squeak. She returned as quickly as possible with  many gathered flowers to decorate and adorn her new friend with colorful blooms. 

Metagross continued to return to the field each and every day and Roselia always greeted them and the pair spend the whole day in the sun.


The end

She doesn’t want to let Kevin taint Stevonnie.

And that’s it, really–the only way he can do that is if they let him.  Before, it was just some creep who intruded on their them time, but this time?  This time they fused because of Kevin.

In the long run, this can be a blip on the radar, something inconsequential to laugh about down the road–or it can be an unspoken, uncomfortable thought in the back of their heads every time they fuse, slowly worming its way into everything about the relationship until it destroys something beautiful years after they’ve forgotten about that one creep they met twice.

I’m with Connie–why even let him try?

Don't Starve pt. 2 {Sentence Starters}
  • "I am not sure how I feel about... science."
  • "I will learn unspeakable things."
  • "I almost feel bad taking this."
  • "I have become the destroyer of worlds."
  • "It seems a waste to just leave it sitting there empty."
  • "Get away, you beast!"
  • "What will protect me from what's inside?"
  • "I'm just putting off the inevitable."
  • "Was that a bad thing to do?"
  • "Nature is so boring."
  • "I don't trust that wall."
  • "I have destroyed something beautiful."
  • "I should probably do something about that, eh?"
  • "This place scares me."
  • "I would hide too, if I could."
  • "Life doesn't always make sense."
  • "I'm not sure why I can carry so many of these."
  • "I don't want to make him mad."
  • "If they are not in there, where are they?"
  • "I should spend some time at the lake."
  • "This hat is hideous."
  • "What demented thoughts must lie behind those eyes."
  • "Live it up while you can, Your majesty."
  • "This might make a good weapon."
  • "Weather's not going to get the drop on me now."
  • "I could make a corny joke, but I'll refrain."
  • "I have no time for fun and games!"
  • "I am chilled to the bone."
  • "It's too dangerous right now!"