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“Oh, maybe you misunderstood. A world without Haruka is hardly worth saving.”

Do ever just love a fanfic… @saltyshiro

When you forget to renew that demonic pact you made a decade ago and the creature inside you tries to escape…

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Nitya here! I’ve had this blog for 900 years and some of you guys have seen me through one direction, years of regret superwholock, marvel and dc, the 100, sense8, star trek, star wars, and my final form: kpop. the best part of this has been seeing all my old favs also turn into kpop trash blogs  how we’ve stayed together for so long through all this.  anyway here’s me being gross and loving my mutuals (long post ahead)

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what's your favorite p&p adaptation?

I can’t answer this because it’s too hard so instead I’m going to tell you why all of them are awesome and why you should watch them. 

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

  • It’s a modern adaptation in a series so it’s got this incredible way of translating it into modern times without leaving too much plot???
  • For a webseries it’s really well produced. Acting, costumes, writing, etc. Goooood shit. 
  • “I dislike smiling. It contorts the face.” 
  • COSTUME THEATER! Where else are you gonna get costume theater with these characters?
  • This is easily the best version of Fitz
  • POC characters, which 0% of the other adaptations can boast, except for Bride & Prejudice which is bae  
  • Darcy is gr9 hi babe
  • Honestly you could just watch for Jane she is the wife of all of us what a Queen
  • Ashley Clements kills it, she’s astounding, I just adore her delivery. 
  • Mary Kate Wiles manages to make Lydia likable, which is pretty much impossible. 
  • This whole series is so quotable??? Like, wow????
  • That first Dizzie kiss is A++++++++ THANK YOU ACTORS FOR GIVING THAT TO US WE LOVE YOU
  • Side note, A+ for not slut shaming Lydia. 
  • Takes place in the good ol’ USofA so it can also be a pretty rad on wheels social commentary 

Bride & Prejudice

  • IT’S A MUSICAL VERSION OF P&P!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!
  • Aishwarya Rai is literally the most beautiful, beautiful, graceful, beautiful woman of all time, and she plays Lalita. 
  • Directed/written by a husband and wife team, like, A++ let’s always watch movies written by women and directed by them
  • The Cobra Dance. Enough said. 
  • “The lesbian.”
  • I get all my dance moves from this movie; I’ve been watching it since I was a kid. 
  • “It’s just like screwing a lightbulb with one hand and pettin’ the dog with the other.” D A R C Y NOOOOO 
  • The commentary Lalita makes on India was really informative and the whole movie does that; I think it’s important for a person like me who lives in America and is really privileged to hear different perspectives of different countries like this. So thank you B&P for educating me on something I never would have learned about. 
  • Ashanti. As herself. 
  • The whole plane ride with Lalita and Darcy destroys my soul. Destroys it. 


  • Did some say sexual tension? 
  • Like, oomph do these guys want to bad. 
  • I need three bullet points just to talk about how much they want to bang 
  • I really liked the way Kira Knightley played Lizzy getting slighted by Darcy at the beginning. She actually seems offended. Which you don’t always see in the other versions. 
  • This movie is really cool because the director purposefully shot it so that the family looked like a real family and the viewer felt like they were kinda creepin’ on the Bennets. So it’s not composed, it’s like we’re always peering around corners or over shoulders. 
  • Bingley is an actual golden retriever. 
  • Also the cinematography!?!?!? like the scene where they’re both dancing and nobody else is in the room? That is gr9. 
  • Rain!Darcy is the greatest Darcy. Darcy should always be wet. 
  • Also his voice is deep. Like the bottom of the sea. But it sees into my soul. 
  • Bingley practicing his proposal on DarcY????? BROMANCE that is some goooood shit. 
  • The SOUNDTRACK lord sometimes I just listen to it over and over again. Sometimes @ananbeth will text me and be like “Rachel I’m listening to the P&P soundtrack” and I have to prepare myself for her tears. I cry. 
  • The house where they film Pemberley is so gorgeous? This movie is so aesthetic? 
  • Darcy’s smile when he’s laughing with Lizzy could make angels sing. 
  • The American ending of this movie is the greatest thing to happen to this country since Betty White, who is older than sliced bread. Like, hoooolly crap, I don’t care that it isn’t period appropriate, I will watch it 20 times over until I shrivel up into a prune of tears. 
  • And one last time, for the people in the back, SEXUAL TENSION. 

