destroying nature to hold a wedding

Falling in love with you was easy, perhaps even too easy.
Coming to the realization that it had indeed happened was not.
It had happened ever so subtle that it was nearly impossible for me to even notice that it was happening, just like those moments when you focus on your breathing and only then realize that you have been doing it all along.
Gaining understanding of these feelings was no natural or slow process; it hit me like hurricane.
And that’s the irony, isn’t it?
The fact that loving you has always been so natural that I never even thought I could be doing it until that one day in September when I was staring at this wedding dress, the one with silk floating over collar bones and nothing but lace covering one’s back and I simply could not un-see you wearing it.
That was the turning point, the final drop of water which the sink could not hold anymore, the record breaking earthquake which destroyed the house of oblivion I had built.
—  // ‘maybe you’re my first love, maybe you’re my last’