1995 BBC 

  • It’s basically the book. Like, the only difference is… well, you know. We’ll talk about later. 
  • There’s so much boobs. There’s boobs everywhere. This movie is probably the reason I’m bisexual (I’m just kidding but seriously boobs.) 
  • Colin. Firth. COLIN FIRTH. AS DARCY. 
  • I just love the costumes, idk why, I love me an empire waist line. 
  • Did I mention Colin Firth’s Darcy?
  • I really love the way Jennifer Ehle plays Lizzy’s spirit. I feel that she captures Lizzy’s spirit really beautifully; she really grabs onto her lust for life. Kira also does that, but Jennifer was my first Lizzy so she’ll always be Lizzy to me. 
  • Colin Firth undresses and jumps into a lake in a white shirt. 
  • Colin Firth in the bathtub
  • colin firth starring as grumpy cat. 
  • Lydia is played probably closest to how the book intended her. 
  • Idk why but Mr. Bennet is perfect, I love him, I am his and he is mine, he will parent me forever with lil tummy and his glasses. 
  • Also this Mrs. Bennet is probs more accurate to book Mrs. Bennet but that kinda depends on how you read it. 
  • The “not at all, they were brightened by the exercise” scene is basically the reason I wake up in the morning. Darcy you have it so bad. 
  • I love the way you kinda see Darcy’s transition… because you spend so much time in this universe and with the characters, Darcy’s transition goes really slowly but smoothly. It’s not too fast, it’s just perfect. I love it. 
  • Meep

Bridget Jones’ Diary 

  • Colin Firth’s triumphant return to grumpy cat. 
  • Actual quote from Colin Firth upon returning to the set: “Surprise bitch. I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me.” 
  • Bridget is all of us. She is literally a single, chubby, slightly alcoholic girl who loves Pride & Prejudice too much. Literally, there’s a bonus feature where she interviews Colin Firth about playing Mr. Darcy. 
  • If you’re looking for Mr. Darcy hopping into bed with someone, watch Bridget Jones’ Diary. He says “I happen to like your wobbly bits” and that makes me happy. 
  • Also I feel like you see his butt and that’s important because Mr. Darcy’s butt is very important for science. 
  • The bunny scene? Mmmmmmm.
  • allll byyyy myyyseeellfff 
  • “I like you just the way you are.” 
  • Darcy and Wickham BITCH FIGHT it’s incredible and it’s raining men is playing in the background oh my god. I’m gonna go rewatch that scene right now goodbye friends. 

Does anyone else randomly think up of little scenes for the boys in their head. They don’t belong to anything or fit into a fanfiction, they’re just scenes of their life together. It’s almost like a TV show that plays random moments in my head without any warning.  


“He is the closest person to me in this whole world. He is the man I will always forgive, always trust. The one man I would never, ever lie to.“

anonymous asked:

Allyyyy I start hsc on Monday and I'm supppppeeer nervous. I have been studying a lot but ofc enjoying my time with everyone at the library and talking etc. I'm stressing about my atar bc I really want to get in to social work bc I really wanna help people :((((( I wanna do psych but it's 99!!!!!

My tips for anyone starting Year 12/HSC/Senior Year:

Know that it’s perfectly normal to be nervous! I’m pretty sure I was scared to start VCE from Year 7 onwards, it always seemed like this giant, scary, looming monster that would destroy my happiness and suck out my soul like a dementor. Mostly, I just assumed I would have no free time, wouldn’t be able to keep up with the workload, and would fail absolutely everything.

Then, something funny happened. Year 11 came around and I realised… nothing had changed. The work might have been harder, but I had done the required training (aka Years 7-10) and was fully equipped with the skills to handle it. The transition from Year 10 to Year 11, and then again from 11 to 12, is really not that significant or scary! Your workload might increase a tiny bit, because (and in hindsight now I can look back and 100% support this) practice really does make perfect. Teachers don’t make you write 100 essays because they hate you and want you to be miserable or have no social life, it’s because they want you to be a good writer, but more than that, they know that the more essays you write, the easier it will be for you to write one come exam time. It will be less stressful, less terrifying and so much simpler to just regurgitate a piece of writing you’ve practically memorised because you’ve ingrained it into your memory throughout the year. That’s just an example for say English or Literature, but I think the same thing applies for all subjects, no matter how you’re tested. Practice makes perfect. Or at least, practice makes progress, haha.

Now, ATARs. Those finicky little bastards. I’m not going to tell you to forget about it, because I know that when I was in the midst of VCE it was always on my mind. I even had older kids, who had already graduated, constantly telling me how insignificant it was and that it wouldn’t matter one year from now, but I didn’t believe any of that. Now, looking back, I know that they were right. In terms of measuring your intelligence or potential for future career success, ATARs mean nothing. No matter what score you get, I promise you, you can go on and be anything you want to be in life. There will always be obstacles and challenges between you and your dreams, but if you want something and you’re willing to work hard and be nice to others, nothing can stop you. The only difference an ATAR can make is the journey and how you go about it. The only thing an ATAR determines is which course you might do. You might have your heart set on a dream course with a super high ATAR. If you want to shoot for that, go for it! Just know that if your number is lower, there are still ways to pursue it. You can take a gap year, travel, discover the world and find out who you are, uncover your passions, gain some experience. Do a TAFE course, start somewhere else, transfer. Defer it, reject it, volunteer somewhere, change your entire perspective on life, completely change directions. You still have the choice. Unis will often accept someone who didn’t get a first or second round offer initially as a mid-year enrolment, or you could do a semester or two somewhere else and then jump across and hopefully they’ll let you keep those credits under your belt. You may not even want to go to uni! There are many many options and paths you can take, don’t let a number limit or define your future.

Personally, I knew I wanted to further my education but wasn’t entirely set on any particular existing occupation. I knew my two favourite subjects were Psychology and Health and Human Development, but that I also enjoyed writing for English, so I could envision myself happily doing something that encompassed those things. For me, an Arts degree was the perfect choice because it allows you to dip your toes into many different areas of study, test the waters of various fields before arriving at a favourite – your major. The course I most had my heart set on had a pretty high entry score, one which I actually thought I had no possible chance of achieving, but I set it as my goal anyway because as I was so undecided, I didn’t want to ‘limit myself’ (typical Year 12 brain thinking). It worked out wonderfully for me, somehow I found the drive and ended up doing a lot better than I’d expected, really surprising myself (and probably everyone else) and guaranteeing a spot in the course. However, I wholeheartedly believe that had I not achieved the score I did, had I gone to a different university or course, or even taken some time off from studying, I would be just as happy. I would have found another way to continue learning, whether it be by sitting in a lecture theatre or travelling to see it myself. I could have enrolled in a different course, disappointed in myself and thinking it was only temporary, and ended up LOVING it. Maybe even more than this course! Who knows? These are the kinds of ‘what if’s and ‘maybe’s that make my brain want to explode. Being a human can be exhausting.

Whether you have a goal course you’re hoping to get entry for, a dream uni, hopes of studying abroad, a plan to defer for a year or no desire to study at all – but they’re all okay and all achievable! No matter what it is you want in life, there are ways to get there. Not just one, but limitless varying courses of action you can follow. One might be more direct, but it might also be more boring, or less challenging. It might grow you less as a person, or prevent you from meeting some really interesting people that another path will introduce you to.

Year 12 is an awesome time. It can be stressful, overwhelming, demanding, sleepless. It can invoke self-doubt, nostalgia, fear of plummeting into the depths of the unknown (your future) and leaving behind the safety and security of routine (your past). However, it can also be rewarding, exciting, bonding, enriching, growing and deliriously fun. I say delirious because there will definitely be times when you and your friends are so overcome with work and anxiety that you just have to laugh. Misery loves company and Year 12 is proof of that. Study dates are perfect for simultaneously motivating each other and collectively crying into the bowl of chocolate you just devoured. I’m probably not painting the best picture here, but seriously, it can be a terrific time.

If I could give you one piece of advice for entering VCE, it’s to maintain a balance. Balance in life is the key here, because otherwise you will either burn out from too much studying, fall behind from not enough, get sick from not taking care of yourself, or something else just as un-fun. When you’re studying, dedicate proportionate amounts of time or energy to subjects depending on their current level of significance. If possible, do assignments as soon as you get them, but prioritise the ones that are due first or worth the most. More importantly, ensure you have balance throughout your whole life, holistically. It’s just as important to take care of your mental, social and physical well-being as it is to reach your education goals. Make the time to keep active, even if it seems like there is none. I can’t even tell you how beneficial it is to get outside, clear your head and get your heart rate up. Endorphins are your best friend and a powerful stress-buster, so keep a pair of runners at the ready. If you’re not a fan of solo workouts, can’t stay motivated or simply don’t enjoy it, I highly recommend joining a team sport! In fact, I recommend this for everyone, because it’s beneficial to your mental, social and physical health. All at once. Plus there’s the accountability factor – you can’t just skip the workout or hit snooze when you don’t feel like it  - you made a commitment and your teammates are counting on you! Honestly being a part of a group like that will make you feel so needed or wanted, and it’s great to make new friends or connect with like-minded people. SPORT RULES. Taking care of your physical health also means nourishing your body with the right foods, getting enough sleep and drinking plenty of water – all the basics. Back to balance – it’s also essential to dedicate time to doing things just for you. Bubble baths are a great choice, there’s also reading, meditation, getting a massage or mani-pedi, having a movie night, seeing a friend, anything that makes you feel relaxed, happy and at peace. These are the things that keep you going! Imagine a pie chat, split into 3 sections. One section is school and schoolwork, one is health and fitness, and the last is dedicated to me-time or fun activities. The three sections represent mental, physical and social wellbeing = all equally important and necessary for not only success, but holistic health in general. If you’re feeling stressed out, look at which of the three sections might be out of balance. Are you not getting enough sleep? Have too much on your plate? Need some alone time? Not fuelling your brain and body with enough or the right nutrition? Try to keep these things in check and remind yourself that they’re all significant and deserving of your attention.

Most of all, know that VCE is completely unique to your own experience. Like karma, you will get out only what you put in. You can make it an easy time, just for socialising and blowing off class, you can dedicate 110% of yourself to studying every waking hour, never lose a mark and never see anyone else, OR you can have the best of both worlds and strike that beautiful, sweet balance.

Decide what your own goals are. Make your own rules. Ask yourself what motivates you, and then go after it. Use this time to challenge yourself, grow as a person and exceed any expectations, limitations or barriers that have been set by anyone – including and especially yourself. It’s an exciting time that you should definitely make the most of, because it will be over before you know it. I know it’s hard, but try to forget about ATARs, or at least diminish the all-mighty power and holy-grail presence that it can take. It’s just a number. If you try your best, that’s all you need to do. I have complete faith in you anon, 


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i should study wtf im doing with my life.

mom im not crazy, they are just too normal to me.

people ask me if i have twitter, i just answer them that i dont know what it is.

i can be tough i can be strong, but with you, it’s not like that at all…

the internet is the best and worst thing to happen in this world.

make your life a story worth teeling.

i tried to put my ex dick as a password but they said it was too short.

its all about money and distance.

am I that easy to forget?

i’m really cool, ask my mom.

everyones getting in relationships and i can’t even find my other sock.

‘you appear just like a dream to me’

my style is expensive and black.

your smile is contagious, no matter how angry or sad I am, all i need is to take one look at your smile and everything seem a little better.

dont get too close, its dark inside.

i don’t like people, so go out, you’re wasting the oxygen.

i’ve never met my idols…

everytime i close my eyes it’s like a dark paradise.

so it’s gonna be forever, or it’s gonna go down in flames.

i want to be cool, but all I do is laying in my bed with coffee, listening to music and watching youtubers.

i want to travel and meet beautiful souls. nobody can destroy my dreams.

